Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust

Brad Barber, October 28, 2015


Dear George, 

I was able to go visit a great friend of mine in Nebraska for a couple of days. Unfortunately for America, that means I got 14 hours to listen to great music and come up with a heavily opinionated update of the current status of the financial system and it’s relevance to a few other topics.  

By the way, if anyone out there really enjoys great progressive heavy rock and friggin’ roll, the album This Time It’s Personal by Periphery is absolutely incredible.  I haven’t heard a band push the envelope like this in a long time.  Just like any band that really strives for something new, it takes a few listens.  For a rhythm section to sound different from anything you’ve ever heard at this stage is incredible.  Here’s also a sample of their lyrics:


How solid is that?  

Now that everyone in the US is beginning to learn that their economics is actually just voodoo sorcery, it’s pretty interesting to use hindsight to see that two of the best actual economists the United States has ever seen were George Carlin, the comedian, and Dave Mustaine of the band Megadeth.  Bill Hicks wasn’t so bad. God bless the arts and the few jedi left.  

The reason I’m writing this article is because I know everyone loves to think they wouldn’t have let Hitler come to power and they actually would have said something.  I’ve been listening, and you know what, they wouldn’t have said a damn thing ’cause they ain’t now and it’s becoming obvious.  

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust

The financial markets in the United States have now reached a state of operation that is, with no other way to put it but bluntly, fully fascist.  As has been discussed in the recent past, this is the toilet paper phase where the only thing that can prolong the status quo is infinite more money printing.  Central Banks have printed something like $14 trillion over the past 7 years and it’s failing miserably world-wide. None of the money printers were ever elected by any of the people. For anyone to even talk about voting for something in this system is such a joke.  Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get legal weed if that’s your idea of progress.  It’ll be designed to keep you energetically enslaved just the same.  

Now desperately in the “mushhead” phase, Europe announced last week that “monetary accommodation” may have to be extended and possibly increased.  China cuts rates and reserve ratios.  The whole world is trying to say China is growing at 7% just to mentally make themselves feel OK that something is going to grow out of the debt Charybdis, but any true research shows it may already be below 0%:


World markets have already front run these announcements and popped a little extra as the toilet paper flies.  If the Fed tries to raise rates to not look responsible for the mess, it would be the biggest mistake in known financial history, but not if your plan was actually to bankrupt everyone all along anyway.  Now that the pensions are disappearing, the gloves are about to come off.  Bad news people, there isn’t any retirement really there anywhere  (Time to ascend).

The best part about this monstrous, failure celebrating, what we do doesn’t work at all, people are beyond brain-dead, and please save my ass because I’m scared of light, rally in the last month in world markets is it is showing the fascist state being instituted right to your face.  Look at the only companies making new highs or near new highs as the fraud struggles to prop itself.  We have the imperial troopers of technology fraud in Microsoft and Google.  The ambassadors of designed fascist capitalist fraud in Amazon.  Our death-dealing buddies at Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are rockin’.  Our Hollywood ambassadors of brain programming in Lion’s Gate Entertainment are rolling.  McDonald’s is hitting all time highs as every other quick serve stock is tanking even though tons of information is available that it is failing miserably and serving complete chemical death.  The only reason Monsanto is down is because they are too obvious now.  Dark energy is always moving to where the light is creating and then it hijacks it and hides behind the spiritual evolutionary surge of whatever it is.


Do you wonder why the new Star Wars is called The Force Awakens as this ascension process takes place?  That’s dark energy at work again trying to trademark everything.  The fraud’s now trying to figure out how to keep this going in the realm of soul technologies and we’ve hit the wall here.  It’s not profitable to spend money any more on anything unless you own it.  You can’t research the cell and define its function properly as Dr. Stankov has because you have to own it.  The New World Order has to take over everything at this point and tell you what your God is.  There’s no other choice.  The sad part here is that most everyone is so dysfunctional that they don’t even care.  

I played golf with my friend in Nebraska and we played with a pretty nice couple guys.  One of ’em worked selling seed and various stuff for Monsanto.  Would he even care to see their effort to kill women worldwide or would he invest more into his company because it was just so darn profitable?


One of our good friends was over the other night.  She’s scrambling working three different jobs and in tears half the time.  She’s talking about having to go to get a prescription for antidepressants because it’s the only option and something is chemically wrong with her.  No, my dear friend, you don’t need to accommodate a full-blown fascist state by trying to make yourself functional to the insanity.  This place is fucked up.  Here’s information on the pharmaceutical industry to make yourself well. They are trying to kill you. That’s sanity and what is.  Watch your spirit blossom.  


Does anyone in the US care about genocide in Palestine?  Our money is paying for it so I guess not.  Is your money in US Dollars?  Is it collecting yield to feel safe while those funds are being used to destroy the world?  The United States is just one genocide after another spreading its “exceptionalism” everywhere.  We are told life has never been so great and poverty so low because everyone has a soul technology stealing cell phone.  Isn’t spiritual bankruptcy the actual poverty?  I listen to everyone talk about spirituality or some other garbage as they don’t even understand they are encouraging the fascist state by trying to keep the Ponzi scheme going indoctrinating the children.  Our kids are debt slaves before they are born.  Keep it up sonny.  Have a great time as I try to collect the last of my benefits.  Obamacare is a full fascist health care system to control every aspect of your life.  Have fun sonny. How’s the full-time probe up your ass sonny?  Man, being a parent is fun.  No wonder the Japanese won’t have sex anymore.  Tired of being debt slaves.


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Does anyone remember when they tested out the current Islamic terrorism techniques on the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.  Oh the good old bombings they took to the Middle East.  They’ve tested just about everything first on the Irish.

By the way, as discussed, the Nobel Prize committee just admitted they don’t know shit about physics.  I told everyone that for the last five years and not a single person has asked me what that means next.  I also told everyone a full fascist state was about to become obvious and it now is.  No one asks what that means next.  It makes everyone more comfortable to think that life is random so that is takes away all responsibility.

Congratulations America.  Have fun sonny.  You’re $175,000 in debt before even going to school that’s not teaching you anything but how to be a full fascist asshole. That’s what it’s trying to do.  The systems are pumping out Orcs and Ogres everywhere. Tolkien would be so proud how correct he was and Obama is a giant Saruman pumping out troll after troll.  People think they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus either ’cause they would have seen the light.  Are you kidding me?  The truth is crucified every second in this hell hole.  Have fun kid.  Go get out there and be a god damn nazi.  I can’t get real news from yesterday and you want to argue over what Jesus said.  Holy shit.


By the way, all those physics “omissions” just happen to mean that everyone should have free energy and were just fully being had by one big fraud of a mess planetary resources scam that controls every aspect of our day.  Well shit, I sure can’t figure out why everyone but the nazis feel like shit.  Here son, take some more pills.  Warren Buffet is sold as our investing hero and every company he owns is poisoning people.  Nice hero.  Like Bill Burr said, keep Lance Armstrong on his bike because at least that’s one less sociopath out there running a corporation.  Do you want Abilify with that antidepressant to kick it up a notch? Have fun son.  Go get ’em kid.  

Do you even remotely understand what this information means and can you do anything about it to change your energetically enslaved ass at all?  Even one word can change your energies and start to get rid of that depression. Trust me.  It’s not profitable standing up to fascism, but it’s the energetic liberation that your soul is after.  That’s why it keeps bashing you over the head.  


Don’t you love how the fraud is trying now to hijack the feminine energy trying to balance by convincing women that being a sociopathic man is a great picture of a woman.  If everyone quit giving head to the nazis and sociopaths this would be over in a minute.  Too bad they control all the money printers and have all the money.  That makes getting laid pretty easy these days.  

Speaking of toilet paper, the fraud dumped 5 million ounces of paper gold into the market Friday to quell price action as Europe and China admit failure behind the scenes.  They are in full panic mode and about 14 or 15 people in the US actually even have a small grasp on it.  They only have 200,000 ounces or so available for delivery on the Comex.  Do you understand even a little how stupid this is?  Why is anyone even bothering to run a business as someone sits and creates money infinitely digitally?  The US got two extra years here by giving away anything it had to create prosperity in the future.

The money printing scam has reached the final spot of any ability to maintain life as is as the fraud has to front run the printer before it even fires up.  I love how the US has laws in effect to prevent monetizing its own debt by not allowing the Fed to buy the bonds directly from the Treasury.  No that wouldn’t be dumb enough so we decided to allow banks to be the middle man in the process and pay them extra billions of dollars to do it for us.  “Mushhead” doesn’t even begin to cover how dumb last week was.


Congratulations America!  You have allowed to biggest fascist state in history to be assembled and functioning.  That’s not an opinion. That is the truth and the “T” in truth is the cross your Jesus is hanging from.  Now son, get out there and make something of yourself.

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