The Elohim Invocation Works

Travis Brown, April 6, 2016

Dear George & Carla,

Thank you for bringing to the PAT this simple, powerful exercise of concentrating our energy fields into one present timeline. I did it first last night – the 5th – and instead of nightmares and screaming in my sleep, I visited in several lucid dreams some 4D – 5D timelines and resolved higher-level karma. (It was this action, instead of being harassed/assaulted/confused in lower 4D traps as was the trend, end of March, into April.)

I feel my invocation finished some items that were even keeping me anchored in semi-ascended timelines that included levitation, telepathy, other siddhis, awake people. Too much to explain, and which may cheapen it for me, so I will honor it as it is. I look forward to the next lucid sleep state because I will be of even greater clarity and intention without getting caught or distracted. I see directly that it is easier to resolve karma and ascend when consciousness anchors in perceived linearity, embodied in the physical.

In waking life, I passed a significant milestone with a lifelong person-trigger  (being harassed/manipulated/cornered insulted) on the 5th. I did not go into defense at all; I responded in total Buddha-mode, using “non-violent communication” language, honoring what I knew to be an opportunity for completion for myself.  And I did great. My slate was cleared by a long line of efforts over the years and a final grace. I walked away from it raw and crying, with so much dignity and self-love for ace-ing the test of asserting my sovereignty while having appropriate empathy.

In retrospect, I believe it was this other person’s last chance to sink in his talons and save himself, for he is certainly sliding down into another Yuga cycle to reap his harvest. I denied his hooks with a clear energy field – untouchable. My tears afterwards were for catharsis of pain I’d tolerated for so long, for an earned ‘merit badge’ of transcendence, and compassion for this other person’s desperation beneath the corrupted personality of negativity. Yet I shall maintain boundaries and quit the martyr archetype completely. It serves no one. We the PAT are paving new roads and each moment in alignment reveals the enlightened action.

After many delays and shifts beyond my control, it appears I am at the end of a challenging living arrangement, and the beginning of new work, a new lease on life. The efforts have been a leveling-up of mastery, deleting and starting over from scratch, scraping the bottom of the barrel and digesting all that crap through my energy fields, and an ongoing shift of what it is to be conscious in a world of mostly unconscious people. I have no new axioms to cling to, but am in this moment grateful.

I believe these actions made manifest in physical also parallel what I and the PAT do in realms beyond here. I shall be thrilled with satisfaction if what I imagine to be the creation of new external circumstances for myself is really just a cover for the creation of a much bigger transition of dimensions. It’s what I’ve been hoping for anyway. But I must take care of myself on every manifest level, and the physical has been struggling to keep up for a while.

I would like to share my vision board quotation. I pieced it together from magazine words, channeled to support my transition into new physical life conditions. Here it is:

“I am strong. I am unlimited.
Flush with freedom, I am coming in for a safe landing.
My vision is inspired by divine interventions and a river of love from the source.
Unapologetically happy and whole.

God bless you, George and Carla, and the PAT, and all those whose souls are letting go of our coattails. May they really let go. Now. Let go. And may grace and synchronicity guide us home.


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