The Nearer the Crash, the Bigger the Computer “Glitches” in the Bank Sector

by Georgi Stankov, August 28, 2015

As Brad wrote in his latest article – every crash in the financial sector has been carefully orchestrated by the dark cabal as to earn more money and impoverish the rest of humanity. In the past they believed to control the situation and in most cases this was true.

But this time the dynamics of the ultimate financial crash is no longer within the scope of their petty manipulations as we are rapidly moving to the new 4D worlds with a completely new set of divine laws and social rules and this matrix is in a state of rapid dissolution. At this very moment the financial developments are fully under our control as Logos Gods. Some of us are also competent financial experts and careful observers of the latest market events, which we shape with an incredible precision. Other Logos Gods in human gestalt are supporting us with their focused intent on ascension and the desire to see the end of this Orion matrix. We all work together in the Unity Field of Christed Consciousness as the most powerful Creator Force on this planet and throughout the New Golden Galaxy, with which we now merge.

Here is one notable example as to comprehend in real time how powerful we are in gestalting the financial crash and all other related events on this uppermost mother planet. On August 24th I wrote to you that:

The emerging markets are in a free fall and so do all mutual and hedge funds that have invested heavily in junk bonds in these countries after the US bonds bubble only offered near zero interest rates. There is already a run on the funds by scared investors but the funds cannot sell off their stakes and cannot get enough cash to pay their clients. It is now hectically discussed behind closed doors to close these funds as to avoid a much bigger run on the banks and their total shutdown due to the already existing credit and cash crunch as broadly discussed on this website. We will witness this run on the banks in the coming days when the losses on the stock markets increase and also the bond bubble has fully burst. Get some cash to survive the coming days before we ascend.

This was a very important news for you which was based on insider information and a careful analysis of the rapidly changing financial situation worldwide.

And guess what – two days later the MSM report about

A New Computer Glitch (That) Is Rocking the Mutual Fund Industry

We know that there are no random events in the financial sector. Brad explained to you how the dark cabal banksters rig the markets with their high frequency trading machines to create a virtual financial reality that affects the life of humanity and separates it from the source. Hence when you hear of a new computer “glitch” that rocks many big mutual funds precisely two days after I announced to you that these funds have lost huge sums of money in emerging markets speculations that are now in a state of default and that there is a run on these mutual funds by investors to get their money back in cash while these funds are not able to generate enough cash due to their huge losses, then you know that the next event the dark cabal crooks will orchestrate is an artificial glitch. In fact this glitch happened exactly on the day I made this announcement – on August 24th and this is how quickly we now create this reality.

Why not yesterday, or yesteryear, why Now? How much stupidity one requires to believe in such fraudulent stories of inadvertent glitches. Ultimately, this kind of stupidity will lead to the ultimate biggest of all financial crashes and a total impoverishment of that portion of humanity that will descend to a lower timeline when the ID split will take place and we, the PAT, shall ascend to New Lemuria, while the other smaller portion of humanity will move to the new 4D worlds.

And believe me, this ID move is now it its last most intensive phase. This is not an empty promise but another insider information, this time from the HR.

Here is what we know so far about this latest fraud of the Orion banksters – the artificially orchestrated glitch in the computer systems of many big mutual funds that prevents them from calculating the true assets of their clients – because they have lost their money in this crash. How simple is that?

The U.S. fund industry was in turmoil Wednesday as executives scrambled to respond to a computer glitch that prevented dozens of big mutual and exchange-traded funds from promptly pricing their securities, is what we read in the MSM.

The outage, which was timely related to the market turbulence on Monday August 24th that included the largest ever intra-day decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, prompted emergency meetings Wednesday at banks, fund companies and financial intermediaries, as directors and executives sifted through pricing data and addressed likely legal ramifications of any mispricings, understand “fraud and protraction/hiding of a state of default by a financial institution” which is a criminal case worldwide. This is exactly what I reported to you on this same day as an important insider information.

The promise of accurate, readily available pricing lies at the heart of the industry’s pitch to investors and any problems could have significant implications for the industry. How true!

Bank of New York Mellon Corp., one of the major criminal Orion banks of the Rockefeller dynasty, said it was having problems with a SunGard Data Systems Inc. system that “has impacted a “limited” number of fund accounting clients and the processing of net asset values of certain mutual funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds),” a spokesman said in a statement Wednesday. Bank of New York Mellon acts as a custodian for asset management firms, providing accounting services that include calculating the price of the funds’ securities each day. The company relies on SunGard’s software system to calculate those prices.

The problem, which began earlier in the week, has affected a number of large mutual fund firms, including Federated Investors, Prudential Financial Inc., Guggenheim Partners LLC and Voya Investment Management.

Monday’s trading turmoil, which saw more than a thousand shares halted, unleashed wild trading in the ETF universe in which some investors complained they were unable to buy or sell securities. And the glitch was the latest example of an “unexpected technology problem” reverberating across the market (?), as Dow Jones News reported.

Many of the recent glitches have taken place inside stock exchanges in anticipation of the coming final crash. NYSE halted trading on its exchange for nearly four hours in July after a software update caused problems. And this is just the beginning as Jim Sinclair warns.

The ETF pricing outage set off alarm bells in mutual fund firms, where pricing issues are rare, say analysts and experts, and mistakes can carry broader implications for investors. It’s the first widespread issue that asset managers have faced in at least a decade. We ask: Why Now!

Funds have very sophisticated systems for dealing with this, so it doesn’t happen very often,” said Niels Holch, the founder of the Coalition of Mutual Fund Investors.

Executives used back-up accounting systems for calculating the net asset values of their funds. Emergency meetings were called with each mutual funds’ board of trustees, a group of independent directors that is involved in the pricing of fund shares. At BNY Mellon, executives were holding multiple conference calls throughout the week with affected fund companies, according to people familiar with the calls to discuss the issue how to present the truth to their investors – that they have lost their money and that they are bankrupt now.

This is currently the only activities these banksters engage in utter anguish – to attend fearful meetings how to avoid the unavoidable truth: that they are bankrupt and that all their money assets on paper are not worth the value of toilet paper to wipe their dirty asses. I know this as I am telepathically connected to this scum of humanity and have to cleanse their dross daily.

By early afternoon Wednesday, some fund companies had received correct net asset values from Bank of New York Mellon and were trying to reconcile those numbers with what they had reported earlier in the week, according to people familiar with the process. Finance as guessing industry, give me a break! In a statement Wednesday morning, First Trust Advisors L.P. said that the net asset values it had reported on four of its exchange-traded funds contained errors greater than 1%. How about 10% – 20% – 100%? A First Trust spokesman didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

Guggenheim Partners LLC, which offers 64 ETFs to investors, said it had to use older data from previous days because of the problems with Bank of New York Mellon’s systems.

Once we receive actual net asset values from our third-party administrator, adjustments will be made and reposted to our website, as necessary,” said Ivy McLemore, a spokesman for Guggenheim.

In a statement, Federated Investors said it has experienced a “significant delay in the availability of net asset values” for dozens of its mutual funds, in reality this glitch includes most US mutual funds and ETFs as they all are bankrupt now. The problems could result in a need to reprocess trades, the company said.

A Voya spokesman said in a statement said that it was unable to publish net asset values for its registered investment funds and commingled funds where it serves as a trustee because they are bust. The company is “working closely with BNY Mellon” to publish net asset values for Tuesday and Wednesday.

What’s up next? – Similar orchestrated glitches of big banks that will cause their shutdown as also predicted by myself. Get some cash for the coming turbulent days.

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