The Black Knight

Brad Barber, March 20, 2016

A masterpiece of in-depth economic analysis, transcendental perspective and human satire. An irrevocable proof for our unlimited power in gestalting the End Time events as Creator Gods. The timing of this article – March Equinox – is perfect and heralds the hottest spring in the history of mankind. – George

Dear George,

Now is the ideal moment to provide an update on the path to the Astral currency and there are so many visual indicators I can finally use.  Let’s see if a little more focus from the PAT can push this thing over the edge as the Black Knight now stands in our way.  As Bonnie so wonderfully stated in her many refreshingly brazen words, “Bring on the Energy!”  One of the definitions of brazen is made of brass.  Brazen balls?

Let’s start with one of the most incredible quotes of all time:

I have just as much authority as the Pope. I just don’t have as many people who believe it.” – George Carlin

A movie I mentioned a while back that I was going to make would definitely be my funniest (at least to me), but alas it appears it is exactly my life now.  I wanted to do an update on Monty Python’s Holy Grail, but in this version, the main character actually found the Grail and attained infinite life after drinking from the cup.  The problem was that he attained infinite life but still lived here and got “ponzed” out everywhere he turned.  In fact, I think I would call it “The Ponz.”  Writing Ponzi Poetry was fun but I’d take this one off the steepest humor cliff possible.

No one in their right mind (there’s the sanity check coming out again) should want to live infinitely in a situation with finite systems in place.  Especially these ones, but I think I’ve used the terms “shit” and “suck” near enough.  This is a very easy way to read a person’s state of energetic progression as their speech becomes more and more systemic, the I begins to fade away, and the containment of time is removed from their sentences.  The sense of humor changes as well.  Once you truly see what’s going on here and quit defending illusory images, not much else matters.  It is near impossible to be a great father with what I see going on, so the best I can do is “complete energetic eradication.”  That’s all.  My goals are simple.

So I just took my kids to Target to buy them a new video game (there goes perfect father right down the drain).  Of course I had to stop at the gas station on the way to put some air in my brand new tire.  The game cost $60 so it was held under lock and key in the electronics department and no one could have had access to it as it was completely wrapped in plastic as well.  My son opened the game on the way home and what did we find but a blank rewrittable CD worth maybe a penny.  Of course we went back to the store to get another game, but this was going to be exactly the movie.  There was going to be a joker of fraud and mal-intent behind every adventure our infinite hero would be put through and ultimately get stuck infinitely folding tacos.  Of course, as in Groundhog Day, suicide would be no option.

One of my favorite jokes has been that Amazon would someday soon make a drone that would ring your doorbell in the morning and then punch you in the face with a giant boxing glove attachment when you answered the door.  Of course it would charge your credit card $49.99 as well.  Why leave the house?  Let’s just get it over with.

My friend and I have been laughing all morning over this one.  We are way too dangerously close to the face-mashing drone.

That has to be one of the funniest things I have every seen and the article is beyond legendary.  People paying to go to work.  The amount of innovation and effort behind that robot is so awesome.  Next they are going to try and figure out a way to make the robot pay rent while it’s doing the work for free.

I can barely stop laughing right now.  I really love how the homeowner has to now do more work than they used to as they try to access their pizza.  Like Bill Burr says so well when he describes self checkout at grocery stores,  “I didn’t know I worked here.  I must have forgotten my apron.”  The number of hours the public is dedicating for free to these fascist corporations is unfathomable at this point.  But it’s just business, my dear.

Speaking of working for someone for free, my cat just meowed for five minutes to let her out.  So I go open the door, and the darn thing sneaks out sideways with a final burst out like she was Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption.  I opened the door you punk cat.

Ultimately that’s what’s behind every dark energy or finite system and can explain everything you see.  The amount of pretend to care BS that get’s spoken in the meantime is really the fascinating part.

Speaking of great ways to secretly enslave humanity, how about we force ’em all to use a paper currency that we actually digitally create out of thin air with no effort at all and then we start to impose negative interest rates to steal it from them directly as the biggest insult in planetary history.  And we force them to slowly degrade themselves more and more and in ways to try to attain it.  Oh wait……….

Now that the train is back on the monetary tracks, let’s have a look at the progress in the metals and currency markets where the hurricane of consciousness is stationed.

There’s no physical way to any longer individually devalue a major currency.  The Yen and Euro both have moved the opposite direction of what they need after their announcements as the Dollar is getting hammered after the Fed showed its obvious stupidity and cowardice.  China seesaws directionally on a daily basis as it responds to the Dollar.   In the meantime, the computers wreak havoc on every single substance in the world as they react in different manners to currency signals.

Right now, many are assuming that inflation (of their accepted opinion) is about to take hold and get another cycle of business running again as markets are all responding like they do at bottoms.  All because Europe and Japan committed to triple down on complete insanity.  Gold went first, then oil started its current bounce.  Then iron ore, copper, and others jumped in.  Even shipping and transports. All of this while business is falling apart worldwide. All of the other inflationary business concepts besides gold and silver that aren’t being used are about to roll over and fail.  This is the final step before currency failure.  Hardly anyone in the West understands currency failure. You don’t need to check artificial prices or current values, you just listen to the people that represent the currencies and hear the failure spewing out of their mouths: (The original source is no longer available.)

The big boys rallied everything into options expiration on Friday and made a killing off of the world.  You will notice gas went up a ton lately to pay for this current market prop job.  Oil and copper are signaling this bounce is done and the next wave of bear market should take hold shortly.  If you remember a month ago I sent you the notice that they were going to squeeze the market higher because too many people were beginning to bet against the markets.  Everything always makes the boyz money because they just take markets opposite of where money collects and go take it.  That’s why this current moment in gold and silver is so big because the paper is lined up against it and the computers are about to start dumping all other resources again.  Gold and silver would have to start moving on their own as monetary metals and fully symbolize to the world what is truly taking place. Otherwise known as the Truth.  

This classic moment shows how they truly view mankind in what former Fed official Richard Fisher said live on TV:

Most people (like Celente above) have responded critically to the “cocaine and heroin injection” comments, but I was more fascinated with Richard Fisher saying that they now maintain it like Ritalin.  Absolutely! The markets are being operated minute by minute as a complete drug dosing of mankind.  That is in everything you research deeply and why I came to the conclusion that pretty much everything was designed to prevent the ascension of mankind and the harnessing of gold and silver were at the very bottom of the whole thing as money ruled it all at this stage. I mention a little bit about the experimenting that I think has been done with the toxoplasma gondii parasite in one of my articles.

The metal markets were kept on Ritalin ever since they were attacked in 2013 and I’m sure that every Congressman and Senator has been profiting off shorting the miners all in their name of national security every day during the coordinated metals attacks.  We are witnessing what is hopefully the last Ritalin monetary moment and the Black Knight’s line in the sand can be seen all too easily.  Our progress can be seen wonderfully in this chart of gold miner McEwen or MUX:

The better gold miners began rallying in August when you wrote

and also when I decided to start writing a lot more with your support.  These two articles I wrote on the gold market are getting more interesting each and every day:

Look at the surges in August and end of November when these were written.  Most everyone I know who read these thought I was a bit delusional.  One of the most incredible individuals in the US is James Dines and he even admitted in his latest newsletter that he can’t explain some things in gold.  His book that combined mass psychology with finance for the first time is amazing.  He got fired from his first job on Wall St. for recommending gold and silver in the 1960’s and it was some of the best advice ever given.  This information is what he is missing as well as the information you put in the Astral Currency project.

The “Death of paper gold” I envisioned always had an apoptosis concept to it of an immediate death that propelled this thing forward to heal.  The bullion banks have now lined up massive short positions again to stop the surge in gold that has taken place since the Pale Rider bottom.  This article covers exactly what the surge in gold miners truly means and should catch the attention of everyone worried about their sense of home that is being invaded in every manner.  You can see clearly on the gold miner chart as well the second surge from the Dec. 2nd bottom.

Here’s a chart of gold showing its surge to today clearly:

In all of this initial surge, silver never joined in and the silver miners, which more represent the common man, were continually beaten on.  The beatings on these miners that have taken place the last three years to hide the truth on the actual condition of these currencies make the Passion of the Christ look like a love story.

Speaking of Christ, they temporarily broke the paper silver market one morning getting too greedy with molesting the producers by paper strangulation and this happened at the exact moment we recrucified Christ energetically.  I remember it well as it nearly did me in and was left shaking.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in Christ or not, the energy is real and it’s harnessed in the action in silver.

Here is an example of a chart of a silver miner that starts going vertical at that exact moment and you can see the third surge at the exact same time in the gold miner chart above:

Every silver miner price surge is the exact same and can be seen in AG, CDE, AXU, SLW, and GPL to name a few.  The price moves are breathtaking from the January surge.

As far as gold miners go, FNV has broken out to an all time high and is one of the best charts in the entire world (FNV stock chart).  It’s your leader so it’s the one to watch. AEM, GOLD, MUX, NGD and a few others shaping up as well.  If a linear bull market played out, some of these will be up thousands of percents.  However, as Jim Rickards wrote so well, a quantum leap could take place at any moment in this market as these banks have to devalue together to get anything done.  The individual pretend banker game is over and everyone is now talking finally about that the banks may be in “cahoots.”  Ya.  No shit!

What Happened Yesterday: Either Something Spooked the Fed or There is a “Central Bank Accord” – ZeroHedge

I know the success of the stream of consciousness in this direction means many things, but in general, there isn’t much safer in 3-D land than real money buried in the ground that you have to pay someone to dig up.  People storing cash in safes to avoid negative interest rates get it stolen through the infinite reproduction and loss of purchasing power.  Even big insurance companies are figuring out how serious this problem is and there shouldn’t be an ounce of gold or silver available anywhere, but humanity ain’t too smart and there are a lot of invalid paper receipts being held out there.  Every smaller regional bank is figuring out they aren’t in on the party at all.  They’re all told gold isn’t a tier one asset so they don’t hold it.  Ooops!’s-second-largest-reinsurer-buys-gold-hoards-cash-counter-negative-interest-rat

I think I mentioned some of these companies being confronted with the cash problem have a couple liabilities due:

How are countries rich with a $78 trillion pension problem?  “Rich with problems” is more like it.

Silver itself has made a nice surge in March as we had hoped (see silver price chart below), but it’s now confronted by the Black Knight.  Epic illegal short positions are lined up again and we have a humanity that does what it’s told to do.  I was talking with my brother the other day and we both agreed that pretty much everything amazingly enjoyable we had done was something we weren’t supposed to do (This is also my standard advice to my daughters and all young people. Note, George)  In fact, even though I don’t smoke, they ruined marijuana worse than it was here by making it legal. Now it’s designed to make as much money as possible and becoming such a dark industry. My brother calls it “whistle while you work” weed that just keeps you in the matrix even more now. What was that about boxing up a revolution and turning it against us?  It’s right in front of your face here.  It’s hard to accept that coffee only truly exists to keep you working too. I dare anyone to fully dig into that industry all the way. Brutal!

Here’s the chart of silver with the ultimate line in the sand at $16 (the red and white section).  It has set up a very nice “cup and handle formation” that leads to massive breakouts.  The silver miners are already going nuts which means silver should be following along.  They stuffed it Friday on some options games with the rest of the market so next week could be interesting if it lets loose.

If it breaks $16 and sticks the landing, it’s over and all four metals groups we need will be in full bull markets leading their way straight to everything we have ever discussed.  It is interesting how this all lines up and your mentioning of March 24th and time thereafter is lining up with the monetary worlds quite nicely.

(Based on Brad’s forecast I performed my chart-technical analysis on the historical silver price chart and came to the conclusion that silver may jump in the coming days and weeks to the maximal values of $50 as observed in 2011 and even higher. For gold my chart-technical analysis gives an imminent breakout to much higher levels than the maximal gold price of about $1800 in 2011. Note, George):

Very few know how to value gold as it is not taught. You find its true valuation by offsetting international dollar denominated debt.  Gold is cheaper now at $1250 in relation to the amount of debt in the world than it was in 2001 at $250.  Actual physical gold is worth easily $10,000 – $50,000 an ounce right now in this equation depending on the ratio to which it is set in an actual accounting arrangement to repair the world’s balance sheets (This ratio gives you a fair evaluation of the actual devaluation (inflation) of the dollar and the other major fiat currencies. Note, George). The part that I didn’t know when I started down this path was that there were intentions going on that didn’t want to fix anything.  That kind of hinders a repair process.

Silver in this situation can usually be valued back to at least 30-1 ratio in relation to gold price which means it could easily be valued at $300 an ounce or more.  It currently is at an 80-1 valuation that signals major economic distress.  It does occur in nature at 16-1 but rarely reaches this valuation.

Here’s a great one my friend just sent me showing what’s available out there and being offered to people. Lunatics!

I do have to admit that I have finally seen an incredible idea that we haven’t discussed on this site:

Pure brilliance!

We don’t have the time to linearly play out this mess and the Black Knight stands in our path.  Something here has to break in a big way and instant karma has got to get to work here.  You can’t do a seven-year precious metals bull market that’s harnessed by paper frauds all the way up skinning everyone alive.  It’s time for a “flesh wound.” If you don’t know what kind of roadblock the Black Knight is to our epic progress, then watch this video from Monty Python.  It’s a little gory but it’s too fitting and too funny to not engage.  This is pretty much what you see when any politician or Central banker opens their mouth.

What are you going to do, bleed on me?

We’ve been in control especially since the Pale Rider bottom.  To us, any further control, means their complete loss of control.  Amen!

With love and light,


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