A Small Crash Course For All Awakening German (and Other) Pigdogs

Fabian Scholz, January 16, 2016


Translated by Bjoern Kurt from the original publication

Dear George,
I just wrote a small summary of the most important things that one should know at the present time.

A kind of crash course, so to speak. You would do me a great favor if you could point out any editorial mistakes or understanding errors.

Lots of light and love

God, the source of the universe, the prime creator, the origin or whatever you call the ALL-THAT-IS is pure energy. Everything you are, think, do and experience is a component of this energy. Everything is God. Yes, even You. And your mother-in-law.

Thus God can experience himself he fragmented into smaller and smaller pieces of itself. From God to oversouls. From the oversouls to your individual soul. From your individual soul to your current incarnation that is just reading this text and is filtering this information through its conditioned personality structure. This filter reduces dramatically the gigantic (infinite) amount of information of ALL-THAT-IS with which you can interact. It restricts consciousness greatly and makes you forget that you are a powerful, infinite and immortal soul. Good news: non-existence is non-existent. Have fun with this paradox.

Only through this highly complex process the game within the matrix which we play on this planet Earth becomes possible. Meaning the illusion of the three-dimensional space and time which seems so real. Born – out of nowhere and immediately back on the road to nowhere – on a huge, hostile ball that floats freely in space, in complete isolation from other star nations. Completely on your own since numerous, successive incarnations as you fight for survival. This game can be considered as the greatest distance from God which explains the many atrocities and wars.

But even the concept of time is just one part of the game. In reality, everything takes place simultaneously within the Everlasting Now. The idea of ​​time is the very basis for a unique experience that your soul may go through such as the consequences that result from your actions (cause-effect principle, also known as karma).

In a similar manner, also the three-dimensional space is just an illusion. Space and matter is created – or lets rather say projected – by consciousness. Your above-mentioned filter decrypts a very limited frequency spectrum and converts it into the simulation of a three-dimensional world.

That you got a big sports car standing in your garage which allows you to impress some teenaged girls (which btw drives your wife crazy), that you can touch it and that it feels like a solid object happens fully automatically thanks to this highly complex mechanism without getting noticed by you and me.

These simple truths that we are all one, living in a matrix, space and time being an illusion and we are playing a collective game to gather new experiences, inevitably have to be thrown overboard.

Imagine for a moment that you would like to experience the concept of dread and agony – but at the same time you are aware that you are an immortal and indestructible being – it does not work!

The amnesia was therefore necessary. Fortunately, the game is about to be completed here, as everything has already been pretty much experienced that should have been experienced. And so a very long cycle (26,000 years) comes again to an end.

All souls that have grown far enough may soon leave the game and look for the next adventure or just return to the highest reality – to pure and perfect love. A permanent state of ecstasy, which cannot be described in words known to humans. Since you are reading this text here, there is a strong likelihood that you are part of those souls that are done here. For all other ones a new cycle begins.

Such cool guys like Jesus (and me) have been trying for ages to bring you these simple facts in more detail. But you either ignored, misunderstood or killed us. It would be really nice if you try to listen for once! Do yourself a favor.

In order to avoid any boredom in that game we decided to create villains who will do anything to distract you from these truths. If you ever look around in your environment then you may find that these bad guys have done a very good job. It seems as if we have engaged the best villains of the universe for this job. Which means a huge challenge but also huge growth for us.

These villains manifest(ed) their influence in three-dimensional space in a variety of things. Their main weapon is the global (interest based) money system which they control(ed). Based on that they control (ed) many other areas. Such as education, health, political puppets and our mass media.

It is essential to note that the villains have currently no more real power over the world and the population since the awakening of humanity (and thus the end of the game) have already very much advanced. They have no more control over anything. We only have to deal with the remains and rigidities of the old system which will collapse every moment like a house of cards. This is mainly due to the few brave light workers and light warriors of the Planetary Ascension Team who have relentlessly worked for years under enormous suffering and efforts for the collective awakening.

Exciting and glorious times ahead! Let us ascend together!
It’s your choice!

Be ready!

God, bring back the magic.


PS: I love you.

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