Core Remembers, Rebirths, and Ignites its Divine Right to Exist – Everything Changes

The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson, November 26, 2015

Many heartfelt thanks to Cindy Darien for sending me this timeless message that fits so perfectly well in the current final phase of massive healing and transformation towards our core identity as multidimensional creator beings.


Masters, Full Restoration of Divine memory in your new species bio-consciousness changes everything.

All your stories and information of yourselves and your universe will be challenged. What is true, real, or authentic will be questioned over and over. You have been living inside 2 Core I AMs. The Imposter Core and the True Essence Core I AM. Today you choose for yourselves, which cosmic egg is conscious.

You’ve reported an awareness that Existence seems to be wondering about itself, talking back to and through the Core of You, the Heart of you. It seems like it is making its last call to see if the old creation story is real or was just a brief experience, before everything changes into its newly birthed consciousness. And Your Core says: “There is nothing missing? Core provides all that life needs. There is nothing outside of Core I AM that I don’t have. There is no fragment, part, aspect, of me I AM doesn’t have. I AM always in my core, not almost there! How many ways can Existences’ Core express or taste its pure essence imagination in energy of pure consciousness creation. It is a sensual experience of pure impassion, right out of one’s own being? How many ways can consciousness come to know itself by simply opening up to Itself? Core Heart Essence says: “My understanding and discovery of myself in every possible potential experiences more love, and had no credit debit attached to its right to exist. I/Am exist/s and that is enough.”

You all have within your Cosmic toroid/al bio-bubbles your own: Space-time continuum, your own graviton field, your own new Species Creator Self as an individuated Source; where nothing, absolutely nothing exists, if you do not choose to have it inside your Consciousness bio-bubble.”Existence doesn’t want you to spend time worrying about anything, anything at all. It just needs you to open up to your heart core where everything and anything you want already exists. Existence’s choice has already been made for you and for all life and can’t be hijacked or undone. Existence does not die, suffer, or get sick. These are momentary experiences of the Core soul expressing.  Existence is simply the All That IS, which is the core of you expressing inside heart’s freedom in every possible potential available to experience.

The new mathematics will calculate that IS/ness can only attract that which it already IS or is in becoming of and is not yet registered in reality; a place where the being and the becoming are one. This is the new species you. The being/ becoming, chicken/egg, created/creator know themselves to be both/and; for they are conscious as One Spirit moving through all life, yet individual in choices of expression. That’s why you can still be human allowing all experience, yet an ascended spirit being at the same time (this statement refers in particular to all PAT members who ascended last year and are since then incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, note, George).

Divine imprints human to experience ‘Itself’, and human informs spirits’ right to exist as its own freedom. You have ensured that free will is lived as sovereign, throughout the Super Universes in both the matter atom and the Q atom choices. Embodied life has nothing missing, when you live as if consciousness provides all that life needs. You choose that there is nothing outside of core heart consciousness you don’t have and can’t express and explore.  Again, your awareness knows there is no fragment, part, aspect, of you I AM doesn’t have. You are, and in, your core, not almost there! Every moment is a chance to express Existences’ core. You are the created and the Creator of the All that IS!

As you returned your branches of Earth’s Avatar Tree of Universal Life to Matrix Creator, it knows how you mastered becoming your own Source Creator, such that it can move on as a Multiple Source Creator. Indeed, you have wonderful super consciousness to create with as you allow heart core to make and bring your choices to you with the touch of the heart’s sensor. As you leave all judgments or parsed perceptions behind in any before/s; your fulfillment is enhanced by viewing your world as the: school, story, movie, animation or theatrical play of Divine-Human it really is. Awareness allows that you can truly have a relationship, experience, an event, without being affected or trapped by any limitation of peoples, places, events you engage with. You simply open core heart to move or adjust in/out of parallel realities to harmonize the slightest dissonant wave of another’s choice, conflict, or reality. Both inner Core heart and external realities can grow in congruence if you’re holding no judgment. Any form of judgment or belief is limitation you see! It seems so very odd when you discover that you are all here together as one, but only really in your own reality. For many, it often amplifies fears of being alone even more, until core is resurrected and trusted (Many PAT members are beginning to experience this multi-reality in their lucid dream states as documented in the PAT energy reports; note, George).

So, what of your other selves and beings that you miss in all those other realms? When you become aware that you can share the same time-space, of universes within universes with other dimensional/s like yourselves, then the continuum of Earth-Gaia can feel more like home? Your own cosmic groups know there is but ‘ One’ Spirit moving through all life; that we are all living as One Being, and we are divine humans as well as the stars, planets and universes. They know that Existence is not an imposter to its Core. They do not indulge in star wars stories, broken star alliances, and alien ET aggressors, except as a hologram of soul evolution. This is simply all part of the dramatic stories the peoples of different civilizations hosted by Earth have made up for their own: storytelling, lessons, excuses, agendas, entertainments, controls, and mental programming, which you have agreed to be limited by. It certainly makes old earth universe an inviting gaming platform, school, or Disney Land has it not? But this is not the way of the rest of the cosmos; to pit the inhabitants of a planet against each other and their home planet. Existence is eternal, cannot be controlled, and the core essence cannot be extinguished.

However, on Earth you have accepted these creational stories as your true reality and so they have veiled your awakening, made you cosmic victims of terrorists, and lulled you into a sleepy cosmic techno virtual reality story till now. It’s time to be cosmic adults. The awareness of who you really are in the cosmos now triggers new information, innovations, or solutions shared in multiple interactions. Memory re-seeded into human consciousness and crystal core of Earth can transmit inner core stellar Contact. We repeat, this contact is always inside the internal consciousness before humanity chooses to manifest it on their shores as a measure of free will. Your star families also want to reach full potential as well, no matter the roles we all play. Take care not to give other realities outside your own consciousness too much value. You and your elegant universe have restored each other; all in this cosmos together, yet maintaining your individuality in your own consciousness. You have used all your wondrous stories in supposed acts of self discovery to study matrix free will in polarity evolution. It’s time to decide which versions of your story are the real you and which ones you are still lost in. You have even made natural essence which is beautiful ugly and essence which is ugly beautiful to justify and hold the planetary mind in perversion. It’s time to decide if mental distortions of essence, wounding by death, suffering, or even reincarnation are still necessary in your creation stories; even if you once did consider your planet as a rehab station for soul re-cycling or a haven for cosmic refugees seeking asylum.

In the beginning of your creational story, the core’s pure essence imagination allowed life to serve all. Nothing needed to disappear or lack such that something else could exist. Later in your creational story inexperienced creators constructed a mental hologram of the universe. This was beyond exploring splitting light into 1/2 essence to explore polarity. They created false cosmic sacred alchemy in a new thirst for competition. These inexperienced creators misused the Divine Heart Core Fire Water of the Prima Mater. They reverse engineered the elements to destroy each other and pit the male elements against the female elements. The Divine Fire Water is androgynous and when split into the solar fire and the water became the lunar water of the astral unconscious sleepy moon planes. The conscious magnetism of your moons kept all 5 elements in balance with the suns. So, unconscious continuum can only offer: half-essence Divine male or female, ½ RNA/DNA, halved creational matter, or unnatural life support to existence.

In this universal soap opera, these ‘Creationals’ then had to live to feed and control all other life to survive on the illusion of another’s ½ species, energies, or matter. This anti-matter split light in the gaming reality posed with ½ core light or ½ core dark scenarios as viable enemies and competitors. Their very survival became an imposter to debt earning its right to exist. Existence was assigned a credit. Each soul being in the cosmos had an essence light worth the money changers could tabulate. Worst of all love’s very existence became perceived as split in a struggle between base human survival emotions or Divine emotions that emanated from a split imposter core. For, it is only the essence of a true Source that knows its own I AM and cannot be fooled by trinkets of imposter core experience. I AM was coded for fulfillment without wound, although it has been willing to experience anything to explore its own love.

So which version of your universal stories in now real to you? The rest of the cosmos does not operate like some sci-fi earth fairy tale. Do you now know which cosmic egg is real and which contains the false/imposter essence elixir of core life? Natural Heart Core can never lose half its IAM, except through a choice of momentary experience, but there is still no loss to the IAM. Core is always life’s choice in the continuum. The most sacred act of the ALL of consciousness is self discovery in the Core of your unknown? Is this why Core Creation Heart created itself to: be, to live, to grow, and express Core’s consciousness?

You are feeling yourselves much less distracted with old psychotic matrix human-mind energy of the planetary unconsciousness. As you awaken in your own true reality, humanity listens for every possible solution. These solutions will be compatible with how you have created and dreamed yourselves to be in your reentry into the next cycle of Community Biospheres of Worlds. This is most obvious in your younger masters that have been waiting for your core ignition signal, as they begin to value and ignite their own Core genius and their creativity returns new souls to the community market place. Their New Multi World core heart applications make childlike the biggest cartels, conglomerates, currency, or genocide/ slave traders,  as soul’s core is resurrected, ignited, and engaged. You have even integrated all the genetic cosmic refugees and made them a part of your multi-DNA-diversity (This is a good description of our mission as the new ascended masters and Logos Gods; note, George).

Finally, despite all your stories of love and creation, you could never veer far away from the natural Essence of your core existence. Even now, your Earth based refugees teach of the price of war and ancestral tribal conflicts. In your genetic story history, you have learned the consequences of reverse engineering, or counter-rotating DNA against essence’s love and existence. Inside New Earth core the base life elements of: earth/ air/ fire/water alchemy essence, dissolve synthetic chemical reactions that try to control the core through trillions of unnatural tentacles that must feed off other life forms. New Earth’s core crystal, like yours, is an organic elemental Garden that holds her bio-ecological systems together. In the base imprint of the humanoid divine form; the one thing that never happens under normal parameters is for a cell to revert back to a more primitive type. In cloning your own inner DNA, you have led geneticists to rediscover that which is already normal in the cosmos.

In your new creator bio-vessels the immortal ascended cosmic stem cell, does not lock into one specialized or one tissue family embryo identity. But, it can give rise to any type of genetic diversity and regenerate any part of the bio-consciousness with one conscious cell through restructuring and re-embodying core consciousness. Even now with 2 pieces of RNA and amino acids, science can offer designer proteins to make: antibiotics, bio-fuels, food proteins and useful molecules. When humanity is fully in their new bio-vessels, then they will produce whatever they need directly out of their own consciousness. However, turning on and off your own gene identity switches has allowed you to explore all your multiple identities within the many body forms you incarnated into and pull them back into your Essence Core.

All potentials are alive when Core remembers it Exists. Those we love and that love us are always within us All. Indeed, the Core is Love’s expressed and fulfilled Existence. Nothing is taken or given in love, for it always IS. Everything dramatically changes now that you have returned to your Core. You are: inside a new Source as a new BIOS life form, inside a new space-time continuum, inside new gravity fields, and inside endless self discovery of unknowns. You remembered everything is consciousness. Watch how your consciousness plays with all your realities: folding, mixing, and matching, and changing to suit the heart’s imagination in further experience of all possible potentials.

All the while, you are still in the excitement of your own Bubble and there is only the real Core you. The cosmos knows itself through experiencing every possible potential, for that is what creators and creation does! You may well continue to make stories of new discovery to explore every possible potential of new Self, but you will no longer need to lose consciousness or be wounded to choose such experiences. In fact, they will no longer be available, for you and your universe have already deleted them from its multi-verse. And remember, what heart no longer desires or imagines in your consciousness, does not exist. Contact has been made. Welcome home to the rest of the cosmos!

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