Musing Over the Final Collapse and Our Ascension

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, August 31, 2015

Dear George,

After the markets started to short-circuit in 2010 and into 2011 (I have some dreadful personal experience with all kinds of different flash crashes and discreet theft put off by the fraud as nothing or just market behavior), I fully saw what was going to happen and I dedicated myself to finding who knew what they were talking about. I started asking why to everything. Ultimately, I found some incredible people, but not all of the answers were found until I found my way to you and your work. I also experienced a full soul drop-in of some sort that I can’t fully explain, but overnight I was a different person. A lot of hints of Elohim of some sort are in there, but I don’t truly know.

Each and every person in the world should have found their way to you by this time.  Any person with a fiduciary responsiblity to any other human being at all should have found your work unless they can’t read or don’t have access to any information whatsoever.

Your work is absolutely flawless, but must tell you that a couple of things of the past couple months show why you are the ultimate Captain and fiduciary of the human race.  The only things I found in my quest that I thought could be added or discussed more were a few channels by Lee Carroll of Kryon and what we are currently discussing in more detail about the currencies.  You already posted one of the best channels of Lee Carroll a bit ago and if you listened to the hundreds of others, I’m sure you would post the other few that are incredible, but there’s really no need.

The gold and currency market shouldn’t be so important at this time, but due to the insouciance of the entire population to the discrete theft of their energy through this process, it is crucial that we do exactly what you have said to shine the light fully on this subject and bring an end to it.  You are doing exactly that and to continually do what is demanded is so rare.

I am humbled that you take the time to read my work.  Most of my understanding comes from applying your work to my rather intense personal experience of the currency fraud.  I tried to be the proper fiduciary for everyone in discussing the world, money, and the markets so they were safe, but it’s been nothing but pure punishment.  I know you understand that better than anyone.  Everyone knows I’m right, but won’t discuss it or says that’s just the way it is.  Not on my planet!

Now that your attention is on these matters a little more due to necessity, I can’t wait to see what comes forth from your wonderful mind.

Ultimately, all these bubbles are just the bubble of the 3-D human being and the young soul era.  You already nailed that in your books.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

I am humbled by your appreciation. Actually I dealt with the stock markets in the late 90s during the bubble and invested some money with mixed success. But I also developed a simple chart-technical method, based on the Universal Law, to predict the behaviour of the charts in the future. It was fairly precise until I discovered in 2000 that the markets have been “short-circuit” and rigged, as you say, so that there is no natural flow of the aggregated input of the participants into the stock exchange and as reflected in the charts. Actually, it was obvious that in 2009 most physical participants left the stock markets and then they became a playball (Spielball) of high-frequency computer rigging. In 2000 I stopped dealing actively with the stock markets as my HS told me that the experience is over and there is nothing essential to learn there anymore as everything is fraud.

It was at the time when the bubble burst and the German New Market went down from roughly 10 000 points to 350, more than 95%. And then it was wrapped up, while the population lost billions of euros. They deserved it as there was a real national hype of quick enrichment among the Germans and their greed skyrocketed while their behaviour became so appalling that it fully explains their moral degradation these days when they put on fire refugees camps as in the good old Nazi days. The awakening was more than sobering in the early 2000s, especially after 9/11, and this was a very valuable experience for me that made me see  this global “funny money” casino with very critical eyes.

I fully agree with you how important it is in these final days to shed light on all these convoluted financial processes and Ponzi schemes of the dark cabal that now fuel the collapse of the Orion system. If we do not do it, who else?

We have now reached such a high level of personal direct creation with our still limited human minds when our thoughts and analyses are based on sound facts and in-depth understanding that with each article that is published on this website, the markets are crashing irreversibly. And the funny thing is that I can see it and hear it with my higher senses.

And the most powerful form of creation is when people like you participate in this creative discussion and charge it with their extremely valuable personal experience. You are probably the only professional trader with spiritual background in the USA and even worldwide and can see the scam from both perspectives. There are Jim Sinclair, Marc Faber and some more, who are inspiring independent thinkers, but they very soon come to the limits of their 3D thinking. Of course they also contribute to the collapse with their ideas as they are very popular and influential.

Also Taleb’s notion of the “black swan” as an unpredictable and incomprehensible singularity has influenced the traders and other people a lot in the last years to see better the fragility of the Orion markets and how suddenly such disequilibrium systems can collapse. Although I personally prefer to stay by the laws of constructive and destructive interference as they are more precise and mathematically infallible.

Today I will publish an essay from Rob Behr from Holland that discusses precisely this issue – our ascension and the ID shift as a singularity. It is a most daring topic to tackle as our human minds cannot really grasp what a singularity truly is.

When I was first made aware of my mission by my HS in 1997, I received the following message in Bulgarian language, which I now paraphrase here:

“You will demonstrate the fundamental transition from one energetic state into another and will reveal the true nature of the energy substrate”.

It took me a lot of time in those days to comprehend the true message behind these words. But then the concept of the LBP and ascension was revealed to me in 1998. In 1999 I fully opened my left brain portal and the energies began to buzz in my head, body and fields. In the summer of 2000 I ascended for the first time. Several more full ascensions followed. Since then I see the fluctuations of my energies in the air around me all the time, sometimes miles away and know that I am not a human being trapped in a dense physical body but a huge light field, in which my tiny physical body is embedded because I feel it and see it all the time.

The New Age movement failed profoundly because it declared intellectual bankruptcy before it started with its mission. This is the most deplorable development on this planet as so much hope was invested in them. The masses of unripe souls do not matter much in the grand design of ascension. The new agers did not understand that illumination means in the first place an implacable intellectual endeavour to understand the world with all its manifestations. And as the manifestations on this planet are predominantly dark, then you have to dive in this darkness and turn it into light. But only when you know where the darkest shadows are and what monsters hide in the shade.

These naive, or stupid, people have never got it that you do not talk about the necessity of love when you truly feel it and you do not talk about your heart as a substitute for the lack of brain when you have an open heart and a sharp mind. You simply do it. Then you do not need to indulge in such petty discussions, but you begin to explore the big dark world around you and how it has been imposed on humanity – step by step in the historical perspective with the ultimate end to prevent our ascension.

We know now that the dark ones epically failed in this respect, but they made a lot of prisoners that will not ascend with us. This is now their choice.

Given the incredible intensities of my personal energies and the overwhelming character of the vibrations that flow through my body and fields these last days, we have already ascended in toto and now only stay here as avatars to give testimony to All-That-Is on the last pangs of humanity and cut with our minds through this dense darkness with the precision of a surgical scalpel. As I said, if we do not do it, who else? This is all for the Akasha records and the ramifications of these final manifestations of maximal human clarity are more important and more powerful than the destructive games of all petty protagonists in this crumbling Orion casino – in this dissipating holographic “Las Vegas planet of the crooks”.

With love and light


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