Energy Report of the PAT – October 9, 2015

Ascension Test Runs on October 7th and 8th

Dear Georgi,

with this short message, which is also the first one that I am sending to you, I want to share my experience from the Ascension Test Run, that took place last night.

My memory about this event is somewhat faded but I definitely had an Out Of Body Experience and felt an immense energetic pressure, which nearly caused me to explode.

I remember the following monologue very clearly: “Alright, Dr. Stankov, let’s finally do this, I am more than ready. And yes, Carla, let’s do it!” For the rest of the night, I felt the presence of a being next to me, that I could not identify.

Finally, I want to thank you very much for your very hard and indispensable work for all of us. Your reports and essays created goose bumps on a regular basis for me and helped me to hold a promising vision.

Your work created the much needed connection between science and spirituality and is absolutely essential for this reality.

Much love,
Fabian, Germany

Dear George,

A note of agreement, pulling from my journal:

Oct 4, 5, 6- I awoke with a sense of anticipation that something good would come in next few days.

Oct 5- was a difficult day for me. I chose to spend it alone in total.

Oct 6-7 The lift in nighttime meditation was typical. Lots of talking in my sleep. I remember explaining karma/balance of action.

Last night Oct 7-8, I had just read your test-run post and then I lay down and tuned in to the sound current and there was a very quick lift. All the familiar shifts and attunements happened with greater ease than usual, as if buffered and streamlined. Then it was that wordless area beyond 3D that the PAT is quite used to by now. Your description is appropriate. I feel like we pulled the firmament closer to earth and made a higher resonant frequency for this level. (Fallout for those not aligned to ensue in the next days, I presume.) I returned back to full body consciousness effortlessly, without side effect. Later I dreamed confirmation of the PAT mission, a spontaneous ‘genetic mutation’/’human transformation’. We follow the sound and go home.

In faith,
Travis, USA

Georgi, another anecdote for your amusement:

My grandfather laughed himself into hysterics recounting a text msg conversation he had with his 3 sons, ongoing this afternoon 10/8.

It was bizarre. I have never seen him laugh so hard repeatedly in my whole life. He couldn’t even speak, could barely breathe. I’ve only ever seen him snicker. When he left the room, my grandmother said she’d only ever seen him laugh like that once (in the 50+ years they’ve been married). This, from the guy who had carried so much resentment and anger, etc and plagued the family with them.

The material wasn’t even funny in itself. Something inside this man has shifted for the better.

On 10/8.

Be well!

Dear Travis,

this is a remarkable observation. I personally was gone the whole day (October 8th) – both Carla’s and my soul are gone and I have no power to do anything but this is good so. If we have to ascend, our souls must go first.

With love and light


I am very interested to hear more of your experience and what you mean. I hope you will share (on site?), if you are inspired to do so.

..But ascension is priority #1 so just GO!!


There is nothing to be said when your soul goes away – you simply feel terrible, powerless and depressed. Like being buried alive.


Hello George,

I hope this finds you in up mental disposition. I have been in depressed mental state this week with today(Wednesday 7 October)  being the most severe ever in my 60 plus years and since ascension started in 1990’s. I surmise that it is loaded from the masses, however it is still very difficult to have such low feelings that you want to end your life to get  relief.

George, if you have a moment would you let me know how you are, if you feel this awful depression?

Heavy Load
Avian, USA

On my side from yesterday (7th October) there are flashbacks with sense of relief. But not relief from the physical LBP pains. It’s rather like sense of relief out-of-this-world. Like glimpses of not being a part of this mess any longer. I hold on to this feeling. I do not feel like this came from the outside, because I started thinking how to stop being part of all of this with such a brand new result.

All the Best,

This is a precise indication that we are now rapidly separating from this matrix.


Dear Georgi

I don’t know what does it mean but I “feel”, “hear” and “see” the following thing:

He started the journey and He is on the way to us ” – ” He is coming

It will take a little bit but soon we come face to face with our Creator

With Love and Light
Tomek, Polska

Hello, Georgi,

I’ve been reading your site for the past couple of months, and I find your work and your posts most interesting. I would not normally email you about a dream, because I believe the vast majority of dreams are highly connected to the individual, and thus of lesser value to the group, but the nature of my recent dreams have had a more abstract feel to them, which makes me wonder if anyone reading your site has also dreamed something similar.

The first, 3 nights ago, was chaotic and probably not worth deciphering, but I woke up abruptly, thinking to myself, The Great Divide. I allow my dreams to fade from memory after examining them briefly first thing in the morning, but that phrase, the great divide, kept tugging at my attention all day long and I’ve thought that phrase now and then the past three days, even though usually, once I’ve consciously examined a dream once, its contents no longer stays with me, I don’t fixate on that content.

This morning (October 8th), I woke abruptly once again, and my dream took this form: I was in a public place, a large parking lot in which I was surrounded by cars and people though there was still a lot of room around me, when the sun moved rapidly and diminished in size from it’s average size we’re used to seeing it in daily life, to a size much smaller, say the size of the letter o in this email, in the span of two or three seconds. There was still light in the world, but it was a weak, gray light for now, though I had the feeling it would soon get dark black – I suppose that’s why I wanted to get home, so that I would get someplace I was familiar with, someplace I could move around even without light. People were agitated and discussing things, but I felt moved to simply walk home, so I put the hood of my jacket over my head, looked at the ground, and walked to my apartment. Once there, I took my white t-shirt off, and put on a white shirt which someone had left on the back of my chair – it was not my shirt, but it was of a better material, and beautifully tailored with some kind of ruffled cut outs at the throat, not something I’d usually own, or wear, but it fit me like a glove and I liked it.

As I said, the dream felt abstract, so that I do not think that the fading light is actually a physical event, even though I perceived it as such, and I think the same is true of the white shirt. The fading light and coming blackness felt like separation, and since the sun is of such importance to everyone, I believe it applied to everyone, while the upgraded white shirt, since it’s a personal item, might apply more to me. Given the quality of my life the past 7 – 10 years, deaths of my loved ones and separation from people in general since then, anything would be an improvement, but there seemed to be no need for that kind of message, since the rest of the dream seemed so abstract and impersonal. In any case, I wish you the best in the coming days. I suspect one way or another, for better or worse, big changes will swallow us all.

Bye, Alex.

Dear Alex,

the “Great Divide” refers to the final ID shift when we shall be separated from this matrix and move to the upper 4D worlds respectively to 5D. Such short verbal messages in the dream state are always significant as they convey important information and are meant to be remembered after awakening.

Your dream also reflects the upcoming ascension. Parking lot and cars symbolize the Merkabah and the collective preparation of many souls for this event. Coming home and finding a new white shirt indicates what ascension is all about – coming home and acquiring the crystalline light body. As you had already a white shirt this means that your fields are clear and you can have a new light body which is of a better quality. The white Christed light is the flame of ascension.

I think that you are right to consider this dream significant. It seems very clear to me, which is not always the case.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It was kind of you to reply to me. I had not expected that, given the volume of email you must receive. I appreciate your insight into the dream. I’ve thought about that dream during the course of my day and simply assumed that finding myself in a parking lot and watching the event from the ground, so to speak, meant I had failed and not reached escape velocity, if you will, and it was interesting that you were aware of a different meaning to my finding myself in a parking lot, that it symbolized collective preparation. I’m detached enough to accept either outcome, though yours is much more palatable.

One thing I might add, is that I’d always assumed energetic changes would trickle into this world in a steady progression, allowing us all to mentally gird our loins as it were, and prepare mentally, but the rapid and startling transition from normality to the surreal in my dream in a matter of seconds make me wonder if events will take place with the same rapidity here, once the energetic dam breaks.

Once again, thank you for your time, and I offer you my best wishes in the coming days.


Dear Alex,

there will be no slow progression and evolution of humanity within this matrix as it is a dead end. There must be an “evolutionary leap of mankind” as the title of my book on Gnosis suggests in order to proceed with the spiritual evolution on a higher energetic level where the living conditions will be more conducive to this process. That is why we all wait for the ID shift.

With love and light


I feel you and Carla will enjoy (and relate to) Denise’s latest post: . I’ve been reading her for years, and she is always very ‘on target’ for most people’s personal experiences, especially the physical ‘symptoms’ (though not for me, I haven’t had any ‘unpleasant’ symptoms for many years, got my inner work done ahead of time, well ahead of The Wave — intentionally, having been ‘forewarned’ decades ago).

Anyway, hope you get something helpful from it.  I am about to publish my very last blog post, titled ‘We Grew New Wings’.  Lots of links, covers most of the 3D-4D material (at least superficially) for the Shift of the Ages, etc.  Not all, no.  But, via the links, most of it.  The rest people can find on their own, via my own blog or those of others, like yours.

Hope the energies of these blasts from Sol haven’t got you down too bad (I read about your two-week headaches and such).  As a super-empath now, I feel them before they are on the NASA charts, can track them with my body ahead of the satellites.  They give most empaths headaches and nausea and/or fatigue — with those intense TONES that the X-rays generate in our heads! — and of course egoo-surges of unresolved ‘issues’ from their psychological septic tanks, scraping out the last bits of ancient gunk.  But they only make me HIGHER, and stimulate my pineal gland even MORE!!  Sometimes it’s hard to contain the blisstacy…..  (see my posts Afterglow andReconstructing The Starship about those topics, lol, on www.Waverider!

BE well, BE LOVE!!!
Alexander, USA

Dear Alexander,

I just published a comprehensive article on physics explaining why there is no such thing as Wave X as the Elohim have also confirmed to us.

Apart from that I know Denise since long time and she indeed participates in most cleansing waves as the PAT. Unfortunately beyond this there is little stimulating in her articles. One can’t expect though much from a former belly dancer. I know what I am talking about as my wife was also a belly dancer.

With love and light

I comprehend your perspective, Georgi.  But Waves or no waves, ALL have ‘access’ to ALL at any and every moment!  It simply comes down to this:  A sovereign personal choice for Self-Realization, resulting eventually (following sincere and valiant Internal effort, and indefatigable mental and emotional self-discipline) in one’s entrance into the blisstatic Divine State — Consciously — while still ‘in body’ as a human being in a matrix hologram world of (purposeful) illusion . . . .


Dear Alexander,

I fully concur with this statement. Is this your website? The people mentioned in it by the author are not really in the LBP as the PAT is, as I know some of them personally and have had even discussions with them on this issue. But their experiences must coalesce with yours. I remember that I had similar experiences in the 90s before I entered the real LBP. After that it became unbearable and it stayed so till now. Bliss here, bliss there.

Just not to “mix apples with pears“, to quote a German saying. Here is an email I have just received from a new PAT member that highlights the experiences of a real LBP:

Absolutely! Exciting times ahead.

Also, no pressure to respond to this, but I just had to tell you – this part of one of your articles sums up what I experience on a daily basis:

“Concerning myself, this process began 12 years ago. Since then, I hear these high frequency energies 24 hours a day and feel their incessant vibrations throughout my whole body. The energy flow is a column with a diameter of about 20 cm with an expanded visible quantum field of about 100 meters. Please, observe that my vision has also increased its frequency spectrum, so that I can see quantum waves.

What I hear, is not exactly the astral energies, but the atoms in the air, which are involved in the rotations of the 6th to the 14th chakra within my expanded astral field. Their rotational velocity has increased significantly in comparison to normal human beings. This high frequency sound is heard predominantly in the left ear, while the cosmic energies from the highest realms flow through the open portal of my left brain hemisphere.”

I have a constant high-pitched tone that reverberates in my left ear, and I too can see the quantum waves. I never knew how to describe it before, other than to say that “when I look at a wall or a carpet, I see energy moving on it”. I’ve even noticed this when looking at my dog’s fur, at times.

I also see movement in the sky when I look up at it (most noticeable on clear, sunny days). It tends to look like a collection of “sparks” zipping to and fro. I had wondered if I was seeing thought forms flying around. And then there’s another thing that the sky “does”: I see bands of energy that appear to be contracting and expanding. I have noticed that this phenomenon is more pronounced after exercise – such as a long, brisk walk outside. I wonder if this has something to do with increased blood flow to the brain?

Amanda, Montreal”

With love and light

Dear Amanda,

Then your left brain portal is fully opened. Physical exercise increases the level of enkephalines and endorphines in the brain and they increase mediality. That is why your 3rd eye vision improves after brisk walking.


Wow – good to know! Thank you for that insight!

On a related note, a few months ago, I was inspired to create something called “Lightworkers Rising”. I bought the domain and have started building the site, although exactly “what” it is meant to be is not entirely clear to me yet, other than I feel I am meant to be guiding and empowering awakening lightworkers in some way – probably through a combination of online programs, written articles, and live workshops/events ….

Also a few months ago, I partnered up with my guides, the Arcturians, to create a video that hints at what Lightworkers Rising may become:

Video: (excellent video, note, George)

Thought you might be interested to see it.


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