Clarity of Mind

by Nic Dee and Georgi Stankov, October 3, 2015

Hello Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

Georgi, I want to comment on your latest article about photons, on the erroneous theories in current science, and on the Elohim message, but also about clarity, clarity of mind more precisely. A few weeks ago you wrote me in an email that, one of the objectives of the website, and also the most important thing that the PAT must have at all times, is clarity of mind. Well, all this has inspired me to write to you today.

First off  I’d like to say, (and quote you), that you did not spoil my pleasure to read the excellent message from the Elohim, quite the contrary, your explanations in your last article were very clear and lead me to an understanding of the concepts, that, amongst other things, photons are at the core of all matter in 3-D, and that these photons are U-subsets of higher “God/Adamantine particles”, and this is one of the key elements for Ascension. I find that your article is perfect in putting the Elohim message in its proper context. What I got out of your article and the Elohim message is indeed very clear.

Another thing that became quite clear to me while reading your latest message, is the immense effort put out by the dark ones to introduce these false scientific concepts in the first place, and shove them down our “mental throats” so the speak…

And all this in order to lead humanity away from the Truth that, humans are immortal, sovereign creator beings, that are ONE with All-that-is (thanks to photons!), as opposed to, mere, powerless mortals, that are at the total mercy of random 3-D events and subject to scarcity.

After all, ignorant humans that are in constant competition with each other for their bare physical survival, are much more “malleable” when your goal is to control and enslave them…

What an orgy of greed…

Well, I can clearly see now where the dark ones mislead humanity with so many false scientific concepts. You have well-defined it as “a huge Himalaya mountain of intellectual blunders“.

…and we have not spoken yet about the whole religion dogma / religious false concepts, and of twisted & false history, so the Himalaya mountain suddenly becomes a chain of mountains…

Lots of educational work ahead on 4-D…

For a long time I was intuitively told that, a process of “separation” between “positive” and “negative” beings was going to occur at one point. I was also intuitively told that old models/ways of living & thinking would crumble totally at this separation point, and that this “separation” would occur when science and spirituality would unite.

It is very clear to me now, especially after reading your last article, that this “point of union”, between science and spirituality, is precisely the introduction of the Universal Law.

When reading your last article I could feel bouts of energy flowing through my body and my heart chakra. In fact I felt energy bouts flowing several times throughout reading the article, and the Elohim message. These energy bouts, combined with the intuitive “knowings” I’ve been having for a long time, confirms me without a doubt the validity and truth of all the information.

As for the latest portal / eclipse / photon wave, I did not feel the cleansing symptoms describe by you and the other “Front line PATsters”. As I have said to you a few times before, I don’t feel all the waves, but I do feel some of them, but I don’t feel them the way you do Georgi.

This tells me that I’m not on the PAT front line but somewhere further in the back, doing other kind of energy work. Still, the latest wave has brought me a few things which I’d like to share with you, and other NON-front line PATsters should you decide to publish this email, as I feel it might bring clarity to others who feel, like me, part of the PAT, but not on the front line.

For me, the latest wave of Sept 27/28 blood moon portal, somehow started on Sept 13. On that day I had a very noticeable shift. A shift I have never felt before, never that clear. I was in the countryside on a familiar lakefront, which I have stared at for many many hours before, but this time, after the noticeable shift, that familiar lakefront view felt so different. It felt like it was not real, like it was just a prop in front of my eyes, and I felt detached, like I was tied to another reality and that I was not part of the reality of the lakefront view, despite the lake being right there in front of me. Very weird feeling, which I never had before.

So after the lake episode, a shift in my perception was very noticeable, I felt a strong connection within, that lasted several days. It has subsided since but still I feel different since that inner shift.

Then in one of your recent articles you had mentioned Bashar, which I did not know. I had never heard before of Bashar and his channeled messages through Darryl Anka.

So I Googled & YouTubed Bashar and BANG, I got another kind of shift. I was instantly struck by the quality of the energy that emanates from his very powerful and inspiring messages. Synchronicity had struck again as lately I seem to have been struggling in releasing some past emotional wounds / garbage, but Bashar’s powerful messages had hit the target dead center, and helped me tremendously in focusing on these deeply rooted issues.

So the combination of my Sept 13 shift, plus Bashar’s messages, plus the recent wave of photon energy, seems to have helped me a lot to gain an understanding about certain deep-rooted aspects of myself. This became very clear to me particularly during a recent meditation. This new awareness has helped me to “release the old and embrace the new” so to speak.

This seems to also align with what the Elohim are saying in their latest message, about the photon energy wave.

So, in regards to these deep-rooted emotional aspects of myself, I had always found it hard, as a Warrior Soul (Warrior Soul TO-THE-CORE that is…) to remain balanced when a situation resonated simultaneously in my Warrior Soul attributes, AND in my past emotional wounds, especially in regards to figures of authority that act in an unaligned manner…

That really pushes my buttons big time when it happens…

Well it did in the past but now that I am more aware of it, thanks to Bashar’s messages and the recent photon wave, I’m beginning to move towards a better balanced emotional state and clearer mind.

What about you other Warrior Souls out there, how do you cope with this?

How do you find balance in this 3-D madness when your emotional wounds AND Warrior Soul buttons are pushed all at once?

How do you get the Warrior Soul aspect to kick-in but keep the similar emotional residue not kick-in as well, should you have any of these past emotional scars?

Do you feel that the latest wave has helped you to balance this and have clarity of mind?

So, in addition to my Sept 13 inner shift, Bashar’s synchronistic messages, and the blood moon portal, I’ve been also getting this very strong intuitive message that keeps telling me to “Shine my Light”.

This really feels weird for me, to have to “Shine my Light”.

I mean, I’ve been living like a hermit for many many years now, keeping a low profile, except when my Warrior Soul button was pressed, almost never speak to anyone about ascension, except by email to you Georgi. But even on the PAT website I remained a silent observer for long periods of time since 2011.

But what I’m getting now is that I have to get out there and “Shine my Light”. So I decided to write to you Georgi (and to the “non-front lite PATsters”, should you decide to publish my email) to share this, and to share the moments of clarity that I’m feeling/living, as otherwise they would remain in me, the Hermit-Warrior-Soul PATster that lives alone, in a sea of zombies…

Lastly, on a different note, but still related to clarity, I’d like to comment on Putin’s latest chess move in Syria, which I just find brilliant.

Putin hits 3 birds with one stone:

Bird #1:
By accepting Assad’s official invitation to fight ISIS in Syria, Putin gets in the chess match in an OFFICIAL & LEGAL WAY, contrary to the US who, never got an invitation from Assad to bomb Syria, and never got a mandate from the UN to do so. By doing this, Putin highlights the fact that the US is committing war crimes by illegally bombing Syria, a sovereign country.

Bird #2:
Putin will, in a short time span, succeed in neutralizing quite a few ISIS positions, because that really is Putin’s goal. This will highlight the fact that the US was never able to neutralize ISIS positions with their 2500 +/- airstrike missions over a much longer period of time in Syria, and will thus show that the REAL goal of the US is to voluntarily maintain ISIS operative in Syria, because ISIS is the all-sooo important and vital BOOGIE-MAN that the US’s foreign policy needs, in order to exist…

Bird #3:
By working alongside the Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi armies, Putin will weaken ISIS, thus weaken the US too, and in a military way, that the US cannot really fight back against in Syria. I mean how would it look if the US started to attack the Russian jets in Syria, it would clearly show the real goal of the US, that they want to protect and maintain their much-needed Boogie-man, ISIS. So in this wise move, Putin will weaken the US without being directly targeted militarily in Syria.

And finally, that one stone thrown by Putin, has ricocheted after hitting that 3rd bird, and landed in the MSM pond, splashing all the presstitutes and their masters: Putin probably anticipated the “information warfare” and propaganda the US would launch as soon as he would step in Syria. So he probably played his cards accordingly, and was successful in demonstrating that the MSM had released (false) information that the Russians had killed civilians in their Syrian airstrikes BEFORE the actual Russian airstrikes had started. Brilliant.

Did someone say Chess Master ???

The one article most American MSM watchers are NOT going to see:

And those 2 next ones made me laugh…

Ho well, when you are desperate, you are desperate…

So that’s what I wanted to share.

Regards to my “invisible family” that is, you Captain and the PAT,

Clarity of mind to all,

Shine your Lights.



Dear Nic,

thank you very much for presenting so comprehensively and sincerely your quest for clarity of mind which should be now the main objective of any enlightened being. Of course I will publish your contribution as it touches upon very important issues that all other members of the PAT should deal with and surely already do.

We create with our thought forms and we can only be powerful creators if our thoughts are logical, axiomatic, based on inner consistency and lack of any contradictions. Contradictions in human thinking lead to mutual neutralization of our thoughts and nothing meaningful can be created. The current visible chaos associated with the crumbling of the western agenda and propaganda narrative that has engulfed the Empire of Evil and its stooges triggered by the recent political and military offensive of Putin in Syria is in fact the overt demonstration that humanity, in its vast majority, is unable to think logically and ethically, whereas ethics is always the dialectical side of logical thinking.

Otherwise said, there is no true ethics if one has not achieved a full clarity of mind. That is why most light workers are highly unethical, especially when they parrot about love, as they are unable to think in logical categories and thus are very susceptible to insidious dark influences which they cannot recognize as such due to their inferior intellectuality.

The only reliable and effective shield against such dark tendencies is to clarify your thoughts and begin to think logically in an uncompromising manner. This is the most important goal now for every light warrior and you have pinpointed this issue very well.

As far as Putin’s initiative is concerned, I see further moves of the chessmaster that have not been seen by any expert yet, but that will inevitably come. First of all, I wrote two and half years ago, when the USA decided to bomb illegally Syria and Iraq without any UN resolution, that this stupid adventure will end up as total fiasco as we see now and that then the Russians will move in the vacuum and take advantage of the situation.

Then the Russians were surprised by the Ukraine coup d’etat which the USA instigated in Kiev and were blocked for a year an a half until they gained the upper hand in this conflict. Now they are ready to extend the projection of their geopolitical power and to challenge the USA in a decisive manner for the first time after the Soviet Union collapsed. Before that they were too weak.

Here I see, in addition to the positive aspects you have listed, a further strategic advantage for Russia and Putin. It remained almost unnoticed that immediately after his UN speech Putin travelled to Paris to meet with Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko in the Normandy four meeting. This is not only the end of his alleged political isolation, but also his affirmation as powerful world leader. In this conference the fulfillment of the Minsk agreement was postponed for 2016 as the Kiev regime declines any direct negotiations with the Russian rebels and a substantial change in the constitution to account for more autonomy of Eastern Ukraine as anchored in the Minsk treaty.

Putin is very clever and he knows that the days of Poroshenko are numbered and that his regime will crumble any moment. Hence he sticks to this agreement to the point and the Europeans must follow suit as they are part of this agreement and guarantors for its fulfillment. However, the strict observation of this treaty means the demise of Poroshenko and its corrupt regime. The right sector that rejects the Minsk treaty has declared war on him and his PM Yatsenuk and it is hardly to imagine how this illegal regime will survive this winter squeezed by both sides – the Russian rebels in the East and the nazis in the West.

In addition, Ukraine is bankrupt and it cannot survive the winter. When the current regime will collapse, the rebels will recapture all the territory they need without fighting. The Europeans, with the back to the wall due to the invasion of refugees from the Middle East and collapsing economies have now pressed on Poroshenko to fully comply by the Minsk agreement that only favours the rebels and Russia. That is why he has left the meeting so depressed as the German press reports.

After he was dropped by the US, and also by its European stooges, he has no protection any more and “is announced ripe for shooting” as the Germans say.

Germany and France were only yesterday duped by the USA by being excluded from future negotiations on Syria, while such local powers as Turkey and Iran are invited. They were also excluded by the Russians who want to make the EU aware how little they count on the world political stage after they decided to punish Russia for Crimea with their sanctions. They are in total shock now from what I read in the German press as they have realized that they have lost everything by following slavishly the Empire of Evil. After the Russians checkmated the Americans, they do not need to put up with their hapless stooges in Europe anymore. They are only allowed to do what serves Russia  – to put pressure on their puppet regime in Kiev to comply to the will of Putin.

And here I come to the next ingenious move of Putin. After Russia has established a precedent to come into a foreign country that has invited it to wage a war against its foes as is the case in Syria – which is by the way the modern version of the old Breznev’s doctrine of intervention in former communist satellite states with restricted sovereignty under completely new political conditions where the roles are being reversed: the USA is the evil country and Russia the bastion of international rule and order – it can repeat this same recipe very easily and without any external resistance in Ukraine when the proper moment has arrived.

You see, the  Russians have all the trumps in their hands in the Ukraine conflict which was brokered by the USA and the EU. They have equipped with top arms the rebels in Eastern Ukraine to easily win the next decisive battle against the demoralized Kiev troops and even declare independence after Catalonia is about to do the same in Europe and nobody will object as now everybody fears the Russians and needs them at the political stage. They can even intervene directly in Ukraine if they are invited to by the new Novorussian government that will emerge immediately after the collapse of this corrupt Kiev regime and they have regained all the territory that once belonged to Russia.

Anyway, the Russians have all the trumps now in their hands to do whatever they want in Ukraine in a very careful and diplomatic manner as this is their brother country and they do not want to destroy it contrary to the USA and EU as to harm Russia. The same holds true for Syria – the Russians want to stabilize the current political situation there, while the USA and NATO, together with some Arab States, want to topple down Assad with the help of terrorists and use Syria as a playground for their economic oil and gas strategies that would have harmed Russia in the first place, which is the main energy supplier for Europe and wants to remain as such. A pro-american, post-Assad Syria would have enabled the Saudis to build easily their pipelines to Europe and eliminate Russia as the chief supplier. Hence the protection of Assad by Russia is based on pure economic considerations.

That being said, Russia has just experienced its ‘Fall from grace”. It has begun a war that defies the new ethics of the light, where there will be no wars. With this moral degradation Russia has merely accelerated the ascension scenario significantly for two reasons. It has pushed the US on the verge of imminent collapse of it hegemonic policy, on which its financial power through the petrodollar is based, and the USA must response decisively, otherwise it is gone within days given the rapid progress of the current financial crisis. And it has shown that even Russia is still not fully of the light but instead fully embroiled in resolving 3D conflicts in the old dualistic manner of confrontation. However, resolution through escalation of confrontation is the key mechanism how this old Matrix will collapse in the End Time before the ascension can take place as I have written on many occasions in the past.

We now observe a very dramatic showdown between the old powers, USA and GB with the EU as hapless stooges, and the new emerging powers, Russia and China with their allies, such as Iran and the BRICS, which are about to reverse the imbalance of power in favour of the west since the Fall of the Iron curtain, to their advantage. This should be cogent to any competent observer of the recent political events. And it happened with the speed of light this week, which is the main manifestation of the significant increase in photon frequencies on this timeline after the opening of the Blood moon portal by the PAT.

Ultimately, no country will win these wars as in the new 4D worlds there will be no national states and no wars, but a new divine order based on spiritual principles. Essentially, this is also the objective of Putin and Russia but currently translated in national terms. He and the Russians have to evolve much more to grasp these new principles which I advocate since the 90s. But they are almost there.

Not so the Americans and that is why this country will collapse – most probably beginning this month. We are dealing with highly unstable disequilibrium systems that can crash within 24 hours when the threshold is reached. We have already seen what tectonic shifts have happened this week in the Middle East after nothing positive has happened for decades in this very dark geographic region.

Now extrapolate this dynamics to the financial sector and other major political and economic areas as to establish a precise vision how quickly all these decrepit systems will collapse in the coming days. The Bank of England already warned yesterday officially the world that the energy and commodity markets worldwide are in a very dangerous state and all wealth can be wiped out in this sector any moment. They must know it  – after all the biggest commodity companies as Glencore are traded at the London commodity stock exchange.

I hope that this discussions has also contributed to the clarity of mind which is not a static affair but must be cherished and forged in every moment in the Now in this rapidly changing reality of the End Time that demands an extremely flexible and clear mind from the beholder.

With love and light


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