The March 8th Portal Was Very Powerful

Georgi Stankov, March 9, 2016

I will not refer here to all the astronomic and astrological alignments that happened on March 8th, but will only report in a succinct form what we experienced around this portal. It was as if we were flattened with a huge hammer, hit by a brick wall. Yesterday the energies began to peak around noon and their intensity was so extraordinary high that I experienced physically how their amplitude also peaked in my physical body. Here it is important to observe that as a rule the higher the frequency, the lower the amplitude as this follows from the reciprocity of frequency (absolute time) and space. This time though there was a palpable dissociation between these two canonically conjugated magnitudes. Both the frequency and the amplitude seemed to increase in a parallel manner which was very striking indeed.

For me these energies led to a total dissolution of the molecular structure of my entire physical vessel and then to a new rearrangement. If it were not for the excruciating headache due to this mighty cc-wave causing multiple joints pain and muscle stiffness, I would have had the pleasant sensation that I have finally got rid of my body and have transformed into a formless, free of gravitation, powerful energetic field. In fact, what the March 8th energies did, was to augment manifold the atomic and molecular electromagnetic spin in my body and thus to transform its 3D energetic structure for ever.

Then early in the afternoon the source wave increased its power again and we both were fully paralysed and immobilized for three-four hours and could barely move after that. The headache and the waves continued unabated throughout the night. When we were first hit, we saw this energy as platinum ray, but after we woke up from the knockdown, the whole place was filled with pale blue light. The walls were losing their stability and were fluctuating with the visible broad undulations of the source waves. Nothing seemed to be solid and immovable anymore. It was like being in a small boat on a rough sea and suffering from a severe nausea. Stomach pain of the 3rd chakra due to rapid bilocation.

It is noteworthy to mention at this place that while my mind and psyche could cope fairly well with this massive energetic assault, my body elemental entered an alarm mode, a shock state and was very much fearful about its integrity and survival. It was very interesting for me to observe this dissociation in personal experience which highlighted in a very vivid and expressive manner that we are not our physical body and that it is irrelevant to our bigger multidimensional identity. This sensation of estrangement clearly heralds our final separation and transfiguration from this 3D reality, in which we participate through our physical bodies, but to which we are not an inherent part from the soul’s perspective.

This is of course my personal interpretation but we both get a confirmation from our HS that it is correct: We are now ascending not only in our physical bodies but also we create the energetic structure for our immediate environment that will ascend with us. How this will be accomplished energetically, is the upcoming mystery of the ascension process and we should not try to develop fixed ideas as to what we shall experience very soon as it will exceed our wildest imaginations.

Let me now tell you how I see the world events without wasting my time with irrelevant details and facts. I see now very clearly how the dark ruling cabal have been completely contained  energetically and no matter what they decide to do, it dissipates, evaporates into nothingness. This can be seen in a paradigmatic manner in the Middle East conflict, where the US policy of total destruction of Syria and Iraq is now in shambles and they have to follow the diplomatic dictate of the Russians irrespectively of the fact how upset and mad the neocons in Washington are with Putin.

Containment of the dark human forces goes hand in hand with the rapid collapse of the Orion matrix, the carriers and supporters of which they were. This can be seen at best with the deconstruction of Merkel and the German society built upon egotistic blindness, subservience to the USA and inability of independent, responsible behaviour of the German elite towards their people and the rest of the world. It is also amazing how quickly now instant karma operates at the national level and how such nations as the American that is responsible for most crimes and wars since WW2 are now being confronted with this karma and have to bear the consequences of their dark past behaviour:

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

This nation is no better than Nazi Germany and that is why it will end up with the same destruction as Nazi Germany in WW2. These are the naked facts and all the other disquisitions on this topic are an idle distraction from the core issue. The Empire of Evil must fully collapse before the new 4D worlds can manifest. And as these worlds will be founded in the new Astral currency that eliminates the national state and revives the sovereignty of the individual, it is more than logical to expect the immediate collapse of the American Empire as this is already happening with its foreign policy in the Middle East and also in Europe.

By the way, let me recollect why we now experience this devastating conflict in the Middle East and why the world powers are so adamant to control this geographic region. It has always been the main portal of the dark archons from where they created havoc on earth. That is why Carla and I had to widen the third Infinity portal in Istanbul in 2013 which I had already created over the Balkans in the 90s as to counterbalance the dark portal of the archons in the Middle East. This uppermost mother planet is now entirely free of archons as it has ascended to the highest 12th level of the 4th dimension. Currently the only carriers of dark energies and intentions are the dark human elite in the west as the former minions of the archons. However, their effect is now completely offset because they are severed from the crystalline grid and fully contained (wrapped) in Christed light.

In addition, many of the dark cabal have now transliminal souls that have taken full control of their dark human ego and personality and guide them to resort to more light-filled actions as this can been seen with Donald Trump these days. He is about to topple down the whole dark scheme of the ruling US cabal, first by exposing them in the election discussions and also by bundling the wrath of the masses against all the criminal politicians in Washington. In this way this buffoon is now corroding the rigged election process in the USA with unpredictable and devastating consequences for the dwindling power of the ruling elite. It is a kind of a palace revolution of the ridiculous type.

What we now see though is the manifestation of the total decomposition of the Orion matrix in the West accompanied by the rise of Russia and China as powers of global order before these countries will also disappear in the new, free of state, enlightened human civilisation of the new 4D worlds in the Golden galaxy. The EU is falling apart as all countries have returned to the their national sovereignty thus defying Brussels as the centre of power of the dark European elite (Bilderberger) . Many countries are now ready to leave the Union and not only GB. They only wait how the Brexit will unfold. The Greece crisis is looming high again. Germany and France are in a terminal, convulsive disorder and Italy and all the PIGS countries are as bankrupt as Greece.

The same holds true for Canada that has just sold its entire gold reserves

at a time when the Canadian dollar has lost half of its value, while the commodities slump and the bursting of the real estate bubble have caused the Greatest Depression in this country.

South of us the situation is even worse, but we have discussed it so many times extensively that I will spare you the details. However, if you wonder why the stock markets made this miraculous recovery in an otherwise severe bear market, bear in mind that these markets are oversold 100 times and that these virtual, surreal charts have nothing to do with the state of the real economy, which is falling in the abyss:

The Price Isn’t Right——-How Central Banks Are Fixing To Ambush The Casino

What is to be expected next? Anything and everything. And it will be gargantuan, unprecedented and unique. Although we have a fairly precise idea of our immediate future, Carla decided to visit a seer from Peru, who recently returned to Canada, two days ago. Well, there was nothing new what he told her, but he saw a lot of travels for us: “You are moving, not from here, from this ground, but from another dimension.” Then he added: “I do not understand it, Carla, you told me that you have just moved and you must move again, so many travels! You will go back to Europe..“, which is peculiar as while this statement is correct for me as Europe is my home, it is not true for Carla superficially. But in reality she is much more affiliated to Europe and feels alien in Canada.

The Peruvian seer also told us: “Your project ( he had no clue about its essence) will be promulgated from Europe as there is nothing here in Canada.” Indeed this is what I sense very strongly in the last days. There is no intellectual and cultural-historical background in this country for the propagation and establishment of the new theory of the Universal Law, although it seemed quite promising a few months ago. But the new liberal government decided to play the dirty game of the dark ones from Washington and there is no hope for a real and radical change at the political stage anymore. Canada is falling into its normal inherent insignificance.

So much for today.

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