Ascension Now – How Real Dreams Substitute a Dreamy Reality

Energy Report of the PAT – March 28, 2016

Dear Georgi,

how are you doing? I now feel so elevated and detached from this crude world and I’m not sure if there’s any sense in writing energy reports. The detachment has become even more intense after the two recent portals, which were pretty agonizing and yet it felt like a dream from which you cannot wake up. It seems that energies settled down a bit so we can get some relief.

It’s really interesting to see how the disillusion of the masses unfold in front of our eyes, as everything falls apart. It was almost impossible to do any damn shopping a few days ago, because the checkouts were simple not functional and they couldn’t get them fixed. Everything went so quickly during the energy carnage that I’m not really sure what happened. The Brussels attacks triggered fear factor amongst humanity, which I felt just slightly and not like several times before, I think that’s another sign of how high do we actually vibrate now.

My father was diagnosed a Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was hospitalized for a week. It’s quite severe and he can barely sleep at night. Further examinations are needed in order to specify how advanced the disease has become. It might eventually lead to his death and it’s quite possible that he will need to carry an oxygen bottle, so he does not suffocate. I’m totally sure that it’s related to Ascension process, but I’m not sure how this will end. It’s been quite rough between my parents lately as a result of the energy bombardment. I can definitely feel the soul essence from my mother now. Trump is also dropping bombs, good, we need some more!

What is your view on the next month?

With regards,

J. Fleischman


Dear Pepe,

our dreams are becoming more real and this reality is becoming more dreamy each day. This is how we shall transcend this world and it is happening now.

I do believe that the chronic bronchitis your father has is related to the latest energies because if it were chronic obstructive disorder which is another word for chronic asthma then he would have had it much earlier. I have a suggestion for you – when he comes back, treat him each day for 5-10 minutes with your hands by placing them in the upper lungs where the breasts are and in the middle where the trachea is, and he will feel a sudden relief. This disease is very susceptible to energetic treatment with hands.

With love and light

PS: I expect the continuation of the substitution of this reality with our dreams at a more rapid pace.


Dear Georgi

I’m feeling the same as everyone else and I’m exhausted most of the time. As soon as it hits 9pm I just can’t seem to stay awake. There are mornings that I wake up so tired I can hardly move.

I’ve come to a point where everything that is happening in Europe is beginning to stink. I’m not angry, just bored and disinterested in the current events. It’s the same damn shit over and over again. The British media love a bit mayhem, they’re like bitches loving a bit of gossip about others and adding to the mayhem. As I said, it’s beginning to stink. It seems to be that the public keep seeing the same scenario played out again and again and keep acting as though everything that happens is a new. Although many are also getting fed-up of it.

The BREXIT elections are coming soon and I may not be in the country to vote, but will try and find a way. Again, the propaganda, the people’s views on it all just makes me cringe and it stinks even further. Well, my patience and understanding is just not there anymore, as none of this interests me, I’m feeling hollow. I put this down to not wanting to waste my energy on these low vibrations as my energy is being preserved for something much more effective. I feel the change coming and I’m excited and relieved.

I’ve wanted to e-mail you but energy wise I can’t find the words to explain what’s happening to me. Although I would like to share that when you published your genius report on the astral currency I went to bed that night and got stuck into the project. As it has been mentioned on your website, it’s nothing technological as humans may perceive it to be. Quite frankly this cheap and nasty, but expensive technology is worthless for the new currency, it has no place in your idea. Not to mention the harm it’s doing to us. NO, this is a much more powerful and clever sort of energy that was implemented within the community I was teaching, which was done through telepathy on a much stronger level than we can ever imagine, (or have forgotten). There was no physical substance with it, it was all through the mind. Such a peaceful process and everyone was happy. With it came pure love, pure understanding, pure thinking. So to think that we can use anything that has been given to us in this current time is wasted energy. I’m sorry I can’t explain it to the detail of my dream as I usually can’t put brilliance into words only into thought and emotion.

I would like to ask your advice on something that I’m struggling to make sense of. I’ve had this since I was a child, but now the energy source I’m experiencing has changed, for obvious reasons, but I feel I’m letting something slip away as I don’t know what to do with it. Last Wednesday I had a presence in my room, this has happened numerous times in my life, and it was positioned on my left side. It looked like a black orb, but I couldn’t see it clearly as my soul was half-way out of my body looking at it. It suddenly moved onto me and surrounded me with a warm vibration and engulfed my body completely to the point that I couldn’t move. This usually happens within a space of months, sometimes only once a year. The last time it happened the blast of the vibration was so strong that I started to sing to our lady to release me and it felt as though I was speaking through a fan and my words trembled like nothing I have experienced before. This time it was different but as time goes on I don’t know what to do with it or even know what’s happening. My meditative state seems to be non-existent at the moment, I don’t have the energy to focus, my brain feels like a glass of slush puppy. Although my dreams are stronger and clearer, which is why I’m not questioning if something isn’t right.

By the way, I would like to commend Brad on his genius articles, they are precise, informative and hilarious, always a joy to read during these times of chaos.

Well Georgi I’m looking forward to the storm, strange as that may seem to some people. As much as the cabal would like us to think differently, their eyeballs will be popping out of their sockets soon. How soon? When the time is right.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Much love and light to all,



Dear Dalila,

indeed we are now severing all connections to this crumbling reality which appears very hollow to us, and rightly so at it has no energetic support anymore from the source and the crystalline grid. By retrieving our attention from this world, we begin to wrap up this reality. At the same time our dream state becomes more active where we create the new reality. As we increasingly remember what we are doing in the dream state our return to this world is like making a holiday in a resort you know is not your home but only a temporary sojourn.

This is perfectly illustrated by your dream on the new Astral currency where you co-created it in the new 4D and 5D worlds. And it has nothing to do with technological realisation as a software program as this is an external phenomenon that only distracts from the real inner values of this concept. It is a perpetuation of this 3D holographic model, but many not so evolved people do not get it.

Now to your experience with this black orb. From what you have written to me it is difficult to discern if it is dark energy coming from archons or something else. If this is so you must make an immediate cleansing as soon as you are capable of moving, by using the seven sacred flames and creating a huge vortex by rotating your arms and loudly asking all your guides, angels and archangels, ascended masters, and anybody you want to invite to help you eliminate all dark and low vibrating energies from your fields and body, all attachments etc. I used to do this procedure on a daily basis when we were attacked by dark archons and did massive cleansing but since February it feels as if there are no more archons on this uppermost timeline and I have stopped doing it. But it may as well be something completely different, part of the energetic transformation. But even in this case it will not harm to do this procedure as you cleanse your fields and support the ascension process.

It feels very much like the lull before the storm and the story with the Brexit is a distraction and shows that Britain is in a cul de sac and the current clueless government moved the country into utter irrelevance. This powerlessness of the ruling cabal is now present everywhere – here in Canada, in the USA and also in the EU. The only country that seems to move things and has success is Russia and this has changed the entire world politics, much to the surprise of the cabal in the west, and in particular in GB, who are the greatest and most insidious snobs of all and will never admit how little their opinion matters.

With love and light




The whole night (March 27th) is a continuing episode of the PAT and myself changing into light bodies.  Due to the work of the PAT our families are recommended for the transformation into crystalline form in no “time” for  the transfer to the New Earth. Expression of gratitude to Source made by our Higher Selves and the collective light workers. Repeated again and again.

This has been a long period of preparation for all of us.

Love and light.

Angel Jr, Philippines


Dear Angel,

this is an excellent dream. I dreamt this night (March 27th) that we accomplished a great success and then we celebrated in a banquet with champagne. Very similar to your dream.

With love and light




I have been having very vivid dreams. Here are two of them.

Dream morning of 3/24

I dreamt i was being abducted by alien beings. They were pulling me out of my bed by my arm.

I told them I was sovereign  being and they must leave immediately. I then called in help from my guides and AA  Michael. Just like that they were gone. Poof. I woke up sitting on the edge of my bed feeling puzzled. And then i looked for bruises on my arm. No bruises.

It was very unsettling but i wasn’t afraid.

Dream morning of 3/25

I am at a war negotiation with Russia and the Americans. My job is to keep the Russians  there and provide translation. I am a young man in my early thirties or late twenties. I look like jfk jr and i am wearing a sport jacket ( small plaid). I am American. I’m like a gopher and interpreter. The American negotiators keep pissing the Russians  off.  Putin is there with a group of his men. They are ready to go to war because the Americans keep up with lies and antics.

The American negotiator gets up and walks out of the room to go to the rest room but he does so abruptly with no explanation.  Putin finds this very disturbing and disrespectful. He is ready to walk away from negotiations.

I tell Putin the negotiator is leaving to get refreshments. I leave the room to get the good vodka, cigars and bacon ( special long strips, smoked) that he likes. I come back in with the refreshments and they are very pleased especially Putin. They are slapping me on the back, yes, good job, young fellow, we like you, that kind of thing. We drink and toast. Putin is smiling and raising his glass.

I sign an agreement to no more war. My signature is a etheric signature or checkmark in the air on this floating etheric document. It is like a signature before Source. And then i wake up.

Sheryl Groen, USA


Dear Sheryl,

beautiful dreams, and so realistic. This is indeed what we are doing these days in the dream state – trying to prevent a global war that would have exploded long time ago if it were not for us to channel all the dark energies of aggression from humanity and recycle them back to the Source. That is why we are so tired after awakening and feel all the negative energies from the collective that flow through our fields.

With love and light



My dreams are extremely vivid and I can generally remember them. Dream time now seems more real to me than waking time. Last night I dreamt of a beautiful place where the apples were the size of small pumpkins; they were perfect not a single imperfection. They hung on short trees where they were easy to pick. I was astonished and kept showing them to others.



Hello Georgi and Carla,

Just a quick note in response to Jerry. On Friday the 19th, I had a terrible ongoing dream/nightmare. The message sent across was ‘these people are brutal and brutes’. It was all about different formats of torture, and I physically watched as each encounter took place. I also spent time with a family or close-knit community that were being pursued by the barbarians. It was terrifying. It had a landscape of the modern world with all of the amenities but these creatures were solely focused on a horrible death for each person. I was observer, as though embedded and learning the horrifying details. Terrible. This was without a doubt a precursor to the absolute divine expressions of Love that commenced shortly thereafter. I don’t have any answers, but I can verify in any case what Jerry may be referring to.

With Love, Jessica


Hi George,

This night (March 22) I had this very very vivid dream of Brussels and a friend of mine which I told you about that is doing an internship there in the EU Commission. I knew in my dream that there was a terrorist attack and what I clearly remember is that the location was somewhere nearby a tram line. Although I wasn’t feeling any panic after this instant knowing. In my dream I was communicating with everyone by telepathy and I figured this out after waking up. And today I wake up, go to work and I understand what happened 30 minutes ago. I was really amazed.

And I was thinking to go to Brussels to visit my friend there in the middle of April. I think I will be staying in Bulgaria for now. Thank God that nothing bad has happened to my friends there.

Hope you and Carla are fine, thanks for the written support you are giving us through your website.

Sending you love and light,



Dear Teodora,

now you know what we are doing in the dream state. We are supervising all major events and also guide the souls of the dead people to Celestria when they die from a sudden death and are very confused. However, I am not sure if this terror attack is not planned by the ruling cabal to clamp down on the people as the EU is now falling apart and they are losing their grip on them.

With love and light



Dearest Georgi,

I wanted to write after I read the March 18th energy report and your vision dream of brain surgery and Jessica’s dream but I was tied up in travel since the 2ndl (living in a materially nice apartment  that was devoid of positive energy—almost like a hotel but much nicer furnishings and location). I’ve been tending to sick relatives who both have blockages in the main artery leading to the brain….

I had another dream about the Astral currency. I went to the dentist to have my Amalgam mercury laden fillings removed but before she began the procedure I asked “what portions of the metal would be returned to me” and she looked at me with a rather puzzling face but did not answer. She then began to remove the old fillings and all of sudden said “Wow! They put Amalgam over gold? I’ve never seen that before”; at which point I reiterated, “I must have my metals returned to me” and she said “Of course, I didn’t understand your initial question but now I do!”  I immediately understand that my vibrations had risen to such heights that I had transmuted the mercury into gold alchemically.Once she finished she handed me a very tiny amount of gold and laughed. She said it was such a small amount that there really wasn’t much that I could do with it. And that’s when the dream turned surreal.I turned to her and said that the gold only serves as my calling card for it is 100% pure without any isotopes and that anyone examining this gold would immediately understand that the holder of such gold is capable of creating unlimited amounts because it is beyond mankind’s ability to produce this type of gold. She then looked at me with deep reverence and awe and said “It was a tremendous pleasure to have provided service to me” and I eft the office.I can only say that I am having the ride of my life and I have never been happier, at peace and in bliss. I am so grateful to God for everything; especially you and the PAT.

Peace & love to all,



Dear Charlotte,

these are wonderful experiences and dreams….

Your dream about transforming amalgam into alchemical gold is self-explaining and need not be commented. There will be a lot of reverence from the people for this achievement for the simple reason that they will understand the nature of money and how their liberation from its enslavement with our help – with the introduction of the Astral currency – has brought unlimited prosperity and freedom to them. They will honour our spiritual achievements which they will be ready to follow very soon.

This all is happening at the level of the HS and this knowledge is now flowing down (and no longer trickling down) into the ego-mind level of the people and is willingly accepted by the people. Hence their increasing ability to express gratitude and to reflect on their past dark sides. The new transliminal souls want to overcome this negative past and move forward with us to the higher dimensions. That is why they are here – to help us help them. This is what I call “mutual benevolence of the Source.” The new transliminal souls understand that. The old dark soul fragments that were replaced did not, they were incurable recidivists, that is why they had to go. Now the pathway to ascension is open and even as most hindrances have been removed at the soul level. We must now only patiently await till this inner transformation manifests in significant changes at the societal and economic level.

With love and light



As the PAT dreams show, we now change this reality through our dreams and inner visions and this is how we ascend in each moment in the Now. This is the key issue during these final days and this process is also highlighted in a new message by Brian, the Dragon, which I must present to you at this point in time for the sake of completeness. It is a plea for the PAT as visionaries of the new worlds who do not need to engage in social battles. They leave this doing to younger souls and the evil doing to the cabal who is now very busy to expel themselves from this ascending timeline:


Doing versus Dreaming

Brian, the Dragon, March 27, 2016

This is the Dragon,

Your past history was marked by an emphasis on “doing”. There were many dreamers shut down by those who said hard work is the only way to go, and dreaming is not productive. That has evolved into a hierarchical system meant to control and harness the hard work by many, to influence them into working harder for the betterment of the “dream” of a few who didn’t necessarily think of things in the best interest for mankind or let the system they created transform into something that didn’t work in the best interests of mankind. Visionaries have to also be successful in business or the public sector to get respect.

You are moving into a time where dreaming becomes more important. You will not have such an emphasis on creating by “nuts and bolts” but instead will have a balance between dreaming and doing enough in the physical to allow the universe to manifest the dreams.

It’s important to understand that some action in dense physicality is still required to make something become manifest. It sort of gives a “signal to the universe” that in your heart something is wanted. As you raise in vibration and/or as things become less dense in your own experience, the amount of activity, physical toil, to make something manifest is decreased. At some point, things manifest nearly instantly. However, small actions still help. If you observed high vibrational physical beings who can manifest at will, you will notice they may do things like motion with their hands, even if that isn’t necessary. It helps.

A time is coming where dreamers will be encouraged, and not only if they toil and work hard. They won’t be called “dreamers that don’t do anything”. They will be called visionaries. They will get the respect for the dreams, their energy, and others will be attracted to them. Others that have the ability to make their dreams come true.

Humanity will become aware of the different kinds of people in the world, and won’t expect every person to be a cookie-cutter copy of each other. The idea of just “throwing people at something” or building a bureaucratic triangle will go out the door.

We think you will enjoy it. That’s what is important, right?

With Love,
The Dragon

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