How Immediate Creation Occurs

Georgi Stankov, June 12, 2015

Today I published my energy report where I reported about my dream yesterday when I was beaming a gifted young investigative journalist Paul Joseph Watson with Source energies. I wrote as follows:

The pouring of source energies continued throughout the whole night and was accompanied with severe gastric and gallbladder pain. During this time I contemplated on the meaning of this dream and came to the conclusion that we now beam the whole journalist community with these purest source energies to intensify their efforts and promote a real success in revealing the dark agenda of the cabal. Paul Joseph Watson embodies this new type of a journalist. Hence I expect some spectacular revelations to unfold in the coming days; they may as well come from us when we ascend later in the summer.”

Honestly when I wrote this I did not expect such rapid results. However  in order to reinforce my conclusion I did a powerful invocation with the seven sacred flames early in the afternoon – and I urge all PAT members to follow my example – to contain the Bilderberger meeting and prevent them use the energies of our city of Light Raetia for their heinous agenda. In fact I wrapped them all in gold Christed light and sent them to the Tao for soul-recycling. The invocation was so powerful that I immediately felt telepathically that it has already achieved its success in the Now.

And only this evening (June 11th) I saw the interview of my friend journalist from my dream Paul Joseph Watson with another journalist from the Guardian who had terrible experience with the nazi-like harassment of the Austrian police, which they apply to all journalists that have come to Tirol to report on the Bilderberger conference. Here is the interview:

VideoGuardian Journalist Gets Midnight Raid By Bilderberg Police

And it gets even better. As you know, the Guardian is the mouthpiece of the dark AAA-cabal in the UK disguised as a liberal, independent newspaper. Its warmongering propaganda against Russia and Putin is only surpassed by the Economist and both outlets have fully dedicated themselves to blatant lies and deceptions and have eliminated the word “truth” from their vocabulary.

Hence I was curious to check how the Guardian will respond to this affront of the ruling cabal against their journalist doing his duty and reporting on the Bilderberger conference, given the fact that my dream friend and journalist Paul Joseph Watson had already interviewed this Guardian journalist on the police’s nightly raid in the hotel and published it on the Internet. Any omission on the part of the Guardian would have immediately been interpreted as a proof that this newspaper is in cahoots with the dark cabal and sweeps such scandalous events that discredit the Bilderberger meeting with a huge broom under the rug of silence. This was also a test for me whether my nightly energetic action and my invocation today have been successful and have wielded first modest results. And I was not disappointed, quite on the contrary.

The Guardian, this mouthpiece of the dark British cabal, has published for the first time an article on the harassment of their journalist by the idiotic Austrian police that has become the most compelling indictment of the dark criminal Bilderberger cabal, which a MSM outlet has ever dared to publish so far. Please read and check for yourself as this will give you an inkling as to how powerful we are and how quickly our invocations and decisions are now manifesting in this reality.

We are the Stewards of this timeline and not the petty, scared to death dark cabal in the Austrian Alps, protected by thousands of idiotic Alpine Police-“Trottel” (Morons) to commit their crimes on humanity in secrecy. We do not need to meet physically to determine the destiny of this planet and humanity. We do it with the power of our thoughts, intent and determination from the fulcrum of our higher selves at each place on this planet which is on the way to its ascension.


Bilderberg 2015: Where Criminals Mingle with Ministers

The Guardian

Even a lecture on the convicted criminals due to arrive or a chat about ‘shameless’ HSBC didn’t deter Austria’s officers from yet another ID check

A sign in front of a police checkpoint on a road leading to the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol, venue of the Bilderberg conference.
A sign in front of a police checkpoint on a road leading to the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol, venue of the Bilderberg conference. Photograph: Christian Bruna/AFP/Getty Images
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