Response to PAT’s Personal Experiences

Jerry R James, April 24, 2016


I would like to comment on your response to Jessica’s question concerning what happened between February and March and continues into April, but first I would like to say that I agree with you that we cannot know and will not know the details of how the final ascension process will play out for us or others. This is because it is an ever-changing event that is occurring in the now. That statement would not even have made sense to me a few years ago, and it is still a hard concept to convey. Even though there is very little we can know, I agree with you on the three points you made.

 1. The economic system and financial system is a fraud.  One of the reasons we are still seeing the stock market going up despite every indicator that it should not is because this system will not crash or even collapse as it has in the past but totally dissolve. There will be nothing left of it. It matters not that the Dow should be 6,000 rather than 18,000 because what it will be is nothing.

This was revealed to me by my higher self last fall when I asked “Why am I still here, what is my role now?” and the reply from my HS who answers in terse replies much like myself was “it is the economy stupid “ and then it made perfect sense. The PAT will not work to bring down the economy using the “normal” methods of the past, protests, riots, petitions, electing new governance. Although people participating in these activities are sincere in their efforts and signify a willingness to be part of the new. These methods have never worked in the long-term in the past and they can never work, because one corrupt system is only replaced with another unless and until the consciousness changes.

How is consciousness changed? By the light body process. And that by clearing our old fears, prejudices, mis-creations etc. from our bodies we become qualified to perform this task for others. But others have to still be willing to receive the energy we breakdown and transpond to them. A qualifying raising of consciousness has to be reached by ascending humanity before the economic system dissolves. This time there will not be a total collapse of one reality before ascending humanity can move to another one.

 2. The masses have to go through dreadful experiences when their reality will crash. I agree with this whether or not this is in response to natural disasters, which are already occurring or disruptions in their personal lives. What makes an experience dreadful? Fear, lack of trust and ego. Despite most of mankind’s belief in God, there is a lack of trust that what we have been told to believe in is even as good as we are. And for good reason considering the entities that have set themselves up as false gods and encouraged man to put their trust in anything other than their own inherent power. Not to mention corrupt and psychopathic religious leaders. What makes an experience dreadful is also because this experience did not meet our expectations. I personally have plenty of experience with that.

 3. We, the light warriors of the first and last hour, will stay here on this uppermost mother planet until it is ready to ascend to 5D. This was decided several years ago when it was realized how few light warriors had awakened and all were needed. Even those who have passed  through the death process remain until the mother is able to raise her vibration sufficiently and this is dependent on the collective vibration. So we are not going anywhere until mission accomplished.

All signs point to that being very soon but we must live in the now and provide for ourselves the best that we can. Ascension was never meant to be a solution for poor health, poor financial condition or failed relationships. Of course all of these issues and many others will disappear once we are in 5D but for now we have to ascend and aid a portion of humanity and the earth itself to ascend and this is with warts and all. We are still subject to all the limitation of 3-D, otherwise what kind of ascension would it be? We can’t do that if we are given special powers or advantages that 3-d normally does not afford, because we would no longer be living the life or facing the same challenges of ascending humanity. Ascension was also never about reveal or NESARA as these programs working in the old matrix would soon become corrupted. The system cannot be salvaged and we are here to see that it is not.

What is different about this year compared to previous years for those who have been on the path for so many years? In some ways it is much of the same. The same work, the same symptoms, although more constant now. What may be different is we are becoming more mature physically, mentally and emotionally as our LBP enters the final stages. We may notice that although the symptoms are more intense and more constant our body, with proper rest, can handle them better and we do not become so distressed over them. But most of all we just don’t care as much because we know and live the truth of ascension and know it is an inevitable consequence of rising consciousness. We rely more on our innate wisdom and less on channeled messages, because we have a deeper connection to source.

George, Thanks for your continued efforts and, while I am only mildly interested in the articles concerning finance and world politics, I realize the importance of what is occurring and think your articles may be of great interest to those who follow as they become interested in concepts they never considered before in an effort to finally understand what they were blind to while it was occurring. Even though I am not happy with my current life and what has happened to me on a personally level, at least I haven’t missed the greatest show in the galaxy by being asleep and unaware.


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