August Review – September Outlook

Georgi Stankov, August 31, 2015

We have entered the most exciting and glorious time in the history of mankind. We have been waiting for this time to come for so long, not only in this our last human life on this planet but also throughout many incarnations in preparation for this moment. August has fulfilled and even exceeded all my expectations which I have always attributed to this final phase in the ascension process. The dynamics which this month has unfolded is spectacular and nothing short of a miracle.

It began very slowly and then peaked in the last ten days. Very much like the dramatic days in the summer of 1989 when the Hungarians first opened for a few hours the Iron curtain, the border to Austria, to let several hundred dissatisfied East Germans flee to the West. I closely followed these events at that time and use them since then as a paradigm of what will happen in the last phase of the ascension during this summer and fall of 2015. But this time the events will be on a much grander scale and with an unparalleled cosmic dynamics.

And this is what happened 26 years ago.

On 19 August 1989, more than 600 East Germans, among them a Bulgarian friend of mine living in East Germany, attending the “Pan-European Picnic” on the Hungarian border broke through the Iron Curtain and fled into Austria. Hungarian border guards had threatened to shoot anyone crossing the border, but when the time came, they did not intervene and allowed the people to cross the border.

Hungary effectively disabled its physical border defenses with Austria on 19 August 1989 and, in September, more than 13,000 East German tourists escaped through Hungary to Austria. This set up a chain of events. The Hungarians prevented many more East Germans from crossing the border and returned them to Budapest. These East Germans flooded the West German embassy and refused to return to East Germany.

The East German government responded by disallowing any further travel to Hungary, but allowed those already there to return to East Germany. This triggered similar events in neighboring Czechoslovakia and in early September the West German embassy in Prague was occupied by thousands of East Germans. The East German authorities allowed these people to leave their communist country, provided that they did so by train through East Germany. This was followed by mass demonstrations within East Germany itself.

Protest demonstrations spread throughout East Germany in September 1989. Initially, protesters were mostly people wanting to leave to the West, chanting “Wir wollen raus!” (“We want out!”). Then protestors began to chant “Wir bleiben hier”, (“We’re staying here!”). This was the start of what East Germans generally call the “Peaceful Revolution” of late 1989. The protest demonstrations grew considerably in October. The movement neared its height on 4 November, when half a million people gathered to demand political change, at the Alexanderplatz demonstration, East Berlin’s large public square and transportation hub.

The longtime leader of East Germany, Erich Honecker, resigned on 18 October 1989 and was replaced by Egon Krenz that day. Honecker had predicted in January of that year that the wall would stand for 50 or 100 more years, just as the dark cabal, the banksters and their presstitutes from the MSM predict that this Orion economic order will survive many centuries when it is already as dead as a “smelly herring on the beach in the moonshine”.

All these events were enabled by one single man – Michael Gorbachev, the Soviet leader and the  founder of Perestrojka who came in October 1989 to Berlin and made the historical and most auspicious speech in his whole political career. Essentially he warned the East German communist regime and its people with his famous statement that “those who come too late will be punished by history”. With this speech Gorbachev gave a green light for the removal of Honecker.

This political background is fully neglected by all rogue western historians who are now falsifying modern history and attributing all success for the reunification of Germany to the peaceful revolution of the East German citizens and the USA that allegedly won the Cold war. In fact they could do this only because of Gorbachev and because in Poland the communists had already lost their power in August 1989 and the encircled communist East Germany had no other choice but to surrender. This encouraged the masses to revolt against the draconian regime of Honecker.

In 1988 a new wave of strikes and labour unrest spread across Poland, and prominent among the strikers’ demands was government recognition of Solidarnosc (Solidarity, the independent Polish trade union that was active since the early 80s). In April 1989 the government agreed to legalize Solidarity and allow it to participate in free elections to a bicameral Polish parliament. In the elections, held in June of that year, candidates endorsed by Solidarity won 99 of 100 seats in the newly formed Senate (upper house) and all 161 seats (of 460 total) that opposition candidates were entitled to contest in the Sejm (lower house). In August Solidarity agreed to form a coalition government with the PUWP, and a longtime Solidarity adviser, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, on August 24 became the first non-communist premier to govern Poland since the late 1940s. I was in close contact with members of Solidarnosc throughout the 80s and was very well informed about their struggle to topple down the communist regime in Poland.

These political events first opened the possibility for the East Germans to revolt and demand more freedom and civil rights. In the meantime the wave of refugees leaving East Germany for the West kept increasing. By early November refugees were finding their way to Hungary via Czechoslovakia, or via the West German Embassy in Prague. This was tolerated by the new Krenz government, because of long-standing agreements with the communist Czechoslovak government, allowing free travel across their common border.

However this movement of people grew so large it caused difficulties for both countries. To ease the difficulties, the politburo led by Krenz decided on 9 November to allow refugees to exit directly through crossing points between East Germany and West Germany, including between East and West Berlin. Later the same day, the ministerial administration modified the proposal to include private, round-trip, travel. The new regulations were to take effect the next day.

And here comes the most rermarkable and curious incident in modern history caused by the total panic and confusion of the East German regime that was so overwhelmed by the power of the political events and mass demonstrations that it was paralysed and unable to make any descent decisions. This gives you a clue as to how the ruling cabal in the West will react in a hapless and helpless manner when the coming events of cosmic proportions will overwhelm them and  sweep them away from power.

Günter Schabowski, the party boss in East Berlin and the spokesman for the SED Politburo, had the task of announcing the new regulations. However, he had not been involved in the discussions about the new regulations and had not been fully updated.  Shortly before a press conference on 9 November, he was handed a note announcing the changes, but given no further instructions on how to handle the information. These regulations had only been completed a few hours earlier and were to take effect the following day, so as to allow time to inform the border guards. But this starting time delay was not communicated to Schabowski.

Schabowski read the note, he had been given, out loud at the end of the press conference that was transmitted on TV. One of the reporters, ANSA‘s Riccardo Ehrman, asked when the regulations would take effect. After a few seconds’ hesitation, Schabowski assumed it would be the same day based on the wording of the note and replied, “As far as I know effective immediately, without delay”. After further questions from journalists, he confirmed that the regulations included the border crossings through the wall into West Berlin, which he had not mentioned until then.

I remember this moment very well, watching the conference on TV, and knew immediately that this is the beginning of the end of the Communist empire and of East Germany as a state. How one statement can destroy a whole country and empire when the time is ripe for it

Excerpts from Schabowski’s press conference were the lead story on West Germany’s two main news programs that night—at 7:17 PM on ZDF‘s heute and at 8 PM on ARD‘s Tagesschau. This, of course, meant that the news was broadcast to nearly all of East Germany as well. Later that night, on ARD’s Tagesthemen, anchorman Hans Joachim Friedrichs proclaimed, “This is a historic day. East Germany has announced that, starting immediately, its borders are open to everyone. The GDR is opening its borders … the gates in the Berlin Wall stand open.”

After hearing the broadcast, East Germans began gathering at the wall, at the six checkpoints between East and West Berlin, demanding that border guards immediately open the gates. The surprised and overwhelmed guards made many hectic telephone calls to their superiors about the problem. At first, they were ordered to find the “more aggressive” people gathered at the gates and stamp their passports with a special stamp that barred them from returning to East Germany—in effect, revoking their citizenship. However, this still left thousands of people demanding to be let through “as Schabowski said we can.”

It soon became clear that no one among the East German authorities would take personal responsibility for issuing orders to use lethal force, so the vastly outnumbered soldiers had no way to hold back the huge crowd of East German citizens. Finally, at 10:45 pm, Harald Jäger, the commander of the Bornholmer Straße border crossing yielded, allowing for the guards to open the checkpoints and allowing people through with little or no identity checking. As the Ossis swarmed through, they were greeted by Wessis waiting with flowers and champagne amid wild rejoicing. Soon afterward, a crowd of West Berliners jumped on top of the wall, and were soon joined by East German youngsters. They danced together to celebrate their new freedom.

The day after the mass crossings across the Berlin Wall, in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the long standing satrap Todor Zhivkov was ousted from power. In the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, following protests of an estimated half-million Czechoslovaks, the government permitted travel to the west and abolished provisions guaranteeing the ruling Communist party its leading role, preceding the Velvet Revolution.

In the Socialist Republic of Romania, on 22 December 1989, the Romanian military sided with protesters and turned on Communist ruler Nicolae Ceauşescu, who was executed after a brief trial three days later. On that day I was flying from Munich to Sofia, where I was supposed to attend as a political emigre and a representative of the exile Bulgarian free government during the Cold war the founding conference of the new opposition block in Bulgaria that toppled down the communist regime some times later. As the air traffic was closed over Bulgaria and Romania on that day when Ceausescu was executed, our flight was diverted and we landed in Varna on the Black Sea coast and then traveled to Sofia on a train. Here I experienced some of the most dramatic days in my life since I fled from my country as a political dissident in 1975, but this is a another story.

Why am I telling you this history? So that you can better attune to what will happen in September and in the fall of this year, in case this timeline will not go under in the deluge of the MPR much earlier and we shall ascend with Gaia.

As shown in our recent in-depth discussions on the ultimate financial crash that began in August, all the domino pieces are now beginning to fall in a rapid sequence. The snowball is rolling down the hill and the avalanche has already gained momentum. Next month the odds are very high that this avalanche will bury the ruling western cabal and destroy the Orion matrix based on financial fraud and incessant attempts of the elite to establish the NWO by totally impoverishing the masses. They will fail in that but the dire consequences from this attempt will hit the vast majority of humanity, while we shall seamlessly move to New Lemuria. The move has already started and you all must feel it and, as I gather from your reports, you do feel it already. Hence there is no need for further verification.

I personally reckon with some spectacular events in the first half of September that will pave the way for the final crash. This could be the bankruptcy of major Orion banks in the USA and Europe and even the shutdown of all banks due to the rapid unwinding of the credit and cash crunch. Remember the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008 and the abolition of the whole Wall Street investment banking in the following week about which I recently published.

Officially, the shutdown of the banks will be first explained as a “computer glitch” but nobody will believe the banksters and the elite anymore. They will lose their power over the people and will have to flee in their underground bunkers, leaving humanity on its own.

Of course they may try to instigate an new nuclear world war, but as all missiles are now disabled by us as Logos Gods and the forces of light, there will be no war but only a total financial crash and an economic meltdown in the West and less so in the East.

This will be the point in time when we shall most probably ascend and appear in front of humanity. Or the MPR and the ID shift will come first, so that we and part of humanity will move in an act of singularity, as Rob has so well described yesterday, to new higher dimensional realities – we to New Lemuria and the rest to the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy. This may happen as early as end of September or a little bit later, but definitely in the course of  this year.


If you have been so patient to read this article to the end I recommend you to watch this comedy movie from Billy Wilder about the building of the Berliner wall and the comedy drama that is unfolding around this historic event. There is plenty to laugh – probably the best political comedy of all times, according to me.

Movie Video:

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