Stock Markets Analysis – The Carnage and Pillage Continues Unabated on the First Day of September

Georgi Stankov, September 1, 2015

After the huge slump of all stock markets since August 21st, we saw a natural resistance and a rebound in the last two trading days of the last week. This is normal and this is what I expected and predicted in advance. Brad also confirmed this temporary resistance which reflects the usual flow of all charts.

From a historic perspective, we are just at the beginning of the biggest stock markets crash that this humanity and Orion financial system have experienced in their history. The downward trend will accelerate as there is not a single aspect or factor in the financial markets and in the real economy that could support the chart indices and stop the collapse. Now that the stock markets have begun to crash, there will be no stopping until they lose all their value and have to be wrapped up as it happened in 2003 with the German New Market, NEMAX50.

Today, the US stocks tumbled not because of falling Asian and European markets earlier in the day, but because there is a great and very legitimate fear that the world economy is entering a big depression. In fact, it is in the Greatest Depression of all times since 2008, which I diagnosed and presented to you some time ago, but now the time of truth and revelations has arrived when this fact can no longer be hidden with the help of rigged statistics – the “emperor is naked” for all the people to see. In this sense the stock market indices are just the visible marker of this Greatest Depression that can no longer be camouflaged and has now fully entered this reality in order to destroy it for ever.

The recovery of the stock markets end of last week was very weak, as predicted by Brad and myself, and we witness today, after a very weak begin on Monday already in the red, another big selloff on the stock markets. It began with the NIKKEI 500 that tumbled 4.11%, then the Shanghai Composite Index lost 1.23% and the contagion spread throughout all Asian and European markets.

In Europe, the very anemic FTSE 100 since 2008 was worst hit with -3.03% losses, followed by the German DAX and French CAC (all tradable) with exactly -2.34% each. How could the traders, speak the high-frequency computer fraudsters made it so exactly?

This negative trend was followed by the US markets, which I will discuss in more detail as here is where the dark cabal will lose their global battle with us, the incumbent Logos Gods.

The Dow Jones fell 469.68 points (-2.84%) to 16.058, the second biggest slump since Aug 24th. If it breaks the next big resistance at 15,000 points there will be no stopping downhill (see charts below at 1Y, 2Y and 5Y for comparison of historical resistance levels).

Dow Jones Chart

The broader S&P 500 index that better reflects the US economy fell even deeper to 1,913.85 points (-2.96%) and is about to break the previous resistance. This can be seen better at the 2-year-chart. The next resistance is at 1,800 points and then the index can easily fall to below 1,400 points.

S&P 500 chart{“range”:”5y”,”allowChartStacking”:true}

The NASDAQ Index is also in a free fall and ended 4,636 points (-2.94%) as the companies represented in this composite are already in a big crisis and this is known even to the broad public. There is nothing that can support this market. The next major resistance will be at  4,250 points and then it will drop like a stone.

NASDAQ Chart{“range”:”2y”,”allowChartStacking”:true}

Finally, I have just received the last assessment of Brad on the today’s trading which I would like to add to this analysis without comments:

The market scenario typed out last week is playing out perfectly. Dollar fell today as markets got trounced and treasuries barely budged. End of the month markup occurred yesterday morning then all fell apart. Gold trying to go nuts but they are fighting it every minute of the day.  I’ve been waiting for Putin to vocalize something like this to bring this to the world’s awareness instead of using weapons

and I think you and I have truly let the world know what it really means. Art of War to them.

The next days will show how dynamic and powerful the force of the collapse truly is and then we can make some more precise predictions. We are only in two weeks of trading since when the crash began and this is nothing compared to the almost 7 years of rigged stock market bubbles. Even God needed six days to create this world and we as Logos Gods need some more time to destroy it and ascend.

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