Video: The Elohim on the Current State of Ascension – June 21, 2015

by Cristian Andrei, Romania, June 23, 2015

Today, I received this beautiful video from our PAT member Cristian Andrei from Romania visualizing the latest short message of the Elohim on the current state of ascension from June 21st (summer solstice). The colours of this video are so beautiful and, as Carla confirmed to me, exactly how she envisions the New Lemuria. The whole days she is sending telepathically Cristi’s beautiful colours and landscapes to her HS for their manifestation in the 5D1 level.

This video also triggered a quick learning process in myself. I must admit that I did not know until now how to publish videos from YouTube. I asked my webmaster and IT angel-protector Piotr for instruction and he was as usually very quick to respond and help me. Now I have just published my first video on the website and am rather proud of myself.

In the past I refrained from publishing whole videos as I preferred to give the link for you to go to the original video in YouTube. But with this wonderful and highly inspiring video created by Cristi, I knew that it is time to get rid of my ignorance and finally learn how to edit videos shortly before my ascension. My reluctance to learn more about this medium is that I know beyond any doubt that this form of digital communication is soon coming to end, precisely when we shall ascend and move this timeline to the new 4D worlds. However, there is nothing I would not do in my old age as to keep up pace with the creative impulses of the PAT when the challenge is there and I have to be supportive.

Hence enjoy this video from Cristi and then try to envision your New Lemuria, where you would like to ascend (move) this summer. This event feels now very close to me and Carla and surely to many of you too.

The Elohim Message:

New beginnings gracefully unfold into the awareness of the enlightened One. This may be through energetic pathways, visual or auditory pathways, in or out of the dream state – they are arising every which way. It has become an open floodgate of energy moving through the quantum field of All-That-Is.

The awake and aware ones know what they want, and it shall be so. As your timeline expression expands, so must your connection to it on all levels. This brings great change in your physical vessel at the subatomic level, change that accompanies expansion and elevation to expanded expression.

All systems do adjust to this, as alignments and clearing are complete. It is an ongoing vigil, do not lose sight of the goal.

We are the Elohim and we embrace you in our fields of love.”

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