Navigating Higher Dimensional Grids

The Arcturians and the Team

channelled by Maria Julia Bethencourt, December 10, 2015


Dear Georgi,

I am sharing with you my latest message from the Arcturians, as we once again begin to access the increasing incoming energies. These are going to finish the collapse of manipulated 12/21/12 timelines, and it will be massive. But then in this ascension cycle every wave will peak higher than the one before it… goodness, I hope I can keep it together lol.

I am not really connected at all anymore, yet I am sleeping so much. Itching is intense as shift within goes from carbon to crystalline. At times I don’t recognize myself, feel so alien, like I have forgotten how to be human… meanwhile the downloads continue nonstop, all sacred geometry symbols it seems. I also am very limited in what I eat and drink. If it is not organic… well not good.

I myself have a new Team. The Arcturians have been joined by what I can best describe as oversouls. The Seraphim Collective and The Guardian Collective were the first ones. Now there are more. Their language is incredibly simple yet so powerful.

I feel like I’m in school, which I guess I am. Remembering The Language of Light.

Getting a very clear message that the next step of the “boots on the ground” mission is disclosure of galactic ambassadors to lead forth, when consciousness is ready to accept, disclosure of ships by Light families, as the Earth begins the path of becoming a galactic citizen.

Starseeds and ALL that are part of this mission, are beginning to connect to their new multidimensional Teams, and are experiencing self disclosure as their frequency reaches that particular consciousness level.

I feel like I have re-volunteered, yet this time it is me who chooses to remain and support.
Incredible the empowerment.

Well I hope all is well dear one. I send you and all your loved ones my love and blessings.

In Light and Love,


Dear Maria,

this is a remarkable message for two major reasons at least:

1) It addresses the variety of topics we have been discussing independently with the PAT in the last few days, which points to a significant increase in synchronicity prior to the final ID shift.

2) The announcement that new “Oversoul Team Guides” are now available to us to help us in our transition to 5D is pivotal.

To this latter announcement I must report what I experienced three night ago in the lucid state which is now more conscious than the dreamy state I am during the day. I was with Carla and we were doing some light work as usually. All of a sudden her higher self appeared in front of us in physical body. She was a beautiful woman with long blond hair which was somewhat more pale than the golden-blond hair Carla has, her complexion was of suntan and her eyes were blue. She was a little bit smaller than Carla and was of indefinite young age. She told us that she has come to us to help us make the transition to New Lemuria and the higher realms. When I asked her when it would be, she smiled enigmatically like a blond Mona Lisa and did not give me any answer. I was very excited and mesmerized by this prospect and by having Carla’s HS as a human being with us. She then helped us accomplish a number of chores in preparation for this transition. I remember also that I asked her why her complexion is so dark and she said this is part of her Sirian heritage where she had incarnated many times. I was very excited by this incredible encounter so that I immediately woke up from this experience and told Carla about it.

The interesting aspect of all that is that since then we both feel completely changed in our inner personality as if a total switch has happened. Carla feels indeed the descent of her HS in her body and I feel rather estranged, which is however nothing new as it happens regularly.

In addition to that more than a month ago I had another very lucid dream where I was bilocating and flying in the air. There were a lot of people on the ground, it was a park with parkways and high trees which I had to avoid while flying rather low and also could see the surrounding avenues leading to the park. The whole setting was very real and the park was full of people who strolled along the pathways and enjoyed the good weather. When these people saw me flying above their heads, they freaked out and began to shout in panic and to run away. I immediately got the information from my HS that this was a test to see how the people would respond when an ascended master appears in front of them. The outcome was that they are still very fearful and that they are not ready for our appearance, which saddened me a lot in the dream state as it meant another delay. I had obviously visited a lower 4D timeline.

And now your source says in the message:

“NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.”

I find this very significant as it exactly reflects what I experienced in the dream state a month ago. We can disclose ourselves only in the higher timelines where the incarnated souls are advanced enough to encounter us without any fear which will be detrimental to their further awakening. We have seen in our discussion with the Saker how fearful these people still are and how vehemently they reject any truth that is meant to expand their awareness.

Therefore I thank you very much for this very important message which I will publish today.

By the way I confirm all the experiences with the peaking energies about which you report in your letter.

With love and light



The Message

This next step in the Journey of Remembering is about fully stepping into your multi-dimensional Self. Quantum jumping. Accessing all multidimensional tools.Unifying with your Angelic Self. There is no longer a need to look at what was left behind (3D), as you fully step into the unknown.

As you further expand into your hearts and remember, you constantly continue on the spiral of ascension into higher inner vibrational grids of Creation. Each one a finer system of discernment, the ultimate goal to further connect in Oneness with Source, while experiencing individual physicality. Each grid further assimilates integration within each soul and brings it closer to Oneness of Self. ALL are Source expressing SELF in physicality.

Everything created is from Source Energy and Frequency.

Grids are a created frequency blueprint experience of oversouls. These further separate into the lower dimensions as individual soul experiences, while simultaneously separating into ray families and gender (and much more duality) in the lower dimensional consciousness.

1D can be seen as the most separate density, that of rocks and crystals and the elements, for example. 2D can be seen as plants and animals consciousness frequency, overlaying 1D. Both are in Oneness with Source and are constantly connected to the Divine Blueprint of this Source Creation through their heart to the Soul Gaia, the oversoul of ALL that wish to experience Earth.

The divine original source thought for this earth creation is written at the highest frequency, that of unconditional source love, this is the divine Blueprint. It is this divine blueprint upon which dimensional frequency holograms are created and overlay allowing for further frequency separation as matrices within matrices.

These matrices are co-created by souls and become timelines. They begin as a collective frequency band. Imagine a funnel, beginning very broad and narrowing up to an apex. Timelines are massive and break down to further separation, down to an individual soul’s timeline.

Countries are timelines, massive frequency bandwidths with many souls of matching frequency, which further separate into, for example, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, streets, houses, family, Self.

As each soul reaches further within and connects to their heart and clears density, they begin to access higher vibrational inner grids, with higher outside vibrational timelines accessible to match inner frequency. This is quantum jumping. Conscious movement through timelines using inner discernment to co-create and anchor accessible 5D and higher timelines.

One also begins the process of “Boots on the Ground”. The finishing of clearing Ley Lines and grids which have been manipulated and reversed, using blood sacrifices and wars to trap souls and keep them in karmic loops in specific timelines. This is work done by the wayshowers as well as at multidimensional levels.

The planet has a chakra system in place which ascends and descends, and it moves as the frequency (consciousness) of the planet changes. It keeps expanding and evolving with all races incarnated on the planet.

It is currently moving from the Tibet area and the old patriarchal religious systems to a heart balanced divine masculine/ divine feminine system in the “spine” of the Americas. This shift was geo-effective, the final collapse of the Tibetan timeline geo-effectively manifested as a massive earthquake as all trapped souls in Ley lines were released.

The World’s Kundalini moves like a snake. It ascends and descends as per the 7 Hermetic Principles which govern this Creation. ( As it does, it clears Ley lines and grid lines and collapses all experiences from the previous era. It is also geo-effective.

This is why wayshowers “ground” the Light. So that these divine energetic waves which are shifting the consciousness of the planet occur with ease and grace. It does not have to be catastrophic. That timeline has often been experienced by the Hyperborean race, the Lemurians race, the Atlantean race, endless other races. It does not have to continue in a loop in this Now.

Certain areas of the world are kept in war and death and disease, so that the global chakras of the area remain blocked, keeping “Hue-mans” from ascending back to their divine blueprint. This is lower consciousness thought and interference.

Such as the Middle East timelines which harness the lowest emotional energy of war and death and pain to off world multidimensional beings. They use the trapped soul energy as “food”. This is also done through controlling specific 3D bloodlines through “family ancestry” and “family ties”. These ancestral timelines are being collapsed as more souls awaken and collapse individual soul fragment timelines. Individual timelines co-create a massive timeline, an era.

These timelines are collapsing as the warring mentality is collapsing, as the consciousness of the planet rises. As higher vibrational souls no longer choose war, more and more level up to the frequency and join in bringing forth global peace. No longer giving ANY energy to lower vibrational timelines. The expansion of the World’s Heart cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. Source is constant Creation and expansion.

Many forerunners are now fully anchored into 5D and higher, co-creating timelines which expand multidimensionally and become accessible to all souls who wish to experience ascension from the 3D matrix.

Reaching and anchoring 5D has been one of the mission purposes of soul volunteers. Many will now move forward and return to their original timelines and worlds. Some will leave, yet their bodies have made the DNA shift, and walk-ins who do not wish to experience childhood will join in the next part of the mission.

Self disclosure of ALL galactic races incarnated as “Hue-mans”. A shift to a global galactic unity consciousness with ease and grace. Earth becoming a galactic citizen. The evolution of a prison planet.

NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.

It occurs personally first, one on one with individual teams. If there is fear in the encounter, then it is not an ascension team which is contacting you. Discernment is key. Accessing the Seraphim Grid has made this timeline of galactic unity an option for all that wish to experience it.

This golden Seraphim light grid is of angelic divine frequency. Remembering of angelic Self and being multi-dimensional. Connecting to your angelic Self. Connecting to the angelic oversoul.

It is also a unity timeline. Flames and twins (dual souls) and ray families NOW create unification experience timelines as there is no longer a need for a “twin” or “flame” to stay behind in the higher dimensions to guide the other in the lower separation dimensions.

This IS the higher dimension, therefore once reached by each individual soul, Oneness with other aspects of Self occurs. Twins come together and experience Hieros gamos. Many will be walk-ins, as they do not wish for the limitation experience of 3D childhood. This experience of separation is no longer in 3D, and no longer desired by the “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine” oversouls unified in the Seraphim grid.

The angelic oversoul is expressed in many dimensions and realms for it is the original divine thought of “Angelic”, and everything created from the Heart of Source is of the essence of Angelic. It separates Self into ALL RACES wishing to experience the “angelic consciousness” (frequency). For example, an angelic dragon (all races can be seen from the perspective of an oversoul), can be an experience of the angelic oversoul further separating into a dragon oversoul, as it continues separation into the lower dimensions across all desired realms. Same as a Pleiadian, Orion, Andromedan, Syrian, Lyran… endless galactic races, at different frequencies (timelines) all experiencing incarnation and multi-dimensionality in the Milky Way Galaxy (galactic timeline).

ALL that can be SEEN is part of this galactic timeline. If we are conscious of it, it exists somewhere, somehow. Simultaneously the oversoul also breaks down into duality of “light” and “dark”, as well into gender.

Oversoul guides are available for ALL in this Now. It is their heartfilled wish to pass on this message. They are the new Team Guides in this new higher vibrational grid, if called upon from within to meet in the heart, they do so in joyful service, walking the Law of One.

This higher vibrational grid can be seen as being “upside down” from the 3D. Everything works differently. If things are not manifested from the heart, they will manifest yet will fall apart, badly and quickly. Only manifestations for the highest good of all can anchor into this angelic grid.

The process is guided completely from the heart. Once created in the heart, it cannot be controlled. Manifestations can no longer be created if coming from the lower consciousness of “ego”. It has to unfold, without self interference. The OUTCOME of the manifestation MUST be released. This is what it means to WALK IN SERVICE. We choose the experience, yet we release the HOW of the experience. If we don’t get to choose, our human consciousness cannot begin to comprehend the unfolding of the divine plan. Yet by releasing all outcome, the choice is made by us. We then become vessels of the light and within the flow. One must let go of ALL which one is the MOST afraid to lose. One must jump off the cliff without seeing what’s ahead, in faith the universe will provide all creations from the heart.

The 3D matrix is a linear matrix. Therefore it can be folded through magnetic portals to allow for such things as time travel and teleportation. These portals can be felt initially, yet further in self evolution, they can eventually be seen with an opened Third Eye. From there further understanding of movement across grids is accessed when said matching frequency is accessed.

Manifestations in 3D matrix can be manipulated, interfered and created with linear repetition and mental processes. It is manipulated and controlled by electrical thoughts and currents and through alien technology, and reversal of energies through Key Ley lines. Keeping souls in a karmic loop, draining their life source, until sovereignty is remembered by each individual soul and ascension out of the 3D matrix is achieved.

The only way to access the Seraphim light grid is by releasing everything that is human and staying in the heart. ALL human programming. This is not the 3D matrix, a human hologram. Those are the immersion separation matrices to allow Source to experience BEing Human. For how can Source experience 1D, 2D, 3D… if it keeps remembering it is Source? It can’t. Total immersion is the only way.

The Seraphim light grid is accessible to the new evolved “Hue-man”. Humans who have healed and unified their spliced DNA by doing the inner work necessary to raise their frequency to align with the portal of this 5D Grid. It is accessible by frequency only, as are ALL grids, portals and vortexes.

Returning to inner divine blueprint is the only frequency alignment. The divine blueprint of the angelic “Hue-man” was interfered with by outside galactic races to assist in the descent of the race from “Hue-man”to “human”. Master geneticists. It is NOT human evolution from primates as history is told. It is DNA interference by splicing of primate DNA and angelic DNA to lower the “Hue-man” consciousness to “human”, so descent was possible. It was a choice made by the Hue-man Race (We have discussed this issue a lot in the past; note, George).

The Bipedal Divine Hue-man Blueprint was hybridized with the lower genetic species of the “primates”, to lower the DNA potential to block multidimensional dimensions. DNA from a lower consciousness species was spliced to create a 3D “human” which could be controlled and manipulated by service-to-self multidimensional entities of the 3D. Descent through genetic splicing to experience 3D earth.

Just as the human species was genetically spliced, so have infinite species, not just bipedal, not just Hue-mans, but endless ascension and descent experiences by infinite galactic races genetically modifying themselves to experience this Living Library, the Earth Creation.

The Seraphim Grid is 5D. Lower levels of consciousness cannot vibrationally access this grid. Vibrationally it is no longer accessible. This is the Dimension you have left behind, 3D, as you are reading this message in self-affirmation, the answer is “Yes, you have.” Just have to “catch up” to it. You have ascended, your outside reality will soon mirror your inside Self. Which is Love. For Love is All There Is. Inner grids always mirror outer grids.

A new Era is beginning. An Era of World Peace and Oneness. A brand new creation. Open Your hearts and say, “Yes, I am Open To Love.” Then Let it ALL Go. And watch as miracles become an everyday experience when You walk the earth as the angelic Hue-man You had forgotten You ARE. It’s time to come out from being a hermit. To explore and remember a you which you had forgotten. To walk in “your” heaven, which has always been here for you, waiting for you to remember. Where we walk with you.

We are the Arcturians and our Teams. We are You. You are Us. We are One. Call upon us any time your heart connects to us. Our love for you has no words. Feel us in your heart as we feel you in ours. We assist in remembering the Language of Light. It brings us incredible joy.

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