The Birth of the New Logos Gods Revisited

by Georgi Stankov and Dominique Lagae, November 16, 2015

This story is very instructive as it marks our and subsequently your ascension and installment as new Logos Gods of Gaia which began for us on November 28th, 2013 in Lofer, Austria and for the rest of the PAT in the summer of 2014. It is worth revisiting the heroic myth of this incredible group one more time in the historic perspective as to realize what great and mighty Creator Gods we truly are. This knowing is crucial in these final days of the End Time as we are now shaping the ascension scenario in a very powerful manner. Hence I am thankful to Dominique for addressing this issue one more time – excellent timing, Dominique!



November 14, 2015

Dear George,

I’m sending you this post which was submitted by Joana to the PAT Group in 2014.  It’s a bit of a mess, but I kept it intact.  What matters most is Nancy Tate’s message from Horus about “(your) and Carla’s physical (ascension) entrance to Agartha on November 28, 2013 at one of the Inner Earth portals that is located in the Bavarian (Austrian) Alps”. It totally resonates with me and offers some remarkable aspects of being in the 5th Dimension and how you relate to and interact with the 3D plane from that position.  Can you validate this message by Horus?  Although it’s still available in the message history of the PAT Group, if one makes the effort of using the search function, I very much doubt anyone else is aware of this channeling anymore, even Joana.  I’ve decided to keep this confidential for now, because Nancy Tate and Kathryn E. May are woven into this post.

Thank you very much!
Love and Light, Dominique.


Joana Virck-Alevra

3 January 2014

Dear All, here is an interesting info Divsy Pafe sent via mail. Dianne Robbins (actually it was Larry Frank from Mt. Shasta who asked Nancy Tate through Dianne Roberts, whom we also very well know, to question Horus; note, George) asked about Georgi and Carla!

The Bavarian Ascension Story

(It is actually an Austrian, note George)

TY dearly Larry, would love to receive the preceding chapters & everything that happened.
Blessings. Divsy

On Monday, December 30, 2013 5:47 AM, Larry Frank <> wrote:

Dear Thomas,

As requested below is one of the ending chapters of the “Bavarian ascension story”. I say one of the ending because the story has really just begun with the latest development being Kathryn’s Dec. 28th channeling of Carla Thompson. If you want to know the chapters that preceded this channeling from Horus, through Nancy Tate, just let me know.

Larry Frank

P.S. I, as well as Nancy did not underlined in blue letters, Horus’ answer to my first question. If you want to know what happen let me know I will tell you.

Horus Message

Larry: I have a major question(s) for Horus. The questions that I have for him are as follows:

Question: Can you validate the reported physical (ascension) entrance to Agartha by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov that took place on November 28, 2013 at one of the Inner Earth portals that is located in the Bavarian Alps?

Horus: I Horus am sure that it was as reported. I say that because I met with them in Agartha. They ascended in order to give an example of the ablity that we each have to follow our guidance and do as we intend. Of course that is an individual acceptance and understanding of what it is to be able to ascend as they did. They came into this life to be that example, and in their journey with their inner guidance they were able to present the example.

Question: If this is true where are they now?

Horus: They are now meeting with certain members of the Galactic Alliance in Agartha. They are going through the process of being able to enrich their vocabulary in the essence of what it is to be in the presence of the Agarthans and to realize that they came from here into this lifetime. It is a matter of them reconciling with the ones who were in the process with them, and being able to go over the steps that they took and to assist them in realizing how it all came into being.

It also is helping them to see and understand how their destined plan was a success and how it affected others with whom they shared certain pieces of information. As they move through this reconciliation not only of friends there, but of family, they are being sent to another dimension to garner the information in a way that is interdimensional. This means that they are able to see what they not only contributed for themselves and others in this lifetime, but for the rest of the universe and interdimensionally as well.

Question: Is it possible for Nancy to channel them?

Horus: It would be possible if she were in agreement with doing it. It is not what she has lined up for the time being, however she is not closing the door to that possibility. As she sees it, it may not be necessary to do that as it won’t be long before many of you beautiful lightbeings realize your abilities for telepathy, and so channeling will not be necessary between you and those of us who are in the same ‘wavelength’ as is often said.

Question: If so I would like to ask Georgi for him to describe what actually took place when they went into the portal and what happen once they arrived in Agartha?

Horus: I will tell you this, for Georgi is not present in this conversation right now. He is otherwise occupied and at the same time is streaming the information though me to Nancy. I will say this much, the experience that he had was that he felt the pressure for an instant of what seemed like a pressurizing of his body to a size that might equal two earth pounds; this was his feeling. Then in that next instant there came the flash of his beingness becoming as huge as what he saw the universe to be, and that was infinite. In other words he experienced the disintegration of the ego and duality energy within and was reunited with his infinite beingness.

With that experience he also saw many instances of his experience on earth flash before him and he found that as he chose one, it slowed down and it was as if it ‘spoke’ to him of what it brought him, to lead to this ascension. He found the unboundedness of being able to do that with any of the instances he chose to experience in the earth energy in which it was created. At the same time he was able to see that even that was only in a micro-second of time that he experienced it. So the bottom line is that what he chose to review came to him in and out of time depending on the attention he gave it.

When he arrived in Agartha it was as a homecoming that almost seemed to go backward in time, though of course as you know there is no time here. As he saw where he was and began to move into the energy of Agartha, he realized that we were waiting for his realization that he was not only here, but that he had transcended time in doing so. He was able to be in the same energy that we were in, and was able to know/see what had taken place here since the experience he’d had of going into the duality of earth in this lifetime. He realized that, as you earth people would say, “I didn’t miss a thing by leaving here, for once I returned it was as if I never left.” It was in completeness of his knowing and experiencing.

Question: I would also like to know where, when and how will he and Carla be returning to the surface as Ascended Masters and what will they do upon their return?

Horus: this depends upon what happens in the moments of the coming expressions, not only of their visits in Agartha, but of what takes place on the surface. As you know much of what is predicted to happen in these times on the surface can instantly change, for that is the energy of Inner/Hollow Earth and the surface becoming in Oneness in expression with each other. As people on the surface change their minds, give differing energies to any of the situations, etc, the results can be not only different from what was broadcast, but can be confusing to the people because it does not correlate with what they have felt and, or heard from others.

This will continue for a bit longer and when it gets to the point where there is an overriding abundance of the majority being in agreement, then it will take a major turn, and all will begin to fall into place, seemingly almost on its own. This will happen because of the energies of Oneness, and that brings it all into sinc. So, to answer your question, they will return when the energy closely, if not completely, matches what they are experiencing here in Agartha. In that return they will be part of what will be necessary in bringing all of this beautiful surface to its pristine beauty and harmonious return to perfection for all who choose to live on the surface.

Yes, this is the first planet in this universe that will continue with life on the surface. It will set an example for the rest of the planets and they will have the choice whether or not they choose to inhabit the surface of their planets, as well as the innerness of it. That will be part of what will be taking place in the new expression of this universe as it all relates to the Oneness. This universe was created for this duality experience and what we all learn and experience from it. In that way it is part of what we have been saying about the infinite expression of this universe. It will not all go back to the Creator, with its ‘job done’. As is said in so many instances, it’s only just begun.

I do have one more thing to say to this, and it is that there will be many more instances of surface dwellers coming into the Inner and Hollow Earth before it is time for the ultimate shift. This too is part of the plan, and the results will be seen and felt throughout all of existence when it reaches the epitome of expression in the resultant love that is felt throughout all of Creation.

I, Horus, now close this session with Divine Love and Appreciation for All Of You.


Dear Dominique,

I remember now to have read this message about a year and a half ago but must admit that I had forgotten it. That is why I sent it to Carla to read it one more time and then we discussed it before I comment on it to you.

It is true that between November 26th and December 18th, 2013 we had many extraordinary experiences with Carla in Lofer, Austria – some of them at the conscious level and many more at the subconscious. There are so many more expressions of us of which we have no idea at the level of the human mind that we have no clue how much more we do and experience in higher, much more valid expressions. Some of the experiences we had consciously are captured in the long chronicle of messages Carla received at that time and also later and published here:

The most notable is that we indeed ascended one more time on November 28th and visited the mothership of the GF which was hovering above our heads all the time. All ascended masters such as St. Germain, Babaji, Sananda came to us and congratulated us exuberantly, also the Elohim. We also had a very close contact to the Agarthans who had a base under the crystalline mountains around Lofer.

For several days we were taken away almost the whole time, but we have no clear memories what we have done in other dimensions. At that time, around December 5th we also created Gaia 5 as documented in the chronicle.

Based on these experienced we decided with Carla that this message from Horus must be correct as it fully coalesces with the messages we received at that time and the multidimensional experiences we made. It sounds as clean and truthful message. But we cannot confirm its content at the conscious level to this full extent. However, given the fact that at that time we finished with our incarnation and are since then only as avatars present in this reality, I think that this is a truthful presentation as far as human words are capable of describing such multidimensional realities.

Since then we began to actively and more or less consciously bilocate.

I think that you should also read one more time the chronicle above as it gives you a very good picture of what happened with us these days.

Thank you for your interest.

With love and light

Messages Given to Carla in Lofer, Austria:

November 28, 2013, 10:00 a.m. in Lofer, Austria, The Elohim

“The realms of light move with the divine grace of God to hold the perfection of purification for this expression of All-That-Is. We are the Elohim and in this moment we bring great news of joy, of wonder!

Many levels of rapture unfold to embrace this expression, this world you call Gaia, and within her great halls, her story born of great pain and suffering, very shortly comes to an end, where resolution re-incorporates to her Being, where distinction resumes [where it was once lost to the world].

Begin by re-arranging your light upon the Earth, by re-inventing your creation to reflect the grace and harmony and love from which the Prime Creator chose your path.

Return to the inward focus, do it today! Refrain from speech, social gathering, all inter-action with the world, today! Turn toward your Self! Today is a celebration of You!

Know you are of Divine orientation, that you need only your internal reference points, the points of God alignment, that one can only know from the inner embrace, the inner reflection.”

November 28, 2013   at 2:00 pm,  The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

Humanity shall celebrate its arrival into the New Age of Enlightenment through recognition of its divinity and its pure intent to go within and joyfully embrace All-That-Is, first from the perspective of an individual and then as a collective, as One, within the Unity Field.

As one now brings forth all the inner strength available, the inner strength to embrace equally the Pain of this existence as well as the Rose… the Rose is the salve for the pain. It is the wholeness of this existence that is the pure reflection of the Divine…”

Note (all Carla’s notes below are written for George): This message was not written up initially because as you can see, it is not very clear. I had a severe cc-wave that began during this message, and this was actually following the severe and sudden stabbing pain behind my right eye, you may recall this event. It really is not a significant message in my opinion. However, in my notes I make reference to all the angels being present, at around 4 pm. and in my opinion, this was significant.

November 28, 2013, 8:18 p.m.,  The Elohim

“Welcome!  We are the Elohim!

You have been brought to this place (Lofer, Austria) as a sealed portal, where neither heavy energies, nor stray mal-incarnates shall affect you.

The area of this Gaia holds profound protection for you as Ascended Masters, protection from low frequential adjustments to timelines and dimensions beyond your current location.

Crystalline caves fill these nearby mountains within their cores, and these are interconnected to Gaia’s crystalline grid within which the energies flow. These energies lift Her and all those who have previously followed suggestions to go within. These expressions shall be lifted with Her, as One.

You, as Ascended Masters, are now connected to this sacred crystalline light, as you are fully in your light bodies, your frequencies meld with those of the inner mountains. One supports the other in a symbiosis. You are now experiencing a Unified Field of light gestalt.”

November 29, 1:00 pm,  The Elohim

“Greetings to you, we are the Elohim!

Night turns to day and day to night, as you are caught within the stream of ascension! What is up is really down and what is down is really up.

This is a time of great flux, and a time of great import. Hold the line unto the end!

Everything moves forward, onward and outward as All-That-Is expands itself into conscious awareness.”

November 29, 1:30 pm,  Babaji

“I am Babaji!

Here I have come to update your information. All moves along carefully and fully into a new expression of reality.

One may not even notice how much everything has indeed changed! The energies are full on, the change gains mastery and the Masters gain confidence.

Allow yourselves the enjoyment of the illusion!”

Note: At the end of this last sentence, there was an interruption in the flow of this transmission.

November 29, 2013,  21:00 pm, St. Germain

“Dearly Beloveds,

I am here to honour you for your grand fidelity. You have both remained true to the path of enlightened Beings throughout the many incarnations chosen to pull humanity through to the final frontier.

This great challenge has been fully successful and you are both indeed grand masters of the illusion experiment.

The phase transition is the final aspect of this long process and everything is going well, perhaps perceived as going slowly, but know it is being completed very carefully. There are no errors accepted at this point and none shall arise.

So rejoice and enjoy your final moments within this auspicious expression of life within our Divine Universe!

This supersedes all others in love, in grace, in peace and in beauty. Enjoy the flow from perceived separation into the Unity consciousness, as this wave shall be your first, and your last!

I am Saint Germain”

November 30, 2013,  The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Your Grand Sun imparts willingly through open gateways to the Central Sun, those informational Codes necessary now to seed the newly anchored Fifth Dimensional Holograms, upon your New Earths.

All upper holograms of the ascension protocol that have expanded upwards and outwards require insertion and integration of refined consciousness, purified mathematical models and rarified seemingly tangential objectives, all proven means of the deterministic outcome of all new holographic representations of your New Earths.

We say “New Earths”, as you are correct in your clear assessment, there are now many, many holographic Earths, that are sealed from forces of influence previously rendering cyclical incarnation for the sole purpose of energy containment and separation from the Source. These ways are now isolated and kept at distance from those of Godly proportion, from those that are of All-That-Is.

These Codes form the basis of consciousness within each New Earth, the framework is fundamental to future onward evolution throughout eons of time/multitudes of expansion and expression.

As each set is imparted upon each hologram, there also follows insertion points for new informational packets to be received as identified along that reflection of reality.

It becomes like the LEGO CITY with many foundational pieces having the ability to receive new pieces (of consciousness) in order to build each Earth’s level of consciousness according to those incarnates, who have found that place in which to evolve.

Each Earth receives different foundational pieces, having differing levels of consciousness, differing levels of participation and differing outcomes. There is a “New Earth” for everyone!

It is in this manner that All-That-Is creates and creates Fully (No exclusion, All inclusive)

As Ascended Masters you ARE taking part in this creation, in a moment to moment inclination. Your contribution continues to be honoured by All-That-Is and you must recognize this to be so.

You are deeply loved, Elohim of the First Light, for ever and All ways!

“The pendant you (Carla) hold (Silver Sun Pendant) contains all codes necessary for the creation and building of your New Germania (later known as New Raetia). It is decreed and it is done. It is the seed of the new and first City of Light, bridging the Old reality upper 4D to the new reality lower 5D.”

December 1, 2013,  Galactic Federation of Light (Three Beings arrive in the Living Room, Lofer, Austria)

“We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light and we come to you in this moment to clarify the current situation.

In this moment, our grand ship (mothership) is anchored above you in its full majesty, although unseen by you with your physical eyes, you know we are here because of your astute telepathic ability.

Yes, we are here, for you (Carla), and for your dual soul (Georgi), to provide the ultimate protection from any insurgence which can manifest in any moment and jeopardize the ascension process at this time. The experience you encountered yesterday (a sudden attack on us by a dark entity, while shopping when we were urged by the mothership to suddenly return home where we were protected under an energetic shield) was not your imagination, but real in every way. We shall not dwell on details as they are of no importance. Suffice it to say that your Light (light from our light bodies) shines the worlds over and can now be seen easily by those of ill nature who remain in small pockets upon the Earth, outside of this dwelling.

A special protective shield, is now in place around you, as a frequency fence, to camouflage your presence.

You will notice a build-up of energy, in the form of thermal energy, or heat, and this is simply a side effect of the efforts of this fence in its camouflaging properties. It shall certainly do no harm, and may only fatigue you at moments of overload.

Your concern for your family (Carla) is natural and comes from social conditioning of the “Mother” role. It is best to remember, and to focus on this idea, that your children represent All of Humanity and All of Humanity deserves true Freedom in the Light. True freedom shall arise from the “setting straight” of Humanity’s history, true history, and these revelations shall set these Worlds on a new footing, and upon a new path into the Light.

You must simply rest now, and you must hold the faith through and through.

Yes, we are here! We are real! We are here for You! Your dual soul (Georgi) knows this truth!

Pull from deep inside and bring forth the natural faith in the Prime Creator, in the Divine Order, for your salvation from concerns born of earthly focus and of ill-alignment. You have done it many times! Trust in this Divine Order!

Meditate on it now, to hold it, and bring it into your very Being. Meditate on it frequently, even when you feel solid in your beliefs.

We wish only to openly support you on your divine path, and, of course, as it is still your final decision, we can only hope to lovingly support you along the way.

Thank you for your dedication to the Light. There are many, many here, upon our ship. That are sending you both, their messages of love, of light and of peace in support of your sacred mission during this auspicious time in Earth’s history.”

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