Miracle – We Have Survived Another Year!

Georgi Stankov, December 6, 2015


Incredible! Who would have believed it? – We have made it through this most turbulent and eventful year of 2015. This was only possible because the PAT is indistructable notwithstanding all existential challenges. After all we are called with purpose “The Light Warriors of the First and the LAST hour“, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. But why digress here as you all know what I mean.

Now is the time to express my infinite gratitude to all of you who have supported this website generously with donations or through direct energetic compensation throughout this and last year when I opened it again after a six-month pause dedicated to intensive cosmic creation. Without your unwavering help and dedication to the cause of the ascension in all these hard times I would not have been able to edit this website on a daily basis with this necessary intensity, and I might not have even been able to open it one more time last summer. I still remember with great fondness your overwhelming financial and moral support in July last year prior to my surgical operation in Germany that helped me immensely to go unscathed through this challenge.

My emphatic thanks go, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who have carried this source of spiritual and transcendental information on angels’ wings. This includes all your touchingly sincere and insightful contributions to the regular Energy Report of the PAT and also all individual articles and essays on various topics on your part that further highlighted the rapidly changing world in the current End Times we live in and the awakening of humanity which we coach as sovereign Ascended Masters on its steep ascension path to the light.

Looking back at this year, we have accomplished so much that I would need another big article to only list our immense achievements. Among them the Creation of New Lemuria in the night of June 4th looms high. This is the paradise we, the PAT, have created for ourselves to recover from the hardships after our grandiose work has been finished on this planet, and from where we shall exert our stewardship as Logos Gods over the ascended portion of humanity in the new 4D worlds.

In the last several months we have moved a great deal towards this goal. Please go one more time to the log function and read chronologically all the major victories we have won and all the remarkable achievements of light we have accomplished in this auspicious year of 2015 with the numerological sign of Infinity = 8. Indeed, we have reached this infinity already and are only present as avatars in this crumbling reality to give testimony to All-That-Is on the last glorious moments of this most formidable victory of the light in this multiverse, the champions of which we are – the PAT, the most indomitable group of souls throughout the whole multiverse.

Let us now celebrate ourselves and our victories while the rest of mankind celebrates Christmas, in case the final events will not stipulate before that. By celebrating ourselves, we actually celebrate the Arrival of Christed Consciousness on the earth, because we are the Bearers of Christed Consciousness and we are the ones who embody the Second Coming of Christ. 

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