Inner Discourse

Shinzhi Rumi, December 28, 2015

Dear George

In line with current reports on your Forum, I confirm intensive transformation activities between December 7-20, continuing since December 25.

December 20 I began to establish an “Inner Discourse” with the Source inside me. The announcements arising in my heart were automatically written by myself into a text document on my computer. Typos and redundancies were edited by myself, logical order and consequent use of unified terminology were established. The word choice is remarkably different from my personal word choice.

The “Inner Discourse” was triggered both by the Sacred Flames and the reappearance of Adolf Hitler in my personal field of awareness and the public awareness of the Germans.

One of my essential reasons for being in Germany is the clearing and dissolution of energies related to the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, and distorted explanations surrounding the true nature and actions of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. My HS has repeatedly called on me to direct my attention once again to this unresolved issue.

Like 9/11, this issue is an implanted blockage in the genetic-energetic structure of humanity. With the far-reaching difference that 9/11 has not been systematically engrained into the genetic-energetic structure of humanity over a period of 70 years.

Since I started applying the Sacred Flames I have seen and felt them clearly inside in my inner space and outside in my physical living space. Merging with the Flames I experience a seemingly limitless expansion of my inner awareness.

Shortly after waking up today and before reading your latest report (Breaking News: The Christmas Full Moon “Portal of the Now” Was the Last Fateful ID Shift of This Uppermost Mother Planet), I anchored the Flames in the centers of Western political, economical, spiritual power centers.

Currently I am experiencing a remarkable uplifting and expansion. The transmutation and transformation energies are streaming through me into the Earth, into humanity, into other dimensions.

At the same time I see myself as the hub of this transmutation and transformation process encompassing All-That-Is. The Flames surround me in the form of overlayed spheres in the colors of the respective Flames and radiate outside myself. Innumerable hosts of high-vibrating energy forms, embodied as angels, buddhas, gods, ascended masters are present.

I doubt that the PAT will learn anything new from the following announcements. Let’s call it another timely echo from a multidimensionally orchestrated chorus.

The first text is the original version in German language. The second text is the translation into English language.

With love and light,

— Rumi —



Question: Am I ready for initiation into the Seven Sacred Flames?

Answer: You are the Seven Sacred Flames.

Question: Which Flame should I first internalize and utilize?

Answer: — .

Assessment, Question: I am the Seven Sacred Flames. However, I do not feel entirely awakened, let alone “enlightened”. Currently and oftentimes I feel blunt and blunted, dull and subdued. Why is that?

Answer: This is by reason of the appointment you have chosen to fulfill. The appointment emerging from inside you is the transmutation and transformation of existing imbalances and fluctuations in the space-time-structure in which you find yourself.

It was never about your personal ascension since your personal ascension has always been an accomplished matter. In fact, it is about the collective ascension, the accomplishment of which you have committed yourself to assist with. You are a master of the fifth wave of expression incarnated as human life form who has come to the Earth in order to assist the Source of All-That-Is with the implementation and realization of a transmutation and transformation plan encompassing All-That-Is.

Your active role in this transmutation and transformation plan consists in dissolving and uplifting low-vibrating, evolution-inhibiting energetic blockages which prevent souls incarnated as human lifeforms from embracing and utilizing their inherent creative power in a responsible manner and from living from the fulcrum of their timeless essence of being.

High-vibrating entities such as yourself have difficulties in maintaining in the space-time-structure in which you find yourselves amid the emerging energy forms of the transmutation and transformation process. Because the majority of souls incarnated as human lifeforms on this Earth is unwilling to assume responsibility for themselves.

Question: What is the function of the fifth wave of expression?

Answer: — .

Question: What is a wave of expression?

Answer: A wave of expression is a creative force, the function of which is connecting and balancing forms of expression of All-That-Is.

The fifth wave of expression is a Source wave of creation, the primary function of which is maintaining balance in all systems of All-That-Is and implementing the Source functions inherent in all subsystems of All-That-Is. This requires continuous evaluation of all subsystems of All-That-Is.

If a subsystem operates against its inherent Source functions, All-That-Is sends out a part of itself, a kind of “delegate with far-reaching powers” in order to evaluate the imbalanced subsystem. On the basis of this evaluation adjustment measures are initiated.

The Primordial Source pressure on every single subsystem is always in accordance with a subsystem’s current energetic status. All-That-Is is movement and balance.

Question: How about the current energetic status of the space-time-structure in which I find myself?

Answer: The current energetic status of this space-time-structure is en route to accomplishment. Adjustment and equalization of all subsystems inside this subsystem is a simultaneous, intrinsically coordinated process.

The light quotient of individual subsystems is subject to fluctuations by reason of recurring, consciously induced interventions by imbalanced human lifeforms whose adjustment to the balance of All-That-Is is beyond question.

Imbalanced experience-of-self-systems which are subject to the principle of “free will” and which refuse adjustment to the balance of All-That-Is are introduced into isolated and isolating experience-of-self-systems in seeming separation from All-That-Is by reason of their decisions and subsequent consequences based on the principle of “free will”. Imbalancing effects on balanced-operating subsystems are consequently excluded.

The self is a Primordial Source function which at the closure of an experience-of-self-system initiates an all-encompassing inventory and evaluation of all experiences acquired in such a system in order to experience adjustment to the balance of All-That-Is.

Question: What is the role of the world economic system, in particular the world financial system, in this space-time-structure in the adjustment process of the Earth and humanity with All-That-Is?

Answer: The world economic and world financial system plays a decisive role in the final adjustment of the subsystem Earth to balanced-operating subsystems of All-That-Is. Without the world economic and world financial system humanity will be able to experience adjustment to All-That-Is.

Question: How will the final adjustment be accomplished?


The final adjustment will be accomplished by a collapse of the world economic and world financial system caused by imbalanced human lifeforms.

Question: Will these imbalanced human lifeforms not take advantage on this collapse in order to wantonly enforce their continuous experience-of-self in seeming separation from All-That-Is?

Answer: That is up to them. Nothing more needs to be said in this regard since the adjustment process is an accomplished matter for all those entities who are at peace in their hearts and clear in their minds concerning the true meaning of life and not-life, being-oneself and finding-to-oneself.

Assessment: In simple terms, the collapse is the climax and final act of a show played out by imbalanced human lifeforms which will lead to their continuous experience-of-self in seeming separation from All-That-Is. The spectators go “home” after the show is over.

Answer: “Home” is a state of consciousness. Regardless in which space-time-structure one finds himself. Regardless on which coordinate inside a space-time-structure one finds himself. The outside mirrors the inside.

This is the end of this announcement.


Question: What about today’s current energetic state of the space-time-structure in which I find myself?

Answer: Today’s current energies of space-time-events are subject to a continuous transmutation process, the objective of which is the adjustment of all subsystems of All-That-Is.

Question: How about my personal current energetic state in the adjustment process?

Answer: — .

Assessment, Reflection, Question: I am the adjustment process. If I am the adjustment process, then the power of the Source of All-That-Is has been bestowed upon me and the ability to utilize this power in accordance with my soulself and universally valid laws of the Source of All-That-Is. How can I utilize this power on behalf of All-That-Is?

Answer: The highest objective is always to maintain the unity and balance of All-That-Is.

Question: If I notice lack of unity or lack of balance in a system of All-That-Is, do I then have the authority of the Source of All-That-Is to reestablish unity or balance in that particular system?

Answer: The question has always to be considered whether a system is subject to the principle of “free will”. If a system refuses adjustment to the balance of All-That-Is, this expression of “free will” must be considered. This system is then free to experience itself in seeming separation from the Source of All-That-Is.

Question: Is the system Earth subject to the principle of “free will”?

Answer: Not in such a way as a majority of human lifeforms on Earth would think. The principle of “free will” consists in being able to make decisions under consideration of the unity and balance of all forms of expression and systems of All-That-Is.

When a system runs counter to this principle, it will be isolated. Energies needed for the implementation and realization of plans and objectives is only made available to such a degree in order to demonstrate the failure of these plans and objectives to the system willing to realize these plans and objectives.

Question: Is the Earth, a conscious, living soul expression of the Source of All-That-Is subject to the principle of “free will”?

Answer: The Earth is a multisided, multilayered, multiform, expressive, dynamic conglomerate of ensouled lifeforms. They all have made the free choice to incarnate in the same experience-of-self-system and to pass through a common experience-of-self-circuit, at the closure of which each ensouled lifeform, having met self-set learning targets, has the free choice to leave this circuit.

The Earth, too, is currently involved in the adjustment or ascension process. All those ensouled lifeforms in accordance with their soulselves experience together with the Earth ascension into a higher expression-of-self-plane, also called “higher dimension”.

All those structures wantonly created by imbalanced human lifeforms willing to experience themselves in seeming separation from the Source of All-That-Is are gradually outsourced from this ascension process.

These structures are not in accordance with the higher-vibrating energetic structures of higher expression-of-self-planes in which an orientation-to-human-self-attitude is not energetically supported.

These structures will collapse and together with imbalanced human lifeforms be introduced into a low-vibrating expression-of-self-plane in which these lifeforms will be able to meet the learning targets of their current and coming incarnations.

At the closure of their experience-of-self-circuit these lifeforms, too, will have the free choice to ascend to a higher expression-of-self-plane. Nobody is excluded; each ensouled lifeform has the free choice to ascend or to continue another experience-of-self-circuit.

This is the end of this announcement.


Question: Who was Hitler?

Answer: Hitler was the human name of a soul which, on behalf of the Source of All-That-Is, incarnated in a space-time-structure on the Earth in order to equalize an energetic imbalance and to terminate and to dissolve experience-of-self-loops caused by this imbalance.

After his leaving the political center stage of the space-time-events in which he was incarnated, numerous distorted explanations concerning his actions and being on the Earth have been brought forward. The consequences of the distortions are carried by the whole of humanity and, in particular, by the Germans to this day.

It was not on behalf of All-That-Is to evoke an ideological separation of humanity on the Earth in that space-time-structure, but instead to enable humanity in a collective show to display, to realize, to comprehend, to change its behaviour running counter to common sense. Imbalanced space-time-streams coalescing in the human lifeform Hitler were resolved and released by the consequences of his actions and being.

Question: What was the Third Reich?

Answer: In its essence and entirety, the Third Reich was the rebirth under false leading signs of a predominant and historically grown great power, the objective of which was to accomplish full-spectrum dominance over a considerable part of humanity and the Earth.

The purpose of the Third Reich was to make humanity aware of the ability of an unleashed militant, ethnocentric, religious ideology under the leadership of one man, one party, one people. The Third Reich was able to acquire such secular and spiritual power because the historical leading signs at that time favored its ascension and were supported by transdimensional entities and processes on behalf of the Source of All-That-Is.

The dramas of the world are the firegates through which humanity passes in order to be delivered from its fear-based immaturity. Some go by choice. Some have to be pushed. Hitler was such a “stumbling stone”, such a “pushing stone” which unleashed an avalanche turning over history. The Third Reich was the portal of humanity, an outstanding portal between worlds, a soul-cleansing watergate.

The fear system “Third Reich” is a historical-psychological, archetypal diagram which led to the revelation and release of the deepest-seated fear patterns of the collective soul of humanity. Oftentimes it is a little cause, a little hurt, a forgotten injury, the energetic reverberant sound of which calls beyond the borders of a space-time-structure, until this call emerges to the surface where it is heard. The louder the echo, the deeper the call.

A reverberant sound in the annals of history has to this day not been echoed on the surface of the public awareness of humanity and, in particular, the Germans and the descendants of the German people of that time. (According to this statement, there are two German peoples: the current “visible” German people in Europe, and the descendants of the German people of the Third Reich who live “invisibly” in other places on the Earth or elsewhere. Note, Rumi.)

Elucidation is a conscious, voluntary process initiated by and inside the soul, not an imposed, one-sided lecture, the content of which can be clarified and cleared in educational books and reading rooms, in seminars and courtrooms by a jurisdiction and justice appointed by humans. It is up to each human to decide whether he desires to receive truth undivided, unbiased, unrestricted.

This is the end of this announcement.

Question: What was the role of the Jews in the space-time-structure in which Hitler and the Third Reich incarnated?

Answer: The Jewish people, that is, the souls incarnated as human lifeforms who have confessed in accordance with the principle of “free will” to believe in one only-valid, vindictive Erschöpfer (Creator-and-Exhaustor-God; in German language “schöpfen” means to create, “erschöpfen” means to exhaust; note, Rumi) of a people created and appointed by himself alone in order to rule and dominate the world was the invention of those humans who sought and consolidated control over the humans they ruled.

By means of fear-based teachings and distorted notions of truth and justice a small, influential class of priests managed to consolidate and maintain their influence over a small, by and large faithfully devoted part of humanity over thousands of years.

Ramifications into numerous political, religious, social, economic systems of experience-of-self-systems created by human lifeforms over thousands of years led to gradual exercise of influence and indirect control of these experience-of-self-systems.

The long-term objective behind this indirect exercise of influence from the collective shadows of the public awareness of experience-to-self-systems termed “host nations” was to secure spiritual, political, social, economical predominance over humanity on the Earth beyond the borders of whatever particular space-time-structure.

The final objective envisioned the creation of a world government which was to establish a class of ruling ones and a class of ruled ones, which has been established in other worlds of All-That-Is.

The purpose of such an experience-of-self-system is to enable the experience of ruling and being ruled, which energetic processes evolve, how and which processes of experience-of-self and realization-of-self evolve, how souls incarnated as human lifeforms become aware of their true nature under such circumstances.

The pressure exerted by the ruling ones on the ruled ones is in direct proportion to the pressure exerted by the ruled ones on the ruling ones. The balance of these powers is a permanent breaking test in which the side which avoids getting itself trapped prevails.

Over thousands of years of adaptation and superficial submission to existing and newly emerging power relations the self-chosen people has managed to accomplish almost full-spectrum dominance over all aspects of the Western world and all essential aspects of human life on the Earth beyond the borders of whatever particular space-time-structure.

It is not to be assumed that the ruling ones have clearly comprehended their purpose or internalized lessons from the consequences caused by them, nor have they drawn subsequent conclusions concerning future decisions.

The same holds true for the mass of the people ruled by them. However, the ruled ones, that is, those immortal, unlimited forms of soul expression of the Source of All-That-Is are always able by means of finding-to-oneself, sinking-into-oneself, becoming-one-with-oneself to become aware of the seeming nature and didactic purpose of the experience-of-self-game which they help shaping, and to change the rules of the game in their favor.

The ruled ones rising up against the ruling ones come, each on its own, to the perennially inherent realization that we all, that is, all souls incarnated as human lifeforms, are timeless glimpses in that mirror called life by some, God by others.

All-That-Is is a soul mirror conscious of its entirety experiencing itself in all its indescribable complexity from an innumerable number of perspectives and vantage points. He who regards himself in a mirror, looks into the eyes of God. The human self is a perspective, a perception, a reflection, a mirror in God’s mirror. Complete the mirror, and thou shalt realize and know who thou truly art.

This is the end of this announcement.


Request: I ask my Highest Self to make me aware of all energetic imbalances which prevent me from realizing and being what I truly am: Creator and Creation.

Answer: The energetic imbalance of human lifeforms on the Earth in the space-time-structure in which you find yourself is en route to equalization and adjustment to balanced-operating subsystems of All-That-Is.

In this adjustment and equalization process encompassing All-That-Is existing energetic imbalances are transmuted and transformed into higher forms of expression and states of being. All those subsystems and energetic forms of expression of the Source of All-That-Is which are aware of their function in the structure of All-That-Is are affected.

In this continuous process of decoupling from limiting circumstances of earthly experience-to-self-systems an increasing number of human lifeforms comes to the realization that their current lives no longer correspond to their inner qualities and their true timeless size.

Like a flower in too tight a pot, unloved, unwatered, moved by the wind, enlivened by the rain, left to its own resources, supported by All-That-Is. Creation forgets its Creator, but the Creator does not forget his Creation.

As concerns the ascension process encompassing All-That-Is, continuous fluctuations in the proverbial swell of the space-time-sea have oftentimes caused confusion and uprooting of experience-of-self-forms which are usually grounded in and at peace with themselves.

By means of these adjustment measures regular evaluations of the current energetic state of a particular subsystem are carried out. Existing imbalances are gradually uplifted and dissolved. The final outcome is perceived clarity, lightness, decoupling, freedom from earthly concerns and shackles, all of which have been wantonly created by imbalanced human lifeforms in order to prevent as many human lifeforms as possible from remembering their soulselves, from returning to their soulselves, from finding the freedom inside their soulselves which they are being wantonly deprived of in the outer world.

While the sack is being pulled tight from the outside, the door opens to the inside. The tighter the sack, the wider the door opening. Humans search for freedom in the wrong places. The door to freedom has always been inside themselves, inside their soulselves.

The more humans keep pondering the question what it means to live a carefree, self-determined, responsible life in a human body in a less limiting experience-of-self-system, the easier they will experience the transition and adjustment to such experience-of-self-systems to which they feel drawn by reason of their inner polarization.

He who but rests inside himself, not lifting any finger to change the outer and inner world, is already save in the bosom of All-That-Is. Because the inner world is all and everything a soul incarnated as human lifeform must ever reclaim for itself and take possession of. (According to this statement, there is no point in initiating mere physical action in order to achieve inner imbalance. Inner balance can best be achieved by non-physical inner work. Note, Rumi.)

Without this reclaiming-for-oneself, without this reempowering-oneself, that is, to return to oneself the power and to take possession of this power which has been perennially placed at one’s disposal, a soul incarnated as human lifeform will not, or only with great difficulties be able to unfold its full soul potential in an experience-of-self-system, such as the Earth.

After the end of their human incarnation these souls are, at their own request, withdrawn by the Source of All-That-Is from whatever particular space-time-structure. Afterwards they have the free choice to incarnate in other three-dimensional experience-of-self-systems, or in less limiting subsystems of All-That-Is in order to unfold their soul potential more freely.

This is the end of this announcement.

Assessment, Question: Today in particular I notice strong energetic currents in my human body. What is going on precisely?

Answer: I am the Source of All-That-Is. The Primordial Source pressure on the subsystem Earth and humanity has increased over the last hours. (According to this statement, the Earth and humanity form one combined subsystem. Note, Rumi.) The objective of these energetic transmission activities is the gradual uplifting of energetic vibration fields and forms of expression of the Source of All-That-Is.

Assessment, Question: It feels like heavy water. Energy to keep the human body alive is available. Energy to sustain energy-intense activities is not available. Even writing, getting up, walking is strenuous. How can I best implement inherent assignments on behalf of All-That-Is?

Answer: I am the Source of All-That-Is. What needs to happen, happens.

Assessment: Allowing events and processes to happen is currently my most important assignment. How can I utilize information on geopolitical developments on behalf of All-That-Is?

Answer: I am the Source of All-That-Is. I am All-That-Is. I am the Light. I am the Enlightenment. I am the Knowledge. I am the Truth. I am the Healing. I am the Completion. I am the Wholeness. I am the Whole. I am the Salvation. I am the Eternity. I am the Constancy. I am the Accomplishment. I am the Dispassion. I am the Deliverance from all earthly temptations and entanglements. I am the Way of the Dreamtime. I am the Way of Freedom. I am the Way Leading Inside. I am the Way Without Destination. I am the Way Without Beginning. I am the Middle. The Golden Middle. The Inner Peace. The Silence of the Movement. The Eye and the Whirl. I am the Conscious Wave Moving the Sea of the Worlds. I am the Hub Moving the Wheel of the Worlds. I am the Sacred Flames. I am the Clarity and the Clearance. I am the Clarity and the Clarification. I am the First Thought, the First Cause, the Primordial Source of All-That-Is. Omilem. Au mi alem. Aumilem.

Assessment, Question: Observing geopolitical developments in a dispassionate manner is an important part in analyzing the current energetic state of the present space-time-structure in the ongoing process of uplifting and adjustment to the balance of All-That-Is.

The most important realization a human lifeform can acquire and internalize is to realize that he is an indivisible part of the Source of All-That-Is which has the power and ability and authorization to act in accordance with his soulself and universally valid laws of the Source of All-That-Is. Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message to humanity?

Answer: The Message is always the same. Love each other and love yourselves. Love yourselves like you love those dearest to you. Love yourselves like you love me. Love me like a mother loves her children. Love me like a father loves his children. Love me like the Earth loves her children. Love me like the fire loves the sun. Love me like the starry sky loves the universe. Love me like the Sun loves the Central Sun. Love me like you want to be loved yourselves.

This is the end of this announcement.

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