Breaking News: The French Revolution Has Commenced

Caught On Tape: Furious French Workers Attack Air France Executives, Rip Their Clothes Off

Georgi Stankov, October 6, 2015

I have always urged on this website the people in the West to revolt against the ruling cabal and their stooges in the business world and chase them away. We had however to wait for this to happen for a very long time but now this moment in time has arrived.

Earlier today amid the general gloom of Europe’s sliding non-manufacturing PMIs, as part of Air France’s long-running spat with workers over cost cuts, violence erupted as protesters stormed a meeting where managers were presenting plans for 2,900 jobs cuts, causing executives to flee with their clothes in tatters.

According to the report, human resources chief Xavier Broseta and Pierre Plissonnier, the head of long-haul flights, scaled an eight-foot high fence to escape, shielded by security guards, with Broseta emerging shirtless and Plissonnier with his suit shredded.

Casting some serious doubt on the service PMI “recovery” is that the attacks happened Monday as Air France told its works council that after the failure of productivity talks with pilots last week some 300 cockpit crew, 900 flight attendants and 1,700 ground staff might have to go. The cuts could include the first forced dismissals since the 1990s, according to the carrier, which subsequently postponed the meeting.

The upcoming layoffs were once again blamed almost entirely on events in Asia: “The changes would require a shrinking of Air France’s network, with a reduction in frequencies and more sweeping seasonal capacity cuts next year, following by the termination of some routes in 2017, especially to Asia, where competition is toughest. Frequencies to 22 destinations would be affected.” In fact this is all a consequence of the Greatest Depression of all time.

Expect more outbursts of violence and even more profits for tailors in Paris, confirming the Keynesian “torn suit fallacy”, because the job cuts are said to be implemented around mid-December at the earliest, or just in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, this is the outcome as the anger of several thousand French workers finally spills over (see videos above) and may very well expand to a real French Revolution when not only suits and shirts will be shredded, but also cabal heads may roll.

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