PAT’s Journey to Heaven – Part I

Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way, September 21, 2015

Let me first put the things straight: As long I have not ascended and you are still here, I will continue editing this website, though not as intensively as in the past. And I will read your emails as carefully as in the past, even though I will not respond for the most part. And this will stay so till our ascension, which may as well happen end of this week, if we are lucky and linear time, this illusionary bitch, does not cheat us one more time. But apart from this we all know that we are “on our way to heaven” and that nothing can stop us anymore. This is the overwhelming tenor of all your emails which I will continue to publish as the events unfold.

With love and light



Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

Just wanted to take a moment and say good-bye to you and Carl and to thank you for all of the hard work done to keep the PAT thriving, in good, and bad times, during Ascension.

I strongly felt the need (internal longings) within myself to remain silent and focus only on me and my ultimate Ascension. While I appreciated all of the updates about what was presently, going on, to some degree, it was distracting, and kept me tied to this 3D Paradigm reading about the economic collapses going on worldwide; I really wanted no more to do with it, and needed, to simply, disconnect, totally, which I did. I am very happy that you have decided to sever all ties, in re, constantly, providing updates to the PAT website, etc., and to focus only on Dr. GeorgiStankov, as you, have done, much more, than your share. There comes a times when one must think of oneself, as I came to that conclusion and simply disconnected myself from it and the website, although, sometime, I would periodically check it out. Much of the time, it was focusing on these current, 3D, negative, world events, and I simply could not deal with it energetically, as the frequencies had become much to low for me, and caused me great emotional pain. As enlightening as your website was, by the same token, toward the end, with the steady focus on current negative, world events, was, in some way, still perpetuating the 3D negative paradigm. No offense meant, only heart-felt sincerity that you’ve made the decision to disconnect from it all, as well.

As I will not bother you with personal details of my on-going Ascension of permanently detaching from this 3D reality, I will simply say, that I know we are all on the right course, and truly believe that we will permanently detach 100% from this paradigm very, very, shortly. A few weeks back, I was taken to Heaven and surrounded by a heavenly council of 24, which, I believe, were Elders, and with the presence of Christ. I was encircled by all of them. I was not allowed to remember the conversation of the Elders, but to look upon their faces was to look upon pure golden fire as was the same with Christ when he came through a very large, door and walked within the circle, hugged and kissed me on either side of my face, and then,  escorted me outside the circle and back out the door. So, I know, I’m on the right course, and it will not be long before I am totally out of this reality, and not half in 3D and half in 5D or higher.

Anyway, again, God bless you and Carla; and thank you so very much for everything you have done to help out the members of the PAT, and humanity, in general. Your reward is in heaven with the Creator.

God bless.

Much love and light always,

Dear Georgi,

From the moment that you first ‘boxed me in the ears,’ way back in 2011 to my final note of a week ago, I must apologize for taking you for granted so many times over the past years.  You were meant for all of us, in remarkable ways; and I know that you appreciate it. For many of us, your meeting with Carla and moving to Canada was a tremendous shock and it has taken up till now to sort it all out. We became emotionally attached to Georgi, not realizing the psychic and spiritual attachments that went along with it. You are exactly where you have wanted to be, and we are exactly where we have wanted to be! The negative vibrations have gone back to 3D hell, where they belong.  The new way of thinking and acting are here now. Best regards to you and Carla.

With Love & Light,

Hi Georgi,

Thank you for your tenacity, your knowledge, and your willingness to share with us all. As you know, I’ve been following your website since shortly after you started it in 2011. I admire you tremendously and hold the greatest of respect for your undeviating and relentless work during this most arduous ascension process. I wish you and the PAT nothing but highest Love in New Lemuria and will look forward (an oxymoron in the Now!) to visiting you all there. As for me, well, this Arcturian Starseed will be catching the next Lightship home. Thank you again. Sincerely and with all honour to you and Carla, I salute you.

Barbara, Canada

Hi George and Carla,

I am not surprised and am totally supportive of your decision, it doesn’t make sense to try to make sense of this nonsense any longer, does it?  (I’ve been in a Dr. Seuss frame of mind lately.)  I have been feeling great inner joy last few days and a certainty that my days in this illusion are coming to a close.  My dreams are fantastic and my new kitty is the embodiment of joy.  Many miracles have been bestowed on me lately and I just know we’re on our way!  I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and love and being a home for the sanity club!  Happy journey my friends and see you soon!

With all my heart,

Thanks for all your work and effort. I personally want to thank you because you showed up at the right time (September 2011) when I thought I was going crazy with all these unexplained symptoms, Always your readings gave us a light that guided us strength to continue and above all confidence always know that our captain struggled to show the truth and keep us safe and gradually closer together, as a team. “Captain” as we name you affectionately but you’re really much more than that. I wish that your path is full of light and we soon meet again, all together in a great celebration.
With all my love and admiration



Dear Georgi and Carla,

Merci du fond du coeur , du fond de l’âme. Au-Revoir et A-Dieu.

Sophie, Belgium

Dear Georgi,

I can’t be happier of your decision to now dedicate the few time we have left to your ultimate ascension. I have been so certain and in peace with what is coming for us, just smiling to myself all day without any necessity to share it with my family, whom wouldn’t understand anyway. This week I will be dedicate to purifying my physical body one last time and connecting with Gaia so that to receive all the source energy during the next blood full moon.

All my Love and Light to you captain and Carla too.

Betty Gaubicher, Chile

Dearest Georgi,

Your announcement deeply resonated with me. For more than 6 years I have been maintaining a Spiritual Facebookgroup as well and I now know what I need to do. The time has come for me to utilize all that time and energy on my personal ascension. And on this day of the Equinox I make this conscious decision to remove my energies from anything that will keep me from maintaining a high vibration.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and Carla and the PAT for the contributions and sharing. I fondly remember those early days, almost 5 years ago when we miraculously found each other, connected the dots, and grew into the Logos Gods we are today.

We have been through so much. Yes, we had many disappointments but there were so many more victories. Thank you for never giving up. Bless you for all the hard work and effort.

I love you PAT!

Let’s do this!

Mara Burger


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