Watch Alex Jones Channelled to Ecstasy by His New Transliminal Soul

Travis Brown and Georgi Stankov, January 14, 2016

Dear George,

In case it interests you…

What a surprise. This guy Alex Jones holds a lot of sway among the alternative scene in Texas and beyond (regardless of his accuracy or inflammatory delivery).

I don’t see his site much but just tapped in and found this video of him speaking of Spirit.

(It lasts just over 4 minutes and the rest is ads.)

Dear Travis,

this is amazing. I am visiting Infowars daily and follow Alex Jones since the opening of my website five years ago. He has always been an agnostic “conspiracist”, to borrow this worn-out common place from his foes – the ruling cabal. But I do not remember to have ever heard him talking with such an inspiration about the energy of the soul and how it brings light and the good on this planet.

 It is obvious that Alex Jones is completely channelled by his new transliminal soul and will now become a powerful vehicle for propagating our spiritual ideas. We can only hope that he will come across our website as to learn about the driving forces of the ascension process which he for the first time seems to intuitively guess. Please, write to Alex Jones and Infowar and make him aware of the PAT website. This is how we shall connect the dots now and expand our influence over humanity.

I even suspect that Alex Jones has begun to read our website as his use of such key terms as “egomaniac Obama” and cabal, “multifaceted world”, “5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions”, “the energy of the soul”,  “time-space continuum” etc. indicate. There are too many synchronicities to believe that Alex Jones has come to these insights on his own, given what he has reported and discussed so far. Only today I wrote to you what message I got from my HS this night:

“At the same time I got the information that I (and this surely applies to all the other PAT members) serve as a template which these new transliminal souls use as an overlay to override the old dark personality structures of the cabal and other humans in whose bodies they have now incarnated. The replication of this energetic template happens simultaneously for all these entities, so that when it is fully anchored in their bodies and fields, they will begin to think and behave very similarly to us and will be ready to accept our spiritual and scientific ideas. This is a complete new reprogramming, a reset of their personality structure. Today my body feels much lighter and invigorated.”

And this is exactly what Alex Jones now demonstrates with his passionate spiritual speech.

The Big Change has commenced and nobody can stop this avalanche of the light anymore.

Congratulations to the PAT for the excellent cleansing job we have accomplished since the beginning of this year on behalf of the new transliminal souls – our strongest and most trustworthy allies.

With love and light

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