Massive Escalation Towards Global War Heralds the Coming ID Shift

by Georgi Stankov, June 1, 2015

Unbeknownst from the general attention the escalation efforts of the Western ruling cabal towards a global nuclear war have reached another unprecedented peak this last week. Initially I intended to write an article on this new trend but ultimately decided not to pour oil in the fire. There are already enough arsonists in the MSM and also in the alternative media that sing this martial song. In fact it is our duty as Logos Gods to prevent such an outcome and it has already been prevented in the eternal Now of All-That-Is where all future probability alternatives co-exist.

It is though important to note that the western cabal have firmly decided to start a new war against Russia and China and the recent US provocations in the Black Sea and the South Sea prove this conclusion. While this scenario will unfold on a lower timeline that will be interdimensionally split from this uppermost mother planet and will affect the large part of humanity, we together with this uppermost mother planet will move to a higher frequency level or will most probably merge with the new 4D worlds. In this way the new humanity will be fully separated from the ruling dark cabal that will go under during this shift.

Thus an imminent global war will be most probably prevented for us by massive natural catastrophes that will offset the belligerent plans of the dark ones as we see this already happening in Texas. But for those human beings who will remain on the lower timeline these catastrophes will not protect them from such a war that will come on top of the natural catastrophes and will destroy most of their planet.

In other words, it is impossible to stop the war-mongering escalation of the western cabal and prevent this war. This is all part and parcel of the resolution through escalation and confrontation during the End Time. The western cabal know already that they have lost and that they have no chance to establish the NWO on this uppermost mother planet, so that their last ditch attempts to escape this dire destiny are purely suicidal. Practically, they know that they are bankrupt, while the BRICS countries were able to push their agenda of de-dollarisation, exit from the Western SWIFT system and even to achieve a military superiority over NATO and the USA.

This new confidence has been recently demonstrated by Putin for the first time in a conspicuous manner and in great contrast to past very diplomatic and cautious statements on his part. This is the most reliable sign that both Russia and China are ready to respond to the US aggression even if this may mean an inevitable war. Many of the recent statements coming from these two countries support this new growing confidence, even it may come out of desperation after the elite there have put up with the fact that a war is inevitable, as the USA cannot allow to crumble as a world power without taking the rest of the world in the abyss it has created for itself.

In order to give you a glimpse into this newly acquired desperado-confidence of the Russians and the Chinese, I have decided, instead of giving you references on the inevitability of the upcoming war on the lower timeline of this uppermost mother planet, to publish here the interview with Putin on the US attack on FIFA and Sepp Blatter and also an article in the German newspaper “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” on the open accusations of Putin against the West. Such examples give you a much better impression how far advanced the animosities between the big powers are and why a reconciliation is no longer possible.

Diplomacy has failed and this world no longer needs diplomats – probably that is why Kerry “broke his leg” and is out of the game for some time. To this latest event I will publish more revealing information that also confirms how heated and chaotic the current political situation worldwide is and how easily a single spark can ignite a devastating global nuclear war.


VideoVladimir Putin on FIFA scandal

Transcript of Putin’s Interview:

“It doesn’t affect us… But of course I have my own opinion on this topic. As we’re all aware, the election of the President of FIFA was supposed to take place on Friday. And Mr Blatter had every chance of being elected. And we’re aware of the pressure placed on him to replace Russia as the host nation for the 2018 world cup.

We know his position on this – which has got nothing to do with any special relationship between FIFA and Russia. It is his general, principal position – that sport and politics ought to be kept separate. And furthermore, he considers that sport should have a positive impact on politics… and be a platform for dialogue, reconciliation and decision-making.

I believe he is absolutely right. With regard to the series of arrests – at the very least it looks very strange… As the arrests took place at the request of the Americans.

And the accusation of corruption… Who? International civil servants. One could suggest that one of them in fact broke some law.. But the US doesn’t actually have any right to be involved in this… These civil servants are not US citizens.

And if indeed there was some wrongdoing…  It didn’t take place on US territory… And it’s got nothing to do with the US. It is once again an example of the US trying to enforce its jurisdiction on other sovereign states.

And I am absolutely certain that it is a concerted attempt to prevent Mr Blatter from becoming the FIFA President. Which is a very serious attack on the operations of an international organization. Furthermore, the US prosecutor – as our media reports – has announced… That these FIFA officials have indeed committed crimes.

As if he doesn’t know that an individual is assumed innocent until proven guilty. It must be proved in court – and only after that can things be said. Even if we were to say that the US had some right to the extradition of these individuals… Whatever these crimes were, they were carried out on the territory of a third party.

We know the US position on the former NSA agent, Mr Snowden. Who uncovered the illegal actions of the US on a global scale, including the listening into the conversations of foreign leaders. Everyone has condemned this, including in Europe. But nobody wants to guarantee his safety or give him asylum. Nobody wants to fall out with their partners, especially their senior partners.

I mean, can you believe it? Snowden is a former NSA agent…A US citizen.

And then there’s Assange… Who was forced to hide away in another country’s foreign embassy for several years… He has also been denied his freedom. What are they detaining him for – sex crimes? Nobody believes that any more. They are after him because he released information obtained from US soldiers regarding the US army’s actions in the Middle East, particularly Iraq.

Why did I remember this just now – because unfortunately our American partners use such methods to achieve their goals. And they do it illegally…. They spy on people.

I won’t rule out that the very same happened here with FIFA. Of course I don’t know how it will end… But the fact it’s all happening before the election of the FIFA makes me think of it in this way.


Putin: US Foreign Policy Boosted Expansion of Terrorism. BRICS countries must prepare for an efficient defense against Western masters of war

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

Russia’s president Putin uses unusually harsh words when it comes to the US foreign policy. He wants an alliance with China and the BRICS countries in order to close the security gap left by the US foreign policy: The illegal interventions of the West in the Middle East led to a strong Islamic State. BRICS should jointly defend themselves against such developments.

Russia’s president Putin shows a harsher attitude towards West’s foreign policy: Putin accuses the West, quite bluntly, to be responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State. At a meeting with the BRICS security chiefs he said on Monday, according to TASS:

”We know what is going on in the Middle East and North Africa now. We see problems caused by a terrorist organization, which calls itself ‚The Islamic State’. However, there was no terrorism in those states before the unacceptable interference from the outside took place without an approval of the UN Security Council. It is obvious that the consequences are tough. Everything that has happened in the international arena over the last couple of years needs to be re-adjusted”.

Putin sees other states threatened by the aggressive policy pursued by the West:”It is obvious that our nations are threatened and this is due to the fact that the international law has been violated in combination with violation of sovereignty of different states and their spheres of influence”.

At his meeting with China’s representatives, Putin discussed with his guests the existing threat of ‚color revolutions’: One took place in the Ukraine, and Moscow believes that the US was behind the ousting of president Yanukovich as a result of the Maidan unrests. It is also a known fact among western observers that the US was pulling the strings in the background.

Only recently a classified Pentagon report revealed that the US government had knowledge of a possible creation of IS. But the government did nothing to prevent it, since a conflict among Muslims suits the geostrategic direction of the US government.

The fact that Putin links the US foreign policy in the Middle East with the geographical expansion of the Islamic State is remarkable. Putin has never before used such harsh words when explaining the possible causes for the crisis in the Middle East.

It seems that Putin is putting more pressure on the West: The alliance is not making progress against the fragmented fighting groups in Syria. Recently David Cameron asked Putin to help find a joint solution for the Syria crisis. Putin, who supports Assad, may increase the price of his cooperation.  The harsh words used by Putin against the West in connection with the rise of the Islamic State may indicate the direction in the Middle East game. And it won’t be a position of weakness.

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