Ten Differences in Gurus and Captains

by Jerry R James, June 10, 2015


1. Gurus wear white sackcloth. Captains wear goofy costumes as Picard in Startrek and the Captain with Tennille.

2. Captains share the fate of their crew by going up or down with the ship while gurus never get on the ship.

3. Gurus are fed small bowls of rice by their followers while Captains are left to starve with their crew.

4. Captains ask for posts and verification from the crew while gurus channel their own post, no verification needed.

5. Gurus crush small flowers between their fingers to sustain their energy, while captains pass out in an unconscious state.

6. Captain grimace with pain as the energy waves hit, while gurus maintain a smiling repose (in the absence of any waves, note George).

7. Gurus have all knowledge, captains continue to seek knowledge.

8. Captains are burned and scorched by the heat of the sun while gurus fan in the shade of the banyan tree.

9. Gurus are service to self while captains are service to others.

10. All true PAT are captains, but there can only be one guru.

To this I would like to add one more difference as to get the magic number 11 of ascension (George):

11. A captain cannot be a charitable nurse as many people expect from a nice guru. His duty is to bring the crew safe back home, notwithstanding all the pain his crew has to endure during the journey.

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