Breaking News: All Criminal Soul Fragments Were Removed From This Earth on October 28th

Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, October 29, 2015

On the night of October 28th I dreamed repeatedly and very clearly that I transmuted the energetic structures of all criminal souls incarnated on this earth and subsequently removed them from this uppermost mother planet. I did it the same way as when I opened the heart chakra of the PAT on November 22, 2011:

“Last night, November 22, 2011, 11 days after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, I met with each one of you in the lucid dream state and initiated (ignited) you for your Individual Ascension. The procedure lasted throughout the whole night, while I was practically awake. At the same time my higher self urged me to immediately inform you on this significant event as soon as I get up.

As you may have experienced, since last Saturday there is a huge surge of energies which are more intensive and powerful than the ones released at 11.11.11. This is at least how I have experienced these energies in my physical body. They reached a peak on Monday when I had a severe headache the whole day, which did not hinder me however to answer all your emails, where I mentioned on several occasions this huge energetic build-up.

Last night, I was burning like a torch and my whole body emanated these extremely powerful energies all around and into the cosmos. The centre of radiation was my heart chakra. When I met with each one of you this last night, I radiated this huge energy from my heart chakra into your heart chakra. At the same time I informed each one of you that you have now reached the threshold of ascension and you can ascend anytime from now on when the appropriate moment has arrived. This will obviously depend on how quickly the events will unfold on the ground.”

After that the PAT fully entered its mission and the rest is a legend throughout the whole multiverse. I am making you aware of this event as we are now heading towards the stargate 11.11 which may indeed be the moment of our final transmutation and ascension.

Last night I was beaming all incarnated criminal human soul fragments with huge amounts of source energies from my whole body and energy fields and in particularly from my left brain portal up to the 18th chakra which is fully opened in my case. My HS was telling me repeatedly that this is the final cleansing and purging of all dark entities (criminals) on this uppermost mother planet in preparation for its final ascension.

Although the energies in my body were excruciating, I enjoyed a very pleasant feeling of completion and inner satisfaction. I was also aware in my lucid dream state of my opening of the heart chakra of the PAT members in 2011 and was told by my HS that this is as significant event in the ascension process as the one four years ago.

Immediately upon awakening I told Carla about my dream experience. She then responded that she woke up in the night due to these powerful energies that I was emanating and went in the other room to make her light invocation. Then the whole apartment was full of angels all of a sudden and she was flooded with golden Christed light from the source – huge balls of energy – which she then sent to me and which I must have used to transmute all dark entities on this planet as we always work in tandem.

My understanding in the dream state was that I transformed the dark cabal and all other criminals as their stooges at the soul level by retrieving all the incarnated dark soul fragments from this earth and by transforming energetically their archetypal personality structure so that new old souls can come in as walk-ins. This is how the final ascension will happen. This has been a leitmotif in all our discussions on the ascension process. We need much more highly vibrating soul essence on this uppermost mother planet as to raise sufficiently the light quotient and reach the threshold for the final ID shift. This was also confirmed and discussed by the Elohim in their latest message.

Please observe that this purging of criminal souls happened immediately after the opening of the last Supermoon portal with which the moon cycle that began with the most powerful ascension portal so far on September 28th was completed. This is all in preparation for possibly the last ascension portal for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, during the next pivotal 11.11 portal, four years after the true mission of the PAT began. Maria has just sent me her latest message channelled by the Arcturians which I shall publish tomorrow that fully confirms this scenario independently of our discussions on this website. 

Yesterday was an auspicious day by all measure. First  Larry Frank, a light worker and philanthropist, from Mt. Shasta whom I know for several years contacted me after he had read the energy report with the plea for invocation and help from Elaine Alcedo and offered to help her. I was very happy about this offer and thanked Larry for this beautiful and quick resolution of Elaine’s problem.

Then an hour later I received an email from a PAT member who reported about the most gruesome life-threatening experience a human being can have on this toxic planet.  As I have promised full confidentiality I cannot tell you anything more. I was so shocked about this terrible news that I could not respond immediately to this person as I always do in such cases. All of a sudden I was flooded with such emotional devastation, disgust and repelling anger about the cruelty and savageness of the human race, and at the same time I had such a strong compassion for this person that I was completely overwhelmed and physically paralyzed and could not move. I felt as if I was at this person’s place and as if the criminals had killed my family and I felt at that moment as if I was dying myself.

Then around 13.00 pm I could not stay awake any more as I was feeling very week and overwhelmed by the emotions which this shocking email evoked in me. I discussed it with Carla and it was obvious that this email had to come at this particular time to trigger a most powerful alchemical reaction in me. It was the second round of cleansing of these criminal souls. I went to bed and then slept for more than two hours and the energies that were flowing through my body were incredibly powerful and transforming.  

During this time Carla received an urgent call from the Elohim to go to White Rock to our Infinity portal and meet there with our friend who is a psychic and gives readings in a book store in White Rock. She was there but had no clients and was free as it was planned to be. When Carla arrived at the place and met our friend, she was also sleeping in the office and complained that her whole body was aching. She was obviously also doing some kind of light work at the same time.

Then they did a very powerful invocation and AA Michael, St. Germain and Bashar were there to support them. They anchored massive pillars of Christed light not only from the Source but also from the first cause fields of photonic light. It was a very profound wave of transformation and this happened at the same time while I was still sleeping at home and doing my part of the cleansing of all criminal souls. I did not even know that Carla had left the apartment.

After that they had a conversation with St. Germain and he mentioned that Carla was with him in France when he incarnated as a physical person in this country. This was new to her. As I have written on this website, Carla is now the bearer of the violet flame of the new Age of Pisces and thus the successor of St. Germain. It is interesting to know that Carla is very much affiliated to France and spent more than a year in Paris in 1975 and then stayed again for a long time in the 70s in this capital, at the same time when I visited Paris for the first time in 1977. We found that we were at the same time in 2007 in North Italy and that she had a very compelling urging from her HS to visit Munich at that time, not knowing that her dual soul lives there. 

I am telling your these details as now we shall observe the connection and energetic merging of all twin flames, most of which have been in an excarnated state and have now come as walk-ins in the human bodies of former dark entities, criminals and cabal, in preparation for the final ascension. This topic is excellently discussed in Maria’s latest message. This may be a source of confusion in the beginning and that is why you must know what happened yesterday.

When Carla returned from White Rock, I was still very dizzy and barely present on this timeline. I only knew that something exceptional had happened. Only late in the evening when I collected my bearings was I able to reflect more clearly on what has occurred on this auspicious day of October 28th. Yesterday we have indeed removed all dark soul fragments which were defined by my HS as “criminal souls” in the dream state from this uppermost mother planet. This was expected to happen in this way and it was due for some time. Gaia cannot ascend unless we remove all these dark soul fragments from this uppermost timeline. As their empty shells remain, they must be incarnated by old souls as walk-ins. We need this huge influx of old soul essence with higher vibrations as to fuel the final ID shift.

Another serendipity: Yesterday Henry Clymer from Rochester sent me an email where he referred to the Chinese hexogram 47 which is about “confinement”. This hexogram is used for prophetic purposes. As I am completely ignorant on Chinese occult tradition I cannot comment on it. But the word “confinement” stuck in my mind and by the end of the day I realized that we have done exactly this – we have now confined all dark souls and energies on this uppermost mother planet and that this transformation leap in energy quality will have huge repercussions for the imminent political developments on the ground.

And to top the series of serendipities yesterday, Larry Frank, who is now helping Elaine, sent Carla a recording of a reading he had made yesterday with a psychic woman from Mt. Shasta. When we listened to this reading, the lady started with the message by reporting on her dream of yesterday night, the same night when I cleansed and purged all dark criminal soul fragments from this timeline. She essentially said that she had dreamed that her HS had told her that “all cabal and perpetrators have now been removed from the earth and that we, the light warriors, will now assume our mission as wayshowers for humanity.”

We were flabbergasted by so much synchronicities and by so compelling evidence and confirmation of what has happened yesterday. Obviously this energetic event was so significant for the ascension process and it was such a great success that we had to be made aware of its scope and importance.

At this very moment Carla is receiving a message from the Elohim that have confirmed so far everything I have reported on this website. They are about to explain the mechanism as to how these dark soul fragments were ejected from this timeline and what a huge leap in higher frequencies this uppermost mother planet and humanity have made yesterday. While the dark souls were blasted into lower timelines, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the bystanders, and the victims of such crimes are now rapidly ascending. This PAT member freely agreed to participate in such a crime as a victim in order to help me perform this huge alchemical reaction of purging and transmutation of all criminal souls. They are gone now once and for all and you can feel the huge relief and even something like a joy as Erik from Holland has written to me today. It was the crowning of human karmic experience:

On my part I can tell you that yesterday (October 28th) I was very cheerful without any clear indication. When I know more of it I let you know. What I find striking is that I have sent you a couple of mails these last days, it has rarely taken place. It’s all about sharing and connecting. “

It is also important to mention that Carla and probably some more light warriors are not directly involved in this cleansing as myself but are conduits of the primary energies from the fields of first cause from which all elementary particles and all realities emerge in a secondary manner. These energies are now imbuing all ascension candidates and all other kingdoms and Gaia itself in preparation for the ultimate shift, which may very well happen on 11.11 for us. However, there are infinite pathways to go from now on and no two destinies will be alike.

This replacement of all dark souls that were kept on this uppermost mother planet as to fuel the final resolution through confrontation of darkness and light have fulfilled their purpose within the cosmic dialectics which manifests as the “strife of polarities” and now have been retrieved to lower timelines where they will continue with their gruesome incarnation cycle.

From now on we must expect some spectacular announcements and changes in the power structure of the ruling cabal as most of those individuals who sit in the centers of power now carry old souls within an improved, more light-filled personality structure, so that they will begin to behave in a more gentle and human way very soon. This is part of their decoding and mission for the End Time.

As the power structures of the old Orion matrix are very rigid, they will not be able to make any meaningful reforms in the short period of time left, most probably until 11.11, but will only contribute with their positive decisions to the collapse of the old system as it is an irreparable Ponzi scheme in terms of finance – state debt etc. as Brad so well presented one more time in his latest article. A shutdown of the banks is the most likely next step.

This night I dreamed again very intensively that I and Carla have beamed Canada and its population with source energy in preparation for their transformation. This may be linked to the new policy of the Trudeau government that most probably will have to declare state default very soon. Some indications in this direction have already been leaked in the Canadian MSM.

The Canadians are even more indebted than the Americans, their debt to income ratio is now 150%, from 100 % in 2008 when the Greatest Depression started, while the Americans decreased their private debt ratio to 100% from 140% in 2008 because they allowed the primary mortgage crisis to unfold and the house prices slumped, while the Canadians continued to feed their real estate bubble with the result that now in most parts of Canada, as here in Vancouver, the house prices are the highest in the world – and that for cheap gyprock (cardboard) barracks that are not worth anything. And the house bubble has already burst simultaneously with the slump in commodity prices which are the backbone of this very weak one-sided economy based entirely on consumption and with no real industrial production infrastructure.

When Canada declares default, this will be straw that breaks the cabal’s back in the USA and they will have no other choice but to also declare bankruptcy as they can no longer raise the debt ceiling ad infinitum. Since 2009 when Obama came in the White House, the US debt has doubled from 9,5 trillion to almost 19 trillion now. And the USA needs at least two more trillions paper money printed out of thin air to survive till the end of his presidency. How can that work? Before Obama the USA needed almost sixty years to accumulate the same debt he created in six years during his presidency. This is the kind of exponential suicidal jump into the abyss which the lemming-cabal is now committing in North America and also in the EU.

Thus October has fulfilled all the expectations we have invested in it. All light workers’ chores have been accomplished so far and now the Orion matrix is in a free fall in the total absence of dark soul fragments. There is nothing else that holds this matrix and that is why it is doomed to crash any moment from now on. Please remember the schedule I gave you with respect to the year of 1989 when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall fell in the middle of November after the social fermentation prepared the ground for this event in September and October. It is still valid and we are on time.

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