The Insertion of the New Structures of Superconductivity

by Robert Shepard, November 21, 2015

Note: I was informed by my readers that you cannot see the pictures Robert sent me. I tried everything possible to show them but I failed. Unfortunately the pics appear on my website, so that I cannot know that they do not appear for you. I am still looking for a solution and am grateful for any suggestion.



This email contains amazing photos taken by a “walk-in” in a friend of mine who returned from Peru. The photos are real, as I downloaded them for her from her camera onto her laptop. What do you and Georgi think?

With much Love and Light,

Robert, from Mt Shasta


Dear Robert,

for me this is a clear image of the new energetic structures of superconductivity which we now create at the level of our HS and have introduced on November 15th on this uppermost mother planet.

With love and light


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