The Arrival of the Mermaids

Elna Goldsmith, March 28, 2016

What an amazing story! It heralds the miracles that are coming big now. I very much resonate with Elna’s experience as Carla was told twice that she was a mermaid in another life. – George

Hello George

Wanted to thank you for the advise, about my going to Africa Dream. I did ask my H/S.  When I awoke the next morning.  Africa was strongly on my mind. Had a good feeling about it. Just to bad I did not remember what was said.  I did realize that this was another part of me moving there.

Interesting Posts from Brian the Dragon and The Sirian Archangel Hermes.  From the readings, I’m being prompted to write a story and am not sure how to tell this story. I will give it a shot. (so to speak)

Woke up on Thursday morning, feeling real good. For a change….  After my morning tea. I wanted to go to one of the local Indian Casinos.  This is not me at all. I detest going to Casinos. For some reason I had a good feeling about going. You should have seen my spouse fall out of his chair when I mentioned us going for the day. Yes we did go. I didn’t have to ask my spouse twice.

We were at the Casino a while, we went to the bar for a drink. This is a Big Circular Bar. We went to what I call the back side of the bar.  This bartender took our order. I noticed how strange her voice was, then just let it pass on by.  We went on to have dinner. A good meal.  Afterwards played the games.  My spouse wanted a beer and I a glass of wine.  I’ll go get the drinks.

I walked up to this bar, placed my order with this same bartender.  Another woman was sitting at the bar. I said my hello and we just started talking. This woman had a strange sounding voice too!  Out  of the Blue…. This woman says: “I am a Mermaid…”


She repeats her words again:  “I am a Mermaid…”

You should have seen the shocked look on my face.  This woman says pointing to the Bartender: “She’s a Mermaid too!” The Bartender pipes up and says out loud: “I AM a Mermaid.” Smiling. These women were dead serious. The woman pulls out her phone and show’s me a picture of her,  taken of her as a Mermaid.  Just then a man shows up and she says: “He took the picture.” He totally agrees, shaking his head up and down. Now you should see how I am taking this news all in. Mind boggling. No, he is not a Merman.  I am just looking at this woman and not saying a word. Just trying to let this sink in to my head.

What’s even crazier is that I Believed them.  I told them, that I believe them. They were shocked at my answer. NOBODY EVER BELIEVES THEM. (G-Whiz, where have I heard this before.)  What made me believe is their voices.  Have you ever heard the sound of a Dolphin talk. That high-pitch sound that they make. This is how those women talked, a fast high-pitched sound. They both had the same tone. I had asked if they were related. No, was their answer. They just happened to find each other. I asked if there were others. The answer was no.

The man who had showed up. I told the one woman, that he was there to take care of her.   She looked at me. Without saying. ( A scatter brain.) She needed being taken care of.   What’s  interesting is that the man said, that he sinks like a rock, while in water.  I have only met one other person who does the same thing. Sinking to the bottom of the water.

I had asked her why she was here? Her reply to me was: “Bring Happiness.”

It was time for me to deliver the beverage to my spouse.  As I was leaving,  I made the comment. We are a Galactic Family.  The woman said: “Yes, we are…”

I dropped off the beer to my spouse and turned around to go back to the bar to talk some more… All three, were gone!!!! Here I am scratching my head,  with my jaw wide open.

What in the world just happened here?  One woman with blonde hair with transparent skin. The Bartender had red hair with transparent skin. The man dark hair. All looked to be in the twenties.  They looked like anyone on the street.

Did I bilocate, could this circular bar be a portal? I haven’t a clue what happened. The high energy and positive feeling, just being around these three people. Up lifting.

It’s no wonder my H/S would not let me remember, when I woke up that Thursday morning…

Makes me think, You don’t believe the Prophet until after he’s gone.  The Words that have been documented on your Web-site George.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas



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