The Greek Catalyst of EU-Decomposition: Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

A Modern Lesson in Greek Mythology

Georgi Stankov, 13, 2015

Let us begin with a short excursion into Greek mythology that still has a huge impact on Western civilisation and shapes the behaviour of the ignorant people in a very powerful and deliberate manner through repeating classical archetypal personality structures and dramatic resolutions until the lessons are well learnt.

While some experts considered, and wrongly so, that Yanis Varoufakis might be the Trojan horse of the dark EU-Bilderberger cabal in the Greek ranks, it is now becoming obvious that the Greeks themselves are the true catalyst for the ultimate decomposition of the decrepit EU structure and thus of the whole Orion matrix. Its collapse must happen first in Europe and come from the cradle of western civilisation, Greece, before it infests the New World and destroys the Empire of Evil. One must have an excellent understanding of Greek mythology as to correctly interpret what is happening in the current End Time scenario – to perform a kind of a spiritual Exegesis of our Antique heritage similar to a rabbi who diligently studies the Talmud as to find the “correct” solutions in the present.

The key statement in our today’s analysis “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” comes from the famous book “Aeneid” written by Virgil. This is what we read in Wikipedia on this proverb:

“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes is a Latin phrase from Aeneid (II, 49), written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC. It has been paraphrased in English as the proverbBeware of Greeks bearing gifts. Its literal meaning is “I fear the Danaans [Greeks], even those bearing gifts” or “even when they bear gifts“. ...

As related in the Aeneid, after a nine-year war on the beaches of Troy between the Danaans (Greeks from the mainland) and the Trojans, the Greek seer Calchas induces the leaders of the Greek army to offer the Trojan people a huge wooden horse, the so-called Trojan Horse, while seemingly departing. The Trojan priest Laocoön, distrusting this gesture, warns the Trojans not to accept the gift, crying, Equō nē crēdite, Teucrī! Quidquid id est, timeō Danaōs et dōna ferentīs. (“Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Danaans, even when bringing gifts.”) When immediately afterward Laocoön and his two sons are viciously slain by enormous twin serpents (read Reptilian archons, note George),

the Trojans assume the horse has been offered at Minerva‘s (Athena‘s) prompting and interpret Laocoön’s death as a sign of her displeasure.

Minerva did send the serpents and help to nurture the idea of building the horse, but her intentions were certainly not peaceful, as the deceived Trojans imagined them to be. The Trojans agree unanimously to place the horse atop wheels and roll it through their impenetrable walls. Festivities follow under the assumption that the war is ended.”

Sounds rather familiar, doesn’t it? The Greek drama offers so many facets and possible interpretations that one must be very careful not to get mired in this Greek tragedy itself.  Only yesterday I had the following enlightened discussion with Laurie on this topic:

Dear Georgi,

After reading the article by Varoufakis from the Guardian, it seems that – at least the way I am perceiving it – the ‘punishment’ meted out would be in the form Grexit by the infamous bully boys’ and girls’ from the EU, and a clear sign to France and any other country that might have similar funny ideas and would thus be punished the same. 

While I understand that Greece (seemingly?) wants to stay in the EU, the speech given by UKIP leader Nigel Farage in the EU parliament (July 8, 2015) suggests that staying in the EU is akin to wanting give your country to butchers who have nobody’s best interest at heart and are a blind bunch of psychopathic idiots.  How then, would ostracizing Greece from the EU be an example of what not to do, when many countries in Southern Europe must with all their heart, want to leave the EU behind them as a bad dream?  

Marine Le Pin  (call me Madame Frexit)– the woman who wanted to order all of France’s gold back to the country from various banks in North America – seems to think that exiting the EU would be a fine idea, I’m sure she must have some supporters in France who would feel the same way.  And, it seems that Italy and Spain also find the EU to be a drain and burden on their economy as well.  One wonders how this would be considered a form of ‘punishment’ from these idiots who, when it comes to vision and rational thinking, act like a bunch of rats climbing over top of one another for no reason what-so-ever, but only to prolong the inevitable.  Yes, power does corrupt.  Maybe the big monetary bonus rewards for stealing and impoverishing others is considered worthy to them, but I know this is a rhetorical question.

The EU and the Euro from what I can understand are in free fall and there isn’t much that can be done to salvage the situation. Except that if you are an obsessed EU bureaucrat, then the disease is total blindness to an obsession with an idea that wasn’t good to start with and has become worse over the course of time.  

Wouldn’t people in Italy and Spain be rejoicing and lining up to be ‘punished’?  

It begs the question as to why Greece did not accept the offer from Russia to help them with restructuring the debt and thus giving the bully boys and girls the infamous middle finger with it all?   But obviously this would be unconscionable to actually find viable solutions that work to help your country and everyone involved.  

It seems the ‘ramifications’ on such free-thinking behavior would take other nasty forms of punishment being meted out, because ultimately this is their ‘punishing’ mentality – EVERYBODY MUST BE PUNISHED!

This truly is a joke, who can take these people seriously?  

The only solution to all of this is the Grand Finale of the MPR to wipe these people (pestilence – yes!) off the face of the earth.  

Am I missing something here? You needn’t respond to this if there is nothing to say.



Dear Laurie,

I am just publishing another article on the Greek-EU tragedy. Essentially you are right, but in the real world there are always caveats. First, there is no law or procedure to leave the Eurozone and Germany cannot decide the Grexit. Secondly, now Greece is in a state of total bank shutdown and this has already paralysed the economy as the ECB has stopped the credit line for Greek banks. This is what Varoufakis defined as EU terrorism. He also made aware that it is not so easy to introduce the drachma from one day to the next one. Greece will need approximately one year to do so. What will the Greek people do in the meantime with closed banks and no access to their savings? It is a practical issue in the first place and that is why Greece is so vulnerable and the Germans as well-known sadists increase the pressure on Greece to force it to leave the Eurozone. 

There is also a higher purpose why the Greek drama should not be solved so easily and this is that it must be the catalyst for the collapse of the EU and then the Empire of Evil. This is entirely in our interest as we want to leave this reality as soon as possible and no mending should be allowed anymore.

With love and light

George “

Below I am publishing an opinion of an enlightened observer directly from Athene that fully coalesces with my assessment of the unfolding Greek drama, even though he is not aware of the higher dimensional imperative that guides the plot of this enthralling End Time scenario:


Tsipras Invites Schäuble To Fall Into His Own Sword

by Raúl Ilargi Meijer, July 12, 2015

The Automatic Earth

Too many voices the past few days are all pointing the same way, and I’ve always thought that is never good. A guessing-based consensus, jumping to conclusions and all that. Look, it’s fine if you don’t have all the answers, no matter how nervous it makes you.

What I’m referring to in this instance is the overwhelming conviction that Greece and Tsipras have conceded, given in to the Troika, flown a white flag, you get the drift. But guys, the battle ain’t over yet.

So here’s an alternative scenario, purely hypothetically (but so in essence is the white flag idea, always got to wait for the fat lady), and for entertainment purposes only. Let ‘er rip:

Tsipras, first through holding a referendum, and then through delivering a proposal that at first sight looked worse than what the Troika provided before the referendum, has managed a number of things.

First, his domestic support base has solidified. That’s what the referendum confirmed once more. Second, he’s given the Troika members, plus the various nations that think they represent them, something that was sure from the moment he sent it to them: a way to divide and rule and conquer the lot.

Tsipras has set the IMF versus the EU versus the ECB. Schäuble snapped at Draghi last night: ”Do you hold me for a fool?” Germany itself is split too, Merkel and Schäuble are at odds. Germany and France don’t see eye to eye anymore. The US doesn’t see eye to eye with any party involved.

Italy is about to tell Germany to stop its shenanigans and get a deal done. The True Finns may get to decide the entire shebang, with less than 1 million rabid voters calling the shots for 320 million eurozone inhabitants.

From that point of view, Tsipras has done a great job at playing the other side of the table off against each other. So much so, it doesn’t even have to have been intentional, and it still works out great. He’s exposed the entire EU structure as a bag of bones, let alone a naked emperor.

Moreover, imagine this also purely hypothetical and for entertainment purposes only notion: maybe Tsipras has known forever that for Greece to stay inside the eurozone was a losing proposition. But he never had the mandate. Well, after Schäuble’s antics last night, that mandate has come a lot closer. And it’s not even just in Greece either.

And he may not even need such a mandate: Schäuble may do the job for him. If Tsipras pokes him just a little more, he’ll throw such a hissyfit that Alexis will be able to get Greece out of the euro without carrying the blame himself. And get money for the effort. Lots of money.

And that’s not all: he’ll sow division in the ranks to such an extent that the whole EU won’t survive. How can Schäuble stay in his post after this? How can Draghi? He’s shown them all, for the whole world to see, to be nothing but hot air bags of bones. Their entire credibility is shot to bits.

What’s coming out now in the western press are little factoids like Draghi was vice chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International when those infamous swaps were arranged through the bank, that allowed Greece to hide its debt and be eligible for euro membership, and that have already cost the country $5 billion down the road so far.

(Just today a reader made me aware of an article in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard: “Read in “de standaard” Ex-minister Crombez says : “Troika has a hidden agenda. They have forbidden to Tsipras to tax the big companies who are exporting all their profits to Switzerland and Luxemburg. The big audit companies like KPMG, BDO and others had very strongly reacted at the Troika to oblige Tsipras to forget this new tax law“. Hence the whole Greek debt crisis was rigged from the very first moment by the dark cabal in order to destroy this country and create a precedent as to how to install the NWO in Europe and then worldwide. Note, George)

And that Schäuble accepted 100,000 marks from Canadian/German arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber in 1999, a move that brought down both Helmut Kohl and Schäuble himself, clearing the way for…drumroll… Angela Merkel. Case has never been entirely solved, no charges were laid against Kohl or Schäuble (an excellent point, I had forgotten about this scandal that put the insignificant clone Merkel in power, note, George).

If that’s what Tsipras was aiming for, great. But even if he wasn’t, consciously, still great. The Troika is finished and will never be the same. Nor will the EU. Sometimes all you have to do is make someone so mad they’ll blow up, just find the right trigger point. (This is what I am doing with the Internet trolls currently. Note, George)

And it’s not as if I didn’t warn about this. On the eve of the referendum, I said:

With Yanis Gone, Now Troika Heads Must Roll

It’s time for the Troika to seek out some real men too. It cannot be that the winner leaves and all the losers get to stay. The attempts to suppress the IMF debt sustainability analysis were a shameful attempt to mislead the people of Greece, and of Europe as a whole. And don’t forget the US: Lagarde operates out of Washington. It cannot be that after this mockery of democracy, these same people can just remain where they are.

It’s time for Europe to show the same democratic heart that Varoufakis has shown this morning. And if that doesn’t happen, all Europeans should make sure to leave the European Union as quickly as they can. Because that would prove once and for all that the EU is no more than a cheap facade, a thin veil behind which something pretty awful tries to hide its ugly face.

But you know, these people think they’re untouchable. They’re not, and Tsipras has exposed that. Not bad for a weekend’s work.

I hear a lot of talk about regime change, and all the Greek opposition leaders being invited to Brussels. But a party that has a solid and rising approval rating and support base is not easy to topple. I think the regime change will have to take place on the other side of the negotiating table (Tsipras will shuffle some seats, but that’s all he needs to do).

From my purely hypothetical and for entertainment purposes only scenario, Tsipras has set the perfect trap for the other side of the table. (with his new reform proposals as the proverbial “Danaan gift”, note, George). He’s driving them apart, setting them off against each other, putting them into incompatible positions, and making the positions of quite a few of them untenable.

This is no longer about saving Greece, it’s about saving the entire European edifice. And that is a losing battle, certainly as long as the ass clowns are involved that have run the show up to now.

As hypothetical as this all may be, I think perhaps it’s a good idea to give Alexis Tsipras a bit more of the benefit of the doubt.

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Greek myth, which is in case you missed it full of tragedies, is the cultural mine that keeps on yielding for the present crisis.

Last night we had a Eurogroup meeting. Greece offered everything the Eurogroup wanted, and more. The Eurogroup demurred and the Finns, in thrall to as populist a bunch of vote grabbers as ever was in the True Finns (the hint in the name is chilling) apparently said Aye, which is apparently Finnish for yes, although as nobody speaks Finnish outside Finland, who knows.

So delving into Greek myth, today we see Tantalus. Tantalus fits right on the button. He was condemned to stand in a lake of water with a grapevine over his head. If he stooped to drink the water receded, if he stretched to eat the grapes drew back. If Greece tries to cut its way from a depression the debt burden worsens, if it seeks aid the aid is yanked out of reach. What was Tantalus’s crime? Again, it fits. He took from the gods that which they would not give, in some myths ambrosia (not the custard dish but the food of the gods), in others it was Nectar. These he distributed to humans, angering the gods who believed that these goodies were theirs to distribute and not his. Greece entered the Euro and ..well, you see it.

We should also note that Tantalus had form for hiding things, notably the golden hound of Hephaestus , the smith of the gods who made all things. Greece, let us not forget, hid the true state of the finances, a well functioning state statistical apparatus being the foundation of all things in a modern economy. Interestingly, in myth he was aided by Pandareus, who could gorge forever on the finest things and neither be satiated nor suffer. Greece was aided in its concealment of the true state of its economy by Goldman Sachs…

A further crime that Tantalus committed was, in an attempt to appease the now vengeful deities, he sacrificed his son Pelops and served a Greek version of Frey Pie  to the gods. They recoil and his punishment is sealed. Syriza have killed, baked and served up to the Eurozone their own mandate and policies, only to have them thrown back faceward. Mind you, in myth Pelops was revived, repaired, and taken on board by the gods, Demeter (the bountiful goddess) having eaten of the pie and wanting to turn back time.  The IMF, under Lagarde, have eaten of the pie and taken on board its central spice, the need for debt relief, and are now busy with time travel experiments.


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