Breaking News: Jerry Has Almost Ascended

Jerry R James and Carla Thompson, January 31, 2016

I had to publish this before we go into silence. Jerry wrote this morning to me this most wonderful letter and shared his amazing experience with us as to how Anita has visited him in a physical body this week. I gave Jerry’s email to Carla to read. She was stunned by this news and then she immediately received compelling information and visuals from her HS regarding this exceptional event. And here they are:

Sedona, where Jerry lives, has almost ascended and is now bathing in gold and blue crystalline light in the uppermost 4th dimension. If the 4th dimension is subdivided into 12 levels, Sedona is dwelling between the 9th and the 11th level, some parts are higher than others. These parts are almost merging with the city of light which as we know exists above Sedona. There are huge chunks of light that are now encompassing vast areas of Sedona and connecting them to the city of light. We are now building the same city of light here in the Vancouver area but we are not there yet. That is why we need to make this move as to finish our work on this light city.

Jerry himself has managed to create a sacred space in the house where he lives – I must admit that we do not know exactly where he lives but, from what Carla sees, he has been able to raise the frequencies of his abode to almost 11th level and short of the 12th level where the transition to 5D can occur any moment. He is on the cusp of moving to 5D. That is why Anita could so easily come to him in an almost physical body.

When Anita asked Jerry if he was afraid to ascend and he answered that he was not, then she began to laugh. According to Carla’s vision, Anita laughed because she knew that Jerry had almost ascended, but that he did not realize this fact. Then she told Jerry that the ascension was nothing particular and that it was like a dream. What she actually conveyed to her husband was that he was already in this dreamy state of ascension because he is in the final process of transfiguration. Anita is now together with Jerry and he will move very soon to 5D.

This is exactly what we feel for us too. However, we need to make the move first as to be able to raise our frequencies and that of Vancouver as high as Sedona and that of Jerry. I have always known and have seen it that I am holding the ascension portal open for the entire PAT (first wave) to ascend and then I will be last to leave the mothership of this earth as any captain of a sinking ship should do.

The good news before I stop writing in February is that this alchemical process that was triggered with our move and will lead to our final transfiguration has already commenced with full force and Jerry is the best and most trustworthy person on this earth to give testimony on this fact. That is why we all should congratulate him to this success. He must now keep the frequencies of his body and his abode as high as possible and detach fully from this reality, what he is already doing. Everything else will unfold in a beautiful perfection. This also holds true for the entire PAT. Just have faith and do what you have done so far – stay balanced and use the seven sacred flames and the new light of creation from the source and continue raising your frequencies. So long till March!




I read your latest announcement to the PAT and can understand that you will not be publishing to the website in Feb considering all your efforts will go into moving. Since it is not Feb yet I thought that I would update you on my latest experience. I have written to you about visiting Anita in a lucid-type dream state in a beautiful land where she was at work in a reception-like area, but until this week I have not experienced her visiting me, at least not that I could see, touch, etc.

One night this week I was between the sleeping and dreaming state when she suddenly appeared by walking through the wall. She asked if I was afraid to ascend and I said no I am not afraid. She starting laughing and walked over and kissed me. She felt as real and the kiss was as real as any have been in my life. I said what was it like to cross over and she started laughing again and said it was nothing at all and at first she thought she was dreaming until she finally realized what had happened. Then she said she was glad as she did not like being sick and fragile. She started to the wall again as I begged her to stay but she just smiled and walked right through it.

I have felt physically somewhat better this week, although greatly fatigued. So the energies are still very high but not quite as debilitating. I hope your move goes smoothly and you find the energy to complete it.


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