Breaking News: Major Ascension Test Run This Night

By Georgi Stankov and Kari, the Sunshinegirl, October 7, 2015

Last night there was a major ascension test run for us and other PAT members. The day before we had a series of MPR and an ID split of lower timelines that were accompanied by chills and cold-like symptoms the whole day. This night the energies were through the roof and both Carla and I actually ascended and then only very slowly bilocated again on this timeline. The experience was blissful in a very somatic-energetic manner as if being in a mega-powerful wellness bathtub. Kari wrote to me today to confirm the same experience. Here is what she wrote to me:

“Hi Georgi!!

Did we have another ID shift last night?! Holy smokes…my boyfriend came over and we were out of it…laid down and got taken immediately out of our bodies… felt like we were on a different plane… kept waking up jet lagged… so much energy was buzzing through us!! Then this morning it is gorgeous here!! And much lighter! The day of October 5th, I was very emotional. I took a shower and said many powerful invocations for our final transfiguration. I was practically chanting!! Did you experience anything?

LOVE, Kari”

And here is what I responded to Kari early this morning:

Dear Kari,

absolutely, both Carla and I almost transfigured this night. The intensity of the vibrations was incredible and our bodies dissolved in billions of atoms. They felt like high-voltage wire, but in a fluid state, as if our bodies were transformed into a powerful energetic field. Carla had the knowing that October 7th will be huge and I had the notion that October 8th will be huge. Maybe both days will bring something significant. Ascension is happening now.

With love and light


I decided to write this short energy update as the ascension spiral is continuing unabated today. This afternoon local time the source energies increased their intensity one more notch and the vibrations are now inhuman. The body no longer feels as physical but as an undulating powerful energetic field and a stream of light. The energetic pressure on the shoulders feels like tons as if the Niagara falls are falling on my head, the high-pitched tone of the left brain portal is deafening and constantly changing the octave. The body is smashed and all joints and muscles are very painful. This could be in preparation for the second day of ascension as given to me by my HS on October the 8th.

I have never experienced this kind of intensity of ascension test runs as yesterday and today and can assure you that we are on a very steep spiral and it can’t take very long before the final ID shift will take place.

The war situation in Syria is heating every minute and the USA has to hit back. The Russians are ready to respond. We have the perfect mix that will spark a new WW3. Before that  we shall make the shift as we are not meant to experience this catastrophe. It is only a necessary pedagogical and karmic means of education for the billions young and unripe souls who will go under in this catastrophe on a lower timeline.

I decided to write this short energy update as to warn you that this night and tomorrow will be mega time and that you better cancel all activities tomorrow if this is possible. Just try to survive the onslaught.

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