Energy Report of the PAT – September 5, 2015

Follow-Up on the Massive ID-Shift in the Last Days

Dear Georgi,

We seem to be at this time again in greater synchronicity with what’s been occurring energetically. Your latest energy report resonated fully in terms of the symptoms on the physical body, piercing left-eye socket, immense pressure of the skull, especially forehead and the upper neck vertebrae and a feeling of having a full body inflammation which wears of pretty quick though. All of this immense pressure and tension is very tangibly mirrored in the outer world, today we have the first day of intense rain after summer bid goodbye with one last murderous heatwave. The roads in the street are now full of filth foam as the rain washes it all down the gutters and canals (dross shedding off/detachment from lower worlds).

All this summer was somehow about walking the underworlds deaf dumb and blind, one wave after the other and it is still ongoing. However I am also sensing that the new pathways of constructive interference are at the same time available too, and especially these pathways of creation seem the only refuge and source of relief. I am constantly reminded that even amidst the difficulties, conscious creation is vital in order not to drown in the flood. Like an artist of any kind, who must create constantly in order not to be consumed by his own power. This has been somewhat difficult for me as laziness must be constantly eliminated as the main obstacle, but had to recognize that as long as I create, even these heavy waves are lessened to no more than a mosquito bite.


Dear Zoltan,

thank you very much for this excellent description of the current energetic situation for us as light warriors, which is very challenging indeed, but also very promising with its intensity that heralds the coming final ascension.

With love and light


I confirm symptoms of anger and great frustration on Thursday. My workplace was a veritable time bomb of emotions. My body was an inferno one minute and a few minutes later I had the chills. And then it stops as suddenly as it starts. Friday my body was quivering and vibrating. I had a headache, nosebleed, dizziness and feelings of intense sadness.


Hello, my dear Georgi,

I just wrote a long email to a friend and thought it would be well to share part of it with you, to do with as you please ————–

Good energy
Love mucho
Dianna cm from sf –

On the Georgi Stankov website today is a PAT report on the heightened source energies wreaking extreme and painful LBP havoc in the Ascension process … which hits me since I’m among those who get the hits.  I’ve been in extreme oral pain over the last few days, and weeks … as well as extreme sleepiness (though very high, buoyant energy when I’m up), such that I’ve been sleeping a lot extra, going back to bed after I’m up, or going to bed for extended naps in the evening and getting up like around now (it’s after 1:30 AM right now) … also just so I can be unconscious to the pain.  There’s no way to “sleep it off” as the pain is there again as soon as I wake up … but being asleep for a good long while at least makes me ‘dead’ to the physical dimension and the body, just for the time being.

The pain these recent rounds is huge lesions on the edge of the tongue and the mouth and gums, aphthous ulcers as big as pencil erasers, and the mouth and tongue on fire with throbbing heat and flames, all going on now for several weeks.  The pain at times is screaming excruciating, and my HS (My Dear Divine Soul) says it’s cumulatively the hate and anger and lies spat out by the world and the PTW (the PT”were”).  In other words, as Georgi Stankov calls it, an “alchemical reaction” (if I understand this Stankov term correctly) is what I’m doing, is what’s taking place … or as I’ve often described it, I am taking-on OP karma (meaning ‘other people’s karma’) … and this level of symptom extremity is indicating that things are really coming to a head in the lower worlds, the lies, especially, pile-on such that they are now nonstop overlapping.

It’s the various facets of cleanse-and-lift internal work that I do on an energetic level, which overflows into the physical planes and the physical body.  And there’s always the nonstop intense waves and other assorted extreme body hurts and aches at the same time — recently, sharp headaches and intense muscle aches in the lower extremities.  But apart from all that, always being in, and feeling, the ecstatic state, and looking and feeling great, or looking and feeling radiant in the sense of light and the suspension of time.

These are just a few ways how one can affirm that there is no health malady of illness, disease, or other such morbidity.  One needs to profoundly, and I mean utterly ever, trust the Soul’s wisdom in order to overcome the worried or fearful urge to run off to charlatan, well-meaning but ignorant doctors and go on their poisonous, consciousness-dulling, spiritually retrogressive meds.  I’ve had severe 3-days’ hemorrhage and a 3rd-plus-degree chemical burn all over my face (an alchemical reaction I carried for the Syrian situation of 2013), and in both these experiences, the Divine Soul was at the helm. economically and efficiently coordinating and steering every far-flung, seemingly unrelated aspect to effect the perfect, healed result … because not having adequate funds to pursue even rock-bottom minimal medical attention (“medical care” is really for the 3D consciousness) forced me to rely on, to trust ever and utterly, my Soul’s unerring guidance.

Needless to say, these were the utmost scariest experiences I’ve ever endured in my life with my dear It (but I was deeply at peace with the terrible burn, having full understanding by then of the Soul’s perfect direction).  And I came through it all unsundered, unflawed, unscarred, totally healthy, and with a new, unfazed understanding of the Soul and Its transcendent, unimpeachable Knowing.  I think of all the physical and psycheal damage that would have been done had I money enough to enable going to doctors and their hospitals, how profoundly blessed the situations were, spiritually and practically, which we can only appreciate fully by deep retrospection . . . . … .

I was out most of today, but fortunately, when I’m out running errands, I’m not engaging in conversation with anyone.  And on the phone last night, you were doing all the talking, so I didn’t have to … which was perfect because it’s excruciating to eat (which I don’t) and to speak (which I avoid).  As you can thus see, these phenomenalities accord with my lifestyle being preferably the introvert and hermit, for the Divine Soul is in full, intelligent control of these things and moderates everything in a fitting way, exactly tailored to the individual.

Like running around town doing errands, sometimes I must come down into the lower, slower frequencies, the lower worlds, the lower dimensions.  As such, when San Francisco Opera opens next week, and San Francisco Symphony, I know from experience that all these horrible physical and mouth /tongue phenomena will suddenly alleviate, assuage, or otherwise vanish in the hours that I must be interacting with people and being at my upbeat best … that these LBP symptoms will only impact upon me when I’m back home again and alone, in my solitude, my hermitage.  Years of this pattern, unerringly, and the anecdotal evidence rises to informal empirical proof, that the Soul is utter Consciousness Itself, the conscious arbiter and partner and participant of each individual life when one is awakened enough to be co-dynamically creational with the HR, when one is at the level wherein one’s very existence is the work of taking on OP karma, whatever the context, in my case, the world of music.

I’ve never told anyone at all about these things, nor in detail; you and Benson have bits and pieces of these matters.  Sometimes I will be moved enough to get ambitious and write, sharing these things with you both, and also with Georgi Stankov and the PAT readers, who also experience these LBP and lbp privations, many even worse, or considerably better, than I do.  Although I’ve never spoken about these things before to anyone at all, I also realize this should be more known by those who are highly aware and thus have the “need to know,” such as you, each and both, for this kind of material has been traditionally in the realm of hidden esoterics not well understood, especially as to inner knowledge and contemporary metaphysics.

As such, it would take a PhD/MD scientist /physician /biophysicist /sociopolitical activist /mathematician /linguist /writer … and mystic … such a one as Georgi Stankov to, in sort of a forensic way, pull all these far-flung concepts into a coherent, integral body of higher esoteric knowledge for the contemporary Time.  It was HS (My Dear Soul) who several years ago led me to this website of the most advanced and highest knowledge for the evolving, contemporary mind and psyche.

That website also over the recent days has been commenting on the financial collapse, as I mentioned to you (Hurry the Collapse!), but Dr. Stankov and the financials contributors comment in a unique way you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, for these published insights are from the integral 5D/HD perspective.  Dr. Stankov is not only all of the attributes aforementioned, he also possesses astute, acute expertise in assessing financial-economics dynamics, but as I’ve said, with the very specialized and rarefied in-sight of the HD and HR as to the world view, not merely the US view, as nowhere and no one else on the net.


Lieber Georgi,

es hat mich erleichtert, heute Morgen Deine Erfahrungen zu lesen.

Am 3. und besonders am 4. September war es recht dunkel hier in der Provence. Der Himmel war grau, doch es war anders als nur ein bedeckter Himmel, sondern es fühlte sich wie eine Sonnenfinsternis an, was auch andere Leute, die nicht wissen, was im Moment mit unserem Planeten passiert, gespürt haben.

Ich bin gestern, 4.09. durch eine Dunkelheit gegangen und es kam sehr viel Wut hoch, was ich noch nie zuvor  erlebt hatte. Wut und Dunkelheit waren gepaart. Es war ein schrecklicher Tag, der kaum auszuhalten war. Loslassen und Reinigung gingen Hand in Hand. Der
Aufstieg ist voll im Gange und der wird nicht mehr lange dauern.

Ich danke Dir, dass Du Deine Erlebnisse uns immer mitteilst, da das allen hilft.

Liebe Grüsse,

Liebe Heidi,

ich danke dir für die Bestätigung der Energie-Intensität und Qualitäten der letzten Tage. “Wut und Dunkelheit” sind eine adäquate Beschreibung der Emotionen, die damit assoziiert wurden. Auch Traurigkeit.

Heute ist ein wenig besser und ruhiger, aber wir werden sehen, wie sich der Tag bei uns entwickelt. Insgesamt fühlt sich der Aufstieg sehr nah jetzt und es gibt keinen Zweifel, dass wir uns sehr schnell aufwärts bewegen.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

ich verfolge Deine Seite schon seit einigen Jahren, schreibe Dir aber heute zum ersten Mal. In der Nacht vom 5. auf den 6. September hatte ich heftigste Schmerzen im unteren Rücken/Becken, die sich exakt wie die beginnenden Geburtsschmerzen/Wehen während meiner 2 Geburten anfühlten. Dies habe ich schon öfter gespürt, wenn heftige Energien “im Gange” sind. Aber immer noch besser erträglich als manchmal 3 Tage andauernde Dauerkopfschmerzen, wie ich sie in der vergangenen Woche hatte.

Viele Grüße aus Seligenstadt/Hessen und viel Kraft und Licht für uns alle in den kommenden (hoffentlich letzten) Wochen!


Liebe Martina,

ich danke dir, dass du endlich Kontakt zu mir aufgenommen hast und über deine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit den LKP-Symptomen berichtest. Soweit ich es überblicke, haben wir immer noch den 4. Sept. hier und der 5. Sept. in Europa. Insofern meinst du vielleicht den 3. und 4. Sept., aber das macht nichts aus.

Andere weiblichen PAT Mitglieder berichten neulich auch über Geburtswehen und das ist sogar neu für mich, aber man muss auf alles gefasst sein, denn diese letzten Tagen sind einmalig.

Lassen wir uns hoffen, dass es wirklich bald zu Ende geht.

Liebe Grüße

Hallo Lieber Georg,

die aktuelle Aufstiegs-Energiewelle hat mich fast umgehauen, die Symptome hast Du ja bereits trefflich beschrieben. Habe etwas treffendes gefunden über die ganzen Seelen, die nochmals in einen (höllischen) 26.000 Jahres Zyklus gehen in den niederen Hologrammen. Bis heute habe ich es nicht verstanden, wie man eine solche gute Gelegenheit zum Aufstieg nicht nutzen kann?

Aus dem Buch “The origin and history of man” von Werner Schroeder, gechanneltes Material von der grossen weissen  Bruderschaft:

The Laggards

It was during the incoming of the fourth root race, that a Cosmic Council convened whose decision changed drastically the course for all evolutions of Earth’s mankind, guardian spirits, angels and elementals. This council, attended by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth, was called to decide what to do with billions of lifestreams who lived in another galaxy. These lifestreams were of insufficient spiritual development to earn continued habitation upon their own planet for evolution. As part of the divine plan, their planet was to undergo one step of the Inbreath, bringing it one step closer to the sun.

According to Cosmic Law, closer proximity to the sun requires an acceleration of the vibration of a planet and its inhabitants. The individuals refused to go along with the divine plan. They were complacent in their thoughts and feelings, and lagged behind in their natural process of evolution. Hence they were not qualified to move forward with their planet. Those individuals were referred to by the Masters as “laggards.”

One plan was to have them pass through what we call “second death,” which forces the lifestream to start all over again, back to the event, called “Journey to the Seven Spheres.” It was then that the Hierarchy of Earth, as an act of mercy, offered the Earth as a planetary home to help the laggards complete their evolution. Conditions on this planet were still perfect and harmonious, yet compared to other planets, its vibratory rate was slightly slower. It was hoped that the laggards would be guided by the purity and perfection of the thoughts and feelings of the people of Earth, and by holding to this example, they would gradually transmute their karma. The high priests and guardian spirits were in-formed of the coming of the laggards; the remainder of mankind attempted, by decreeing, to establish a shield around the Earth’s lifestreams to prevent their con-tamination by the laggards.

What did the laggards look like after they came to Earth? Tied now to the same laws which applied to the re-mainder of mankind on Earth, they were provided with similar bodies, and therefore were not distinguishable from the rest. The chief faults of the laggards were arrogance, rebellion, resistance to progress, stubbornness and resentment toward change. Naturally, they brought these qualities with them. The impure thoughtforms of the laggards spread into Earth’s atmosphere like smog. It was the beginning of the “mist” the Bible talks about (“and a mist arose and covered the whole ground,” Gen. 2:6).

In time the people of Earth succumbed to the subtle temptation of curiosity. They tuned in to the impure thoughtforms of the laggards, and started to play with them. This experimentation with the misuse of free will caused what is known as the “Fall of Man.” Mankind started to listen to the “wrong crowd.” Independent of God-direction, mankind deliberately chose to experiment with impurity.

Man hätte diese Seelen besser einfach auflösen sollen, das hätte allen viel unnötigen Ärger erspart. Eine gute Sache hat es allerdings: Diejenigen, die hier auf der Erde (gilt als härteste Universität im Kosmos) den Aufstieg schaffen, sind die Vorzeige-Seelen für die gesamte Schöpfung. Aber das hast Du ja bereits oft genug erklärt.

Ich denke, dass wir einen heissen Herbst erleben werden.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Joon,

ich danke dir für diesen Energiebericht und den Auszug aus diesem Buch zur Geschichte der inkarnierten Seelen auf dieser Erde. Das ist eine mögliche Darstellung des Sündenfalls. Es gibt mehrere andere Interpretationen, aber der Werdegang zu dieser toxischen Realität ist mehr oder weniger ähnlich.

Wie dem auch sei, nun werden diese unbelehrbare Seelen schnell los, Kraft des MPS und wir bewegen uns sehr schnell auf die 5D. Der Herbst wird sehr heiss in der Tat.

Liebe Grüße

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