Breaking News: Massive ID Shift, Possible Nuclear Explosion on This Timeline Around 21.30 pm Pacific Time

Georgi Stankov, March 31, 2016

Considering all the symptoms and energetic experience today (March 30), I am convinced that we have just had a massive ID shift and most probably a nuclear explosion on this timeline that led to this ID shift. It started early this morning for me with very powerful bouts of existential fears from the collective that has finally realized that this reality is irreversibly crumbling and that there is no support whatsoever. Life will never be the same.

Then I had the whole day an acute cc-wave with severe headache that undulated all the time. Finally around 19.00 pm local time there was a pronounced energy peak with massive descent of source energy that lasted for two hours and began to dissipate a little bit around 21.00 pm. Then all of a sudden there was a massive explosion that almost blew away my head. The headache was excruciating and the inner sound deafening. Carla also felt this wave as a hypoglycemic shock. Before that both of us were taken away for an hour in late afternoon. Our bodies are aching all over.

I had a very strong premonition since early morning that something dreadful would happen today as my body elemental was in a state of high alert, almost panicking upon awakening. This is not me and it happens only when there is a huge global catastrophe on a near-by timeline that affects directly my multidimensional fields.

From all this I conclude that today we experienced the manifestation of an energetic crescendo that began around March 5th and peaked last week with the Spring equinox and the full moon with eclipse on March 23rd. But the result of all these energetic tsunamis from the Source reached its final culmination and materialisation this evening. The day was stolen from us, which is rather pity as it was the first sunny and warm day here in Vancouver since more than six months.

I hope to get more information tomorrow. If you have had similar experiences today please let me know.

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