Harnessing the Flow

Brad Barber, January 30, 2016


Dear George,

What you wrote by engaging the bond market is exactly right and what I meant when I said some stuff wasn’t even bothering to bounce yesterday.  The HYG, or corporate bonds, was exactly what I meant so nice work.  This is why I wrote The Silencing of Jesus as the final systemic cleanse and targeted the thought patterns of money managers and the mother energy.  I have no further conceptual articles of a cleansing nature that need to be written as the Giving Tree begins to bloom again but we need just a bit more focus on the current subject.

Even beyond all of the insolvent bonds, corporate, municipal, and sovereign, is the gold market.  The banks don’t mind receiving no return on bonds as they continue to push asset prices up as yields go negative.  Then derivatives are used to generate further returns on artificial prices.  Yields are pushed lower as perceived safety.  An insolvent entity isn’t safe.  Negative interest rates are an admission by a currency that it is dead, but when dealing with a world of zombies dead doesn’t seem to matter lately.  This basically means the Euro and the Yen are already dead now in practice and there’s a reason Fed heads are hinting at negative rates in the US and why I mentioned it in my mother article.  Every money manager in the world, in 3-D thought, should be recommending gold.  Any fiduciary with the tiniest bit of care for people should be saying get out.  Basically, the system has to recommend its own death to think clearly. Very few like to recommend the end of their own job. I did it. It’s not easy ( I did it also when I discovered that more than 90% of all registered drugs increase mortality and morbidity in patients and closed my clinical research institute, Note, George).

When you recommend gold, you recommend not doing anything. When you don’t do anything, you piss off momma.

Men can never go backwards sexually. Women can never go backwards in lifestyle.”  – Chris Rock

Thus the last few articles on jihad, women, and momma.  All of the women around here pushing their agendas of do, which is pretty much everyone single woman I know, are mentally ill because it makes no long-term sense to stick your head in a guillotine. That’s not an insult, it’s true.  Most women I know are held hostage by anxiety and just want to feel better on a short-term basis so doing something relieves the pain.  Thus my incessant writing on all of the systemic concepts like pills, Starbucks, chemtrails, foods, and everything else that is intentionally infused with anxiety.  By harnessing the anxiety of the woman here, you control the whole thing.  Women basically already possess all the power they just don’t know it.  That’s why the fraud has to get the general assembly of women to want to be the past picture of a successful man who has now been turned into what is actually a rapist.  There is no patriarchal structure.  It’s a raperiarch.  This is why people who recommend gold are continually made to look crazy because it’s really, at its core, recommending that the matrix sucks and they can’t truly explain it.  This is why the “gold bug” term exists.  Many of ’em are nuts.

A logical thinking person should be recommending not doing anything. By dumping infinite amounts of paper gold onto the market, the system is able to continue to keep bond prices moving the wrong direction against all coherency of solvency.  This is the main reason so many people are in real estate still.  Canada’s market is the perfect example but it is the same here again.

All of the money in the world, though ill, is trying to search for something to do and paper gold is what perpetuates it all.  All of the “unicorns” are now crumbling because of one core premise.  Dark energy hates the herd, but has to have a herd to suck energy from.  It wants you dead, but needs you alive.  (This is the conundrum of all dark entities separated from the source which is the dialectical force of their annihilation in the current End Time. Ultimately they want to die after killing all other human beings on which they sponge as to return to the source and not stay alone in this 3D hell, but this is not the plan of All-That-Is. They must continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle for a very long time without us, before they can see the light. This is core idea behind every ascension. Note, George)

Thus the GMO human beings now in production who won’t even be able to see true light.  In past years, we engaged false belief systems and karma to generate the energy. The theft of capital through negative interest rates and money printing is basically the ultimate form of dark energy telling you to fuck off and skipping the step of needing humans to believe in something for the tithing to be collected.  Any idea of generating money is creating a jihadi as the monetary congregation is being bypassed.  Dark energy is basically tired of pretending to need you to be a missionary of false belief and to pass the teaching onto your children. (And this is pretty much the end of the dark Orion system as it now annihilates itself, Note, George)

The earnings of Johnson and Johnson, which my wonderful friend sent me, show the state of unicorn hell perfectly.  Earnings on actual business and sales collectively are crumbling but a couple of pills are killing it.  This is why most upper crust real estate guys I know have been developing properties that have some sort of medical clinics in them now.  It’s all tied back to Obamacare and asset confiscation in a discreet manner and continually creates herds of illness to pump through the clinics pretending to help.  The food stamps lead people to the convenience stores and terrible food to then be pumped through the clinics.  That’s why 7-Eleven expanded so large in the last money printing surge.  It’s a transmission establishment of death for what people hide behind as a yield desperate investment.  The perversion of negative yields is forcing all money to invest in our own death and it’s intentional.


The expansion of apartments and chicken cooping human beings under the guise of yield chasing and astronomic rents is the same thing.  Add this thought to Uber and Amazon and Netflix and blah, blah, blah, blah…

Like Bill Hicks used to always say, I do kids parties if anyone’s interested.

What’s so beautiful about the current state is the debt levels and reincarnation.  These countries are all so insolvent that you are already in debt when you are born.  Thanks mom and dad.  The dark at work knows that children are going to be waking up remembering who they were quicker and quicker so this is the perfect setup to accommodate that problem.  I believe every person born in the US now already is $170,000 in debt or something like that.  People can dig in and see the yield that is attached to their social security number if they really want but that is understanding that you are a cow and the asset that backs up all this debt.  A little dark, no?  Anyone that believes their revolution from the 60’s an 70’s actually did anything needs to know that fact.  That’s all it did was lead to epic debt enslavement so nice going.

I’ve written more than people want about gold probably, but it is the key to expansive thought that moves the ascension forward and the core of the whole system.  It’s the basis of what all this currency and debt is issued from.

The only safe asset that a money manager should find their way to is the gold market without engaging the metaphysical world.  This is why one shouldn’t pay attention to the stock market as it is just for distracting the tourists.  This is why I have used the gold price as my scoreboard for ascension all along.  The price of gold is only truly based in relation to international debts related to the dollar system.  Infinite paper gold receipts are falsely offsetting infinite debt that can’t be repaid.  The system has rigged balance sheets to count unpayable debts as assets.  If everyone counted true bond values it’s already long over.  The only thing that repairs this would be to inflate the gold price to represent its true value in physical form in relation to the debt.  The fraud has been selling everyone’s gold that it’s supposed to be safekeeping to meet skyrocketing worldwide demand as people try to collect as they leave the casino.  To reflate gold to repair balance sheets you have to physically have it in hand at panic time.  Who’s holding it?  It’s the ultimate game of liars poker and the cards are being laid down.  The US doesn’t understand its gold has been sold out from under its feet to keep the debt game going a little longer and has been left with a disaster balance sheet of toxic unpayable bonds.

The US basically has no way to reflate this currency ponzi scheme now and is only backed by its main asset which is its mentally ill financially and spiritually bankrupt population.  We are the meat at the bottom of Buffalo Bill’s well.

Negative interest rates just perpetuate this hate for investing in human beings which is truly the core of the reason for dark energy existing at all as it does to play the game of dark and light.  It has been this way all along in lower vibrational hell and we are just witnessing the pinnacle of its operation with negative rates.  It wants you dead but then would have nothing to rule over.  Quite the conundrum.

What took place last month is exactly what the final throes of this system can’t afford.  Gold went up 5% and the S&P went down 5%.  Basically, the metaphor here is that doing nothing made 10% more than trying to do.  That performance isn’t so dramatic when compared to the bond market, yet as momma tries its hardest to keep the herd contained in safety.  Thus why my article The Silencing of Jesus is actually the best homeopathic available for the world at the moment for systemic and personal healing.

Every single slip and digit of infected money should be trying to squeeze into a tiny gold market of miniscule market cap.  The gold miners are the only 3-D concept in the world that existed that can pay yield on the repair of balance sheets, but that is why the necessity for the explosion in cryptocurrencies and their quest as the gold mining industry is managed by the fraud to prevent its success in healing anything.  The main flaw in everyone’s thinking has been that something exists of a general human nature of progress towards embetterment.  That’s why the hijacking of the technology department is front and center and attracts the most massive “unicorn” cash flows.  Anyone in the zone should die laughing when they read that Eric Schmidt of Google meets with the Pope.


Here’s the bitcoin revolution being owned by Bank of America and the current focus of every government and any bank with any intelligence at all and why I wrote what I wrote about the next effort to hijack superconductivity:



As everything I have written about this system comes true, I can only ask for focus one more time.  The loss of control over the gold markets brings this all down and the loss of control over silver releases Christ Consciousness in mass scale.  February is a delivery month again.

An expansion of consciousness is the only logical investment left so truth is your best friend.  Now we are in discussion how to handle the trillions of dollars and epic shift in thought that is about to figure that out.  The system is also about to bail-in all the money that is figuring this out as it’ll pretend that it needs more commitment from the members of the country club to keep the doors open.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Those that understand this hate money.  This is going to be interesting.  The key to balance moving forward is harnessing this flow.

May coherence reign.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

thank you for this summary of clarity on the financial markets as we have dealt with all these issues many times in the past. If I may put it in few words, in January we witnessed the evidence that:

1) the national states in the West have totally lost control over their currencies and finances and that the sovereign debt in bonds that has driven the economy so far has no value any more in a crumbling system based on inflated debt. This happened actually much earlier when the national states willingly delegated their sovereign power over their currencies to the central banks.

2) This first month of 2016 we witnessed the total failure of the central banks that also lost their control over the financial system. It began with the FED raising the interest rates for the first time in December 2015 that led to the opposite results – to negative interest rates in bonds – as you also showed for the stock markets with respect to gold.

These are the two authorities that until now controlled the Orion-Ponzi monetary system and kept it alive. The banksters are only passengers of the sinking Titanic and now they will begin with their fights for the last seat in the saving boats.

The poor passengers in the lower decks of the sinking Titanic – the masses – are already drowned in debt  and have no chance of escape. The desperation is total as I showed in my latest article and this is the time when the people have to trespass the firewall of fear and desperation as to come healed and purified on the other side of the firewall, where we shall expect them with our enlightened ideas based on the new theory of the Universal Law. This is what I expect to happen very soon.

With love and light


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