The Bursting of the Bond-Stock Market-Dollar-Etc. Bubbles as a Domino Effect

Georgi Stankov, September 9, 2015

The current Orion financial Ponzi scheme is based entirely on debt that creates numerous bubbles. A bubble is a specific manifestation of a hyper-inflation in the marketplace based on worthless money printed out of thin air. Hyperinflation always ends up with a national default when all major bubbles burst. I have discussed in my previous articles that all four major bubbles of the Orion matrix based entirely on financial debt have burst last month:

– the US bond bubble

– the stock market bubble

– the US dollar (currency) bubble

– the real estate bubble.

In addition, we have a fifth derivative bubble that is so huge – 1.5 quadrillion USD or more than 20 times bigger than the world GDP – that has been generated entirely by the 20 biggest US and EU banks. The bursting of this bubble is sufficient to wipe out the whole Orion economic Ponzi scheme. This bubble also burst last month and the repercussions will be felt very soon.

On top of these five giant bubbles, we have the national debt of all Western economies that exceeds more than 200 % of the national GDP in the average. Some countries as Japan and the UK have roughly a 300% debt ratio to GDP.

Parallel to the national debt bubble, the Western type of neo-liberal economic Ponzi scheme exhibits several more gargantuan debt bubbles:

– The private households debt bubble

– The corporate debt bubble

– The municipal debt bubble etc.

According to precise calculations of mainstream financial experts, the total amount of the last three bubbles exceeds more than $ 200 trillion (15 times the US GDP) alone in the USA.

All these debt bubbles are closely interrelated and interdependent as they were all created by debt money (funny money) printed out of thin air by the three major central banks, FED, EBC and BJ. This printing of debt money out of thin air was propagated in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis by the US banksters, in cahoots with the ruling cabal, under the euphemistic term “quantitative easing” (QE). This was the perversion of neo-liberal Keynesianism under the pretext of stimulating the western economies that entered the Greatest Depression of all times in 2008. In fact all the money printed were spent to bail out the bankrupted “to-big-to-fail banks” at the expense of the tax payers who experienced the biggest and longest austerity policy of profound impoverishment and the annihilation of the middle class as the backbone of the liberal society. The ultimate aim was the establishment of the NWO in the End Time.

From this short listing of the major debt bubbles of the current Orion monetary Ponzi scheme it becomes evident that the fiat “toilet paper” monies used in the Western economies have absolutely no value and are mere paper “IOUs” – “I Owe You”-debt declarations without any value.

Now let me ask you a very simple question, to which a very simple answer can be given.

If all current financial and economic bubbles were created by a gargantuan debt, by a hyper-inflation based on printing worthless paper money out of thin air, what is the energetic mechanism that will eliminate this extreme disequilibrium between real value economy and secondary financial debt system?”

The answer is: By unwinding the huge debt.

But as all money in circulation is entirely debt money, IOUs, any unwinding of the global debt is actually destruction (elimination) of money. The result is hyper-inflation, the collective acknowledgement of the worthlessness of the money in circulation as I showed you for former Yugoslavia in the 90s, Turkey in the 80s and many other countries, in particular the famous German hyper-inflation during the Great Depression when the people had to carry a full basket of paper money to buy a single egg on the market.

Hyper-inflation is the sum term for the bursting of all current bubbles, which the printing of money out of thin air by the central banks and the creation of a gargantuan debt by the governments have generated in the last several decades. The bursting of all bubbles eliminates all debt money, which is the only fuel of the current western economy in the Greatest Depression of all times that began in 2008, as can be seen by the steadily growing percentage of people that are not in the labour force in the west. This is the real unemployment rate of any economy and the most reliable indicator for a real Depression. In the USA, the number of people, capable of working but out of the labour force, has reached a historic peak. Out of roughly 320 million US citizens 94 million are not working in September 2015:


From 62 million out of work US citizens in 1990, this number has steadily risen to 94 million in 2015 or a 50% real unemployment growth over a quarter of a century. When one considers that every second job in the US is low-paid, unqualified job that barely generates enough income for survival, as the consumption slump in the USA in the last two years clearly shows, then the actual number of US citizens out of work and without any decent income will skyrocket to about 130 – 150 million in an estimated US population of 320 million, where roughly 100 million are either children below 18 or retired seniors above 65 and do not participate in the working force.

The labour force participation rate in the USA has also steadily declined since 2000 and is now as low as in the 70s when the interest rates were two-digit and the US economy was in a deep recession. This fact proves beyond any doubt that the US economy is now in the Greatest Depression of all times and so do all other western economies.

Elimination of debt money leads to sudden financial and economic infarct, to shutdown of banks and all other financial institutions, such as stock exchanges or currency exchanges (e.g. Forex), closure of most stores and a meltdown of the social order and all civilisation values and behaviour rules. This is what we should expect end of this summer and during this fall. This scenario has happened numerous times in other countries in recent history and is nothing unusual. It is only that this kind of disruptive event is not known in North America, but even the UK was under coupon regime for many years after the end of WW2, although it won the war and at a time when the “Wirtschaftswunder” (economic miracle) was in full sway in defeated Germany.

This is extremely important for you to know as the ascension process needs now the absolute clarity of your minds, more than ever, in order to shape it with your ideas in the proper way. The clearer your ideas are as to how this matrix will collapse in order to fuel the ascension process, the more powerful their creationary effect will be. You are the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and the creators of the ascension. Please recollect that all energy is preserved and that there is no waste of energy in All-That-Is according to the Universal Law and the partial first law of thermodynamics, which is an application thereof. All holographic forms of low dense energies that are dissolved now render the fuel for our ascension.

Money is a virtual mirror image of the nature of energy as has been discussed at length on this website. In the current dysfunctional Orion economy, money has indeed taken over all the attributes of energy in the lower 3D density and this is how the ruling cabal try to sever the incarnated entities from the source and prevent the ascension. The Orion money system is the greatest blockage of humanity on its way to ascension as also discussed by Brad recently.

Now, all blockages are patterns of very condensed energy. All the bubbles of the Orion Ponzi scheme are huge chunks of condensed human energy as long as the economy operates according to the rigged rules of the current Orion monetary system that has created these bubbles in the first place. All the actual activities of humans as producing systems in the economy flow into these bubbles and feed them with energy in form of money. This is how the ruling elite preserves its power over the masses.

The primordial idea of the current Orion Ponzi scheme is to prevent the ascension by separating the human entities from the source. The dialectical aspect of this pecuniary separation from the source is the enslavement of humanity under the NWO. The establishment of the NWO is not the ultimate goal of the ruling cabal, but the inevitable outcome when the incarnated entities are severed from the source and the Whole by a false imitation of energy in form of money to which they succumb. This should be well understood.

Now, the following connection of ideas and concepts is very important for you to comprehend the energetic dynamics behind the current collapse of the Orion monetary system and our simultaneous ascension. The bursting of all financial and economic bubbles created by artificial debt is equivalent to the elimination of all dark energies by us as the light warriors of the first and the last hour by employing the famous turnstile mechanism. Just as we eliminate huge chunks of dense, sluggish, low-frequency energies with the turnstile mechanism which is a metaphor for the phase transition of low-frequency energies into high frequency energies under the Universal law of preservation of energy, so will the bursting of all bubbles lead to the elimination of all debt money which is the epitome of all dark energies and it substitution with the energies of the light. As soon as the current Orion Ponzi scheme collapses, and with it the whole matrix, money will be substituted with a neutral, simple numerical system which will perfectly reflect the nature of the source energies.

This whole phase transition from money-driven society into money-free society could have happened very quickly and in a painless manner if humans were not driven by greed and identify luck, happiness and abundance entirely with the possession of money. The best solution is a global jubilee of all debt and substitution of the Orion monetary system with a new neutral digital system of payments and transactions as proposed by myself from the very beginning. One only needs to comprehend the nature of money as a mirror image of energy and reduce it to its true function as a SI system of measurement of human achievements, until also this form of intermediary measurement will be abolished and the new humanity will begin to create immediately from the fulcrum of their HS.

Unfortunately as most human beings stick to money, they cannot detach from this Orion/Reptilian concept of human enslavement and will continue clinging to it till their total depravity and destruction. This is the key quality of the current End Time when the collapse of the Orion matrix will be accomplished this fall. The hardships do not arise from external intervention of the HR, or God’s punishment of the bad, but by the stubbornness of the people to open to new enlightened ideas.

For you as the demiurges of this collapse of the matrix, the dialectical aspect of which is the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, it is imperative to interpret this collapse of the Orion financial system entirely under the neutral aspect of energy transformation and transmutation and liberate yourselves from all faulty earthly ethical, moral, religious, New Age and other value systems that are deficient interpretations of the nature of All-That Is and will not survive the ascension process, which is a phase transition to higher frequency levels of awareness in the first place.

For this purpose, I will explain how the three most evident financial bubbles – bond, stocks and dollar currency bubbles – were mutually created by the dark cabal and how they are unwinding in the current crisis. The graph below shows the printing of money out of thin air by the FED as QEs that fed the stock market bubble since 2008. As soon as the QE was shortly interrupted, the equity markets dropped significantly and turned into bear markets.

Officially the FED issued three QEs since 2008 with a short pause in between. These three periods of intensive printing of money out of thin air was supported by cheap, actually free money, borrowed by the banks from the FED at zero interest rates (ZIRP). This allowed all the big Reptilian banks and their associated funds – the criminal perpetrators 0f this Ponzi scheme – to invest this free money in the equity markets and to generate a huge virtual bubble, since the trough levels in 2008, that is in full contrast with the Greatest Depression of all times in all western economies which also started end of 2008.

The reverse side of this infinite QE of the FED, and later on, of BJ (a QE equivalent to 25% of the GDP of Japan and thus the greatest single indebtedness of all times) and ECB (a QE of one trillion euros in 2015 to buy defaulted bonds of the EU members) was a gargantuan leap in central banks debt as this graph illustrates for the FED:

Hyperinflation Cannot Be Prevented By Debt/Deflation - Jeff Nielson

The actual debt of the FED is currently estimated to be more than $ 4 trillion.

From this data it becomes evident that the significant increase of the debt of the central banks since the 2008 crisis in form of QEs fueled the stock market bubble at a time of the Greatest Depression and had absolutely no positive influence on the real economy as the theory of Keynesianism postulates for any counter-cyclic intervention based on the raising of the amount of money in circulation to stimulate the real economy. The opposite effect was instead achieved and the debt can never be repaid in the absence of any growth.

At the same time the central banks catapulted themselves out of the game as they cornered themselves with this huge debt without any growth into an infinite zero interest rate zone, from which they cannot escape as this became evident in the last few days after the current crisis began. The central banks eliminated themselves as major players in the current Orion Ponzi scheme. This same fate will hit very soon all the other banksters and major protagonists in this incredible financial scam and this is how the dark cabal will be ousted from power.

The ZIRP of the Fed and the other central banks created at the same time the bond bubble when an artificially big amount of bonds were sold without any revenues in terms of higher interest rates that would remotely compensate for the creeping two-digit inflation since 2008. In other words when banks invested their money in US or German bonds, they actually lost a lot of money as the interest rates are very low. Why did they invest in unyielding bonds? – Because except for the stock bubble there was no other area of growth in the economy. Besides, as it became evident, most of the bonds were bought by the central banks themselves as to simulate demand and keep the bond bubble alive. This is the classical Ponzi scheme where you pay out the debt on your credit card with another credit card as I mentioned recently. This explains the huge debt that the central banks amassed in the last few years as shown in the graph above.

The ZIRP and the bond bubble fueled a fourth currency bubble which is entirely a dollar bubble. Due to the cheap dollar, the dollar value of foreign currency reserves held by all developing nations ballooned by almost $7 trillion in just one decade to a peak of some $8.05 trillion by the middle of last year.

While China was the main driver, accounting for about half of that increase, its economic boom created a commodity super-cycle that flooded the coffers of resource-rich nations from across Asia to Russia, Brazil and the Gulf. This commodity bubble has now burst for ever as discussed by myself in previous articles.

As the vast bulk of this hard cash was banked in U.S. Treasury and other low risk, rich-country bonds (e.g German bonds), they were at least one critical factor in the halving of U.S. Treasury and other Group of Seven government borrowing costs (low-interest rates) over the same period. Only recently it was publicized that the German government saved 100 billion Euro in German bonds interest rates in the last seven years due to the Greek crisis and a flight of the investors in secure, low-interest bonds.

Alongside the disinflationary impact of China’s low-cost labor on western goods imports and wages, this reserve stash helped extend what has now been a 20-year bull market in bonds. This is the hidden mechanism that camouflaged the Greatest Depression of all times and kept the western economies alive as discussed by myself in previous articles.

The dollar bubble was essentially created by carry trade. The rest of the world borrowed cheap dollars due to the ZIRP of the Fed and used this money to invest in their economies. Now when the crisis has commenced, these countries are leaving the dollar as debt currency and the unwinding of the dollar bubble has begun with a sweeping force. As these countries have to return the dollar debt to the USA and its financial institutions in this currency, they have to sell their local currencies to buy dollars and repay their debt. This caused the rise of the dollar towards all other currencies in the last few months as one can observe this trend with respect to the CAD taht was for many years equal to the US dollar:{“range”:”ytd”,”allowChartStacking”:true}

The dollar carry trade is unwinding rapidly also because of the BRICS countries that eliminated the petrodollar and trade in local currencies as Russia and China do between each other since last year, but also increasingly all Arab countries with China, while dismantling the petrodollar. The dollar will not lose value before it crashes and disappears from the surface, but will rise like a balloon and will die from asphyxiation. It will simply burst when the external atmospheric pressure becomes very low and will simply vanish. This is what we observe now.

Emerging market forex reserves fell by about half a trillion dollars between mid-2014 and the end of the first quarter of 2015, as IMF data shows, and this is likely far from the end. Deutsche Bank estimated on Tuesday the high water-mark of almost two decades of reserve accumulation had now been reached and central banks will by the end of next year dump as much as $1.5 trillion to counter capital outflows (read here).

Bond investors are nervous of the fallout. “The process of reserve reversal has only just started,” said Chris Iggo, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income at Axa Investment Managers. “We could be on the verge of a scenario that sees a reversal in the trend of declining global goods prices, a partial reversal in U.S. monetary policy and a reversal of the balance sheet expansion that allowed emerging market central banks to grow their foreign exchange reserves,” he added. “The upshot? Significantly higher US Treasury yields.

What this guy says, is that the bond and dollar bubble have burst as explained by myself above. Obviously this truth has now reached the blockheads of the banksters and they are really very worried as the skyrocketing volatility indexes that measure the collective angst of the investors show these days.

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