The 11.21 Portal of Purification and Healing of the 3rd Eye – Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, November 21, 2015

The November 21 Portal began actually with full force on November 19, when a massive descent of source energy occurred one more time. Both Carla and I were independently taken away at noon for about an hour and a half, that is to say, we had to lie down and our souls left this reality. After that a massive influx of source energy hit our left brain portal and caused a split head and severe headache throughout the whole afternoon and night until early morning.

On November 20th we had planned a meditation in the house of our friend Julia, with whom we have done a lot of light work in the past, including on our Infinity portal in White Rock. We were afraid that we may not be in the position to drive to Julia’s house in Vancouver, so depleted and bad we felt yesterday morning. Then our physical situation improved all of a sudden and we drove to her. Two more ladies were present there for this meditation.

Before I proceed, I must confess that it was the first collective meditation I have ever done in my life as I usually reject such organized meetings and very rarely meditate in a deliberate manner as I am in a natural meditative state most of the time, especially when I write and am consciously channelled by my HS.  Anyway, I was the only man in the meditation circle and only after the light work was done, did I realize why I had to participate in it.

Our friend Julia, as I have mentioned in previous reports, is a gifted medium and a visual channel who works in White Rock and gives readings to clients. She also works with Carla since four years creating the Infinity Portal in White Rock. When I came two years ago I reinforced their work and helped to expand this portal over the mainland of Vancouver, also in conjunction with the city of light which we have created over this area.

Each time Carla and Julia come together, some spectacular events happen and of course these meetings are always attended by a plethora of ascended masters, archangels and also Elohim. This time it was not different, although we had no clue at the beginning what we were supposed to achieve yesterday. To complete the picture, let me present the other two ladies who participated in this meditation. One is of Asian origin and a practicing Buddhist with a very refined energy and the other lady was a successful Canadian actress at the beginning of her spiritual evolution, but very much interested in esoteric issues.

From the beginning it became clear that this session will be devoted to a profound and extremely powerful cleansing and healing of the energetic structure – chakras, emotional and mental fields – of all humans on this uppermost mother planet. This is now possible as we have eliminated all dark soul fragments on October 28th from this timeline and later on, during the portal 11.11, we, the PAT, also cleansed in a powerful act of self-sacrifice the core and the crystalline grid of Gaia from all dark heavy energies that humans have deposited there in their very long and gruesome incarnation cycle. Now the time of profound healing of humanity has arrived.

Julia guided the meditation as she is very good at that. She invoked first the green flame of healing which is associated with the third eye, i.e. with the 6th chakra of spirituality and the 7th chakra of ecstasy. At that moment both Julia and Carla confirmed that Hilarion, Sananda, St. Germain, Archangel Raphael and a group of Elohim were present and entered our fields.  Hilarion is the Chohan of the green flame ( 5th ray) and his retreat is in the temple of truth in Crete, Greece. Raphael and Mother Mary are the Archangels of the green flame and their retreat is in the Temple of Healing in Fatima, Portugal. Mother Mary is, by the way, always around  Julia when she channels or performs light work.

The Asian lady said that Kuan Yin, to whom she had a particular relationship, was also present and I checked afterwards that she is the Goddess of Compassion and is also associated with the green flame. I do not think that this is a coincidence, furthermore as initially Julia intended to invite two other ladies and only after they could not come, had she invited this Asian lady. This is how certain events are arranged in divine order.

As I am the bearer of the blue flame, AA Michael is always present in my fields and also participated actively in our yesterday’s meditation. I was buzzing with maximal intensity as seldom before.

Julia invoked further the violet flame, the gold flame and the pink flame. I myself invoked the blue flame of divine God’s will which then turned into violet flame as seen with my third eye. Carla later confirmed that she also saw the blue flame first and then transmuted it into violet flame, which is the predominant flame of the new age of Aquarius.

When I opened my eyes the Canadian actress was bathing in green light and the Asian lady was covered in golden light. It is also important to note that the Elohim of the Fifth Ray or Green Flame are Cyclopea and Virginia and their retreat is in the Altain mountains in China and that is why this Chinese lady had to be present at our healing session. These two Elohim were part of the bigger Elohim group that accompanied us in this powerful meditation.

The opening of the third eye was accomplished when we all created a huge ball of green, golden and violet flames that was in the centre of our meditation circle and then was anchored in the core of Gaia. During this meditation and subsequent procedures which continued with some interruptions for more than four hours, I was vibrating at maximal intensity and my metabolism was enhanced to such an extent that I had to visit the washroom every half an hour.

Through the healing of the third eye (6th spiritual chakra and 7th ecstatic chakra), we actually expanded the divine vision and mediumship of all ascending humans, which is also a prerequisite for the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law. Please observe that the green flame is not only the flame of healing but also the flame of clarity of mind and science, understand, transcendental science that can only be comprehended in its holistic entirety when the 3rd eye is fully opened. This was a logical step towards the final healing and purification of the chakras of all second wave ascension candidates whose heart chakra we opened in October 2014 in a similar most dramatic event as reported on this website at that time in order to make the ID shift and move to the new 4D worlds.

Next comes the opening of the left brain portal and the connection to the higher 8th to 12th chakra and even further on – to the 15th or 18th chakra. All PAT members have a fully opened 3rd eye and left brain portal, so that this healing procedure was dedicated to all other humans that will ascend to the new 4D worlds and need to expand now their awareness in preparation for this ID shift.

As I mentioned in a letter to Brad the other day, but have not published this information yet, on October 15 shortly before I posted my elaboration on superconductivity as an introduction to the message of Astraea and Amora, we actually inserted the conditions of superconductivity into this uppermost mother planet.

On that day our apartment was flooded with angels and both Carla and I were in a state of ecstasy and bliss as we have been only once when we ascended on November 28th, 2013 in Lofer and as described in the messages we received at that time from the Elohim and other ascended masters from the Mothership of the GF. Hence on November 15 we had already a huge opening to the higher dimensions in a very palpable manner and the healing and opening of the third eye of many humans yesterday was the logical next step in this rapid preparation and transfiguration of the ascending humanity so that it is compliant with the energetic conditions of superconductivity in the new 4D worlds before we ascend to New Lemuria in 5D.

After the meditation was finished, we had a break and a buffet and the Canadian lady left our gathering. Then the second, even more exciting part of our cleansing session began. All of a sudden we realized that we need to heal all women on this planet who have been abused by masculine energies. The abuses include regular incest of fathers with their daughters and other family members, which seem to happen more often in the family and are kept secret due to shame than humanity is ready to accept, but also all kinds of other abuses on women in the family and society. I do not want to expand on this issue as everyone of you knows what I mean by that.

For this cleansing the group needed my masculine energies which are, as the Elohim have confirmed on several occasions, in perfect harmony with the feminine energies, even before I met Carla and much more so now that we live together and have created a perfect, harmonious unity field of masculine and feminine energies. In fact I had already helped Carla to balance her powerful feminine energies with her masculine energies, which she had suppressed for a long time under the challenges of daily 3D life, and this is an example how feminine energies are regularly abused in this reality.

The abuse of feminine energies in the human population in the last several thousand years of patriarchal society, as one can observe in the ugliest form in the Islamic world nowadays, has probably contributed more to the closing of the third eye than any other collective crime on humanity. The burning of witches on the stake throughout the whole Dark Ages only because these women displayed higher mediumship than men and were sought after by the people as healers was the gruesome peak of numerous such cruel crimes on women throughout the history. Medially gifted women were a huge challenge to the absolute power of the church and the priests, who also played the role of healers at a time when the profession of the medical doctor did not exist. The burning of witches on the stake was the most brutal form of suppressing feminine energies of transcendence and creativity on earth and contributed significantly to the closure of the third eye in the human population that currently determines our agnostic epoch.

This short excursion into the savage and very cruel past of humanity should suffice to convince you how necessary and urgent the cleansing of all feminine energies from the abuse of masculine energies was, before humanity and Gaia can ascend. Now that all dark karmic energies have been removed from the core of Gaia, these imbalances had to be also removed from the emotional and mental fields of all women.

This was the objective of the second part of our meditation. I was urged to make a cleansing and healing of the Asian woman as I felt that she harboured a lot of pain and grief in her heart and fields due to men’s abuse. I offered her to put my hands on her crown chakra and to transmit energies from the source into her body. The initial idea was to open her left brain portal, in which I am very effective, in particular when the person is ready for this opening and this lady was definitely ready for this procedure.

What happened next was so surprising and unexpected for me, and also for all participants, that it was felt as a real miracle. As soon as I put my hands on top of the head of this Asian lady she began to weep with uncontrolled convulsions of the body, which were caused by the most impressive physical energetic catharsis I have ever seen. Carla realized that she was needed and came to help me in this massive and acute healing.

The lady was trembling in her whole body and weeping loudly in trance. Her soul must have left her body at that moment as she was not responsive to our questions. After five minutes of convulsions and impulsive weeping, she came back and said with a distant voice: “It hurts a lot” pointing to her heart chakra: “I had a very difficult relationship with my father.” We knew immediately what that meant. She is a mother of two grown up children.

After a quarter of an hour we finished with her healing and she calmed down and appeared to be completely transformed. This was the most impressive and effective alchemical reaction I and Carla have triggered so far and we have had some spectacular results in the past. Obviously this abused lady needed our combined masculine and feminine fields to heal her trauma and to fully open her third eye. But in fact it was a joint light work as the Asian lady had very refined fields due to her regular Buddhist meditation and was perfectly prepared for this massive flooding of healing source energies of the green-violet flame, not only to heal for ever her personal pain, but also to heal in a representative manner the whole ascending humanity in an extremely powerful alchemical reaction.

Julia was so impressed by this session that she asked Carla and myself to heal also her fields. We repeated the same procedure on her and she felt a stabbing pain in her back in association with her older brother, which was a surprise to us as none of us knew that Julia had a brother. Obviously he must have caused a lot of pain to her as not to mention him.

At the end I felt so exhausted as if I had moved mountains.  I realized how important my presence in this light work session was, not only because of my refined, high-frequency fields, but first and foremost because of the needed masculine energy that had to be reconciled with the abused feminine energies and healed in a new perfect harmony. In the past Carla participated in these meditations alone as I have no affinity towards such meetings. This time the higher realms needed my active contribution to this massive healing of the 3rd eye of humanity during the 11.21 portal, which could have only been done by healing the masculine abuses of all women as the carrier of mediumship and divine vision through the 3rd eye.

At the end of the session Sai Baba appeared all of a sudden to Julia and Carla. He made us aware that his birthday is on Monday and that we now celebrate this holiday. Julia has a great affinity to Sai Baba, and I have also mentioned him in one of my gnostic books as an example of a transpersonal incarnation. This means that a whole family of more than 1000 souls incarnates in one human body and this massive presence of soul energy allowed the human person known as Sai Baba to accomplish miracles. He was famous for that and there are numerous reports and books that confirm his miracles.

All of a sudden Julia remembered that she had photos with Sai Baba and brought a photo for each one of us. Julia has such things in store and always amazes me. The last time we had a similar session, the entity Bashar came to us and she had a book of his channeling coincidentally with her and gave it to us. On Sai Baba’s photo which Julia gave us one could read: ” Many people have been healed by touching this photo to their bodies. An Indian medical doctor from London raised a child from the dead by holding the photo against his body“.  We decided to hold this photo against our bodies as a symbolic gesture for the healing of all humanity. We had the knowing that we have entered the new epoch of immediate creation that will be perceived by the rest of humanity as miracles.

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