Clear Speak: M. T. Keshe Is a Fraudster and Sociopath and His Inventions are an Esoteric Scam

by Georgi Stankov, October 23, 2015

I have been repeatedly approached by members of the PAT to comment on the latest announcements of the Keshe Foundation about which I have reported in the past, however, without having much access to its work and to relevant information on its alleged new technologies. In the last days I dedicated myself to this topic and have resolved it unequivocally. In order to avoid future discussions on this obvious scam, I have decided to publish the most relevant comments which I made on this unique fraudster and its rogue foundation to some PAT members.

October 10, 2015

Dear George,

You probably have seen this one? On Oct 16th they are going public and with all measurements taken saying they can’t be stopped. And that within months the whole world will be changed. No more oil industry, no more pharmaceutical industry, free travel around the world, all for everyone within the coming 6 to 13 months, healing if self, making energetics like food, water, all needs.

This is huge and the change that will support the ascension as it can/will be influenced through a small cheap device working on plasma tech by the mind/inner being of each person’s ability.

Thought to let you know. It’s a long video, I am still looking.

Love & Light,


Dear Rob,

the Keshe Foundation has made similar bold statements and announcements in the past and I follow them since 2012 and since then nothing tangible has come out. I know on the other hand how difficult it is to make a breakthrough. I am now listening to Keshe’s lectures – there are many videos on the Internet and I do not know what to think. For the first time in my life. Is Keshe a genius or a charlatan? I hope the first but I cannot wrap my mind around this guy.

I have decided now to stay open and wait without any prejudices what will happen after October 16th. There is though one thing that disturbs me deeply. Why is he only talking of ambassadors and politicians as his target partners. Why does not he come up with some scientists and universities to confirm the validity of his inventions first. The ambassadors are as we all know imbeciles. They have no clue of science and technology.

At the same time he wants to deliver all his patents for free to all scientists, companies and countries interested in his inventions. Hence there is no secrecy. In this case why is nobody there to confirm independently the validity of Keshe’s inventions as a specialist? I could not find a single external reference. Given the revolutionary characters of his inventions and statements. Check this one:

and here

The man himself seems serious at first glance, but I miss the scientific explanation. He is talking only about details and almost nothing about the theoretical background of this new plasma technologies.

Let us be patient and see and wait what will happen. It could be that we may ascend before that and these Keshe technologies may be obsolete.

With love and light



PS: After further 3-4 hours intensive investigation of data and videos on Keshe and his foundation I came to the conviction that he is a fraudster. I do not like unresolved cases. Now we have to wait till October 16th to see whether he will fulfill his promises. The chances are slim. However it is a fact that until now Keshe has not shown a single working device or a prototype with his new technologies and he has not presented a single evidence of validity from external independent experts. This should be sufficient for the moment. I am glad I did this research as in the past I was inclined to believe some statements of this guy as they were compatible with the ethical principles I also advocate, but now I realized that this is a charade and propaganda means for this man to cover up his fraud.


October 22, 2015


Have you heard about the recent announcements by MT Keshe regarding his working plasma generators?

He gave them out to a bunch of ambassadors in Rome along with a flash drive containing all the plans and blueprints to make more. He told them that by accepting the generator it bound them to give it to their heads of state, and that they can only use it to create world peace.

He also told them that regardless of what they do with the generators, he was going to release all the information to the world in ten days, on Oct 26, 2015.

We shall see…

Keshe said that he had an Italian manufacture producing them now, and that in a few months they should be able to produce a million units per month!

He also said that he had just about completed a larger model that would provide enough energy to completely run a home in the “West” that has a large refrigerator and HVAC system etc. The units he gave out to the ambassadors would supply about 60% of the energy needed for a “Western” home, but is more than adequate for the needs of most African homes or similar uses.

What are your thoughts and feeling about Keshe and his announcements?

Keshe Free Energy 10/16/15 Announcement!!! Edited & with Fixed Sound

Infinite Love & Gratitude to You, Carla, and the entire PAT! Thank You!

Eric Tripp


Dear Eric,

here is what I wrote only yesterday to another PAT member:

October 21, 2015

“I just  recently analysed the lies of another notorious fraudster Keshe from the Keshe foundation as I discovered that a lot of PAT members believed his lies and false promises. These fraudsters all follow the same pattern – they overwhelm the reader with pseudo-facts without presenting any proof for their assertions and simply exploit the inner expectations of some light workers for a positive change. This alone is not good enough – one should not forget to display critical discernment each time when such paramount assertions are made as Keshe did this last week. You can go on the Internet and check his last videos and unfulfilled promises.

For me such fraudsters are as dangerous as the dark ones as they camouflage themselves like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but  this is something one should discern immediately as an enlightened person.”

And here is my discussion with Rob from last week (see above):

With love and light



Hey Georgi,

Remember this stuff from 2012, Keshe Foundation? It looks like they are finally moving forward to release the info to build energy generators into the general public. If its true then the 26th in a few days could be a good-sized nail in the coffin for the dark Energy Controlling greedy ones.

Things seem rather surreal and peaceful over  here at the bottom of New Zealand at the moment, summer is coming the spring has been really beautiful. Most amazing amount and variety of flowers in one back yard I have ever seen here!

Hope you and Carla are well today!

Love and Light,
Frank Boyle


Dear Frank,

I will publish tomorrow more on the Keshe foundation as other members of the PAT have raised this issue. In advance, this man is a fraudster and a sociopath of the rarest art – he appears as a saviour of humanity in the archetypal gestalt of an ingenious inventor. The only unresolved question is whether he himself believes in his illusion. Most probably yes, at least most of the time, in particular when he is not in jail for scam.

With love and light


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