Energy Report – June 11, 2015

The Move to 5D1 New Lemuria Has Commenced

Georgi Stankov, 2015

I do not know where to begin with. Well, I survived yesterday and it did not seem very probable for a long time. What happened?

On Tuesday, June 9th, I had a very interesting dream. We were moving to a new bigger house near-by. The house was built on many levels with big and bright rooms with huge windows, full of light. I remember that when I entered the living room with the agent (he felt more like a guardian angel) who showed me the property, he told me that I can open and close the shutters with my hand telepathically. When I pointed with the fingers to the ground the shutters came down noiselessly and when I pointed with the fingers to the ceiling the shutters went up. “Excellent” I said to the agent. “But are you sure that they will always work? This kind of electronics is so sensitive and may easily be disrupted.” This was my pure human scepticism. The agent laughed whole-heartedly and assured me that the shutters never break and I should not worry about this. This kind of electronics is impeccable.

Then we visited the yard which was within the house – it surrounded the yard from all sides. There was a kind of a barn there and I saw some unusual animals. One of them looked like an elk with the size of a goat with big antlers. When he saw me he ran towards me and I was afraid that he will hurt me with his antlers. But when he came near to me, he moved his head to the side so that the antlers did not touch me and began to cuddle with me. It felt very much 5D.

“OK” I said to the agent, “We take the house and we will move next week when the tenants of this house have fully moved out.” The agent laughed kindly and told me: “They have already moved out and you can move in immediately.” I was so happy and said that I will start transporting some boxes and furniture tomorrow before the big move will take place next week. The rest of the night I contemplated on this dream and my HS told me that the move to the 5D1 New Lemuria can begin earlier than planned. I woke up in high spirits.

Then on the night of June 10th, I had the most powerful descent of source energy which poured like Niagara falls over my body. While the energies were very pure and blissful, of the same quality as the ones when we created New Lemuria on  June the 4th, the intensity was off the scale and they hit my 3rd chakra very hard. I had throughout the whole night gastric pain and vertigo. My body was radiating all the time like the second Central Sun. This has happened a few times in the past and was always associated with big creations. The first time I received this kind of pure, mighty energies from the Source was in early December 2013 in Lofer and the next day we created Gaia 5 as the Elohim confirmed to us.

This time I did something different in the dream state. The energies that I received from the Source I radiated /poured over a young and very gifted investigative and revelation journalist Paul Joseph Watson, who works for Infowars. I had seen in the evening his video on the Bilderbergers meeting in Austria


which starts today and was pondering on the remarkable coincidence that both the G7 and the Bilderbergers annual meeting were organized very near, only 16 km away from each other in the Alps and within the confines of our city of light Raetia and also rather near to our world healing centre in Lofer.

Now, the skeptics would say that this is pure coincidence. But if you consider how big this world is, the decision to place these two final meetings of the dark cabal in the confines of Raetsia and near the Lofer world healing centre cannot be a random event. We know very well that the dark cabal can measure frequencies and higher dimensional portals and attack them in various ways. We have here in Vancouver regular attacks with chemtrails from US airplanes that come from Washington and contaminate the area over Vancouver and in particular our Infinity Portal in White Rock. Only yesterday we observed several such chemtrails that crossed over our skies and Jeanette, who lives near-by, confirmed this in an email to me in the evening: “There is a big chemtrail dump going on today and this evening over the Southern Gulf Islands“.

What I want to convey with this is that the dark cabal know roughly, where the energy vibrations are very high and they try to use them to promote their dark agenda as their power is now rapidly dwindling. Hence both of the biggest and last events of the dark cabal were placed in the area of Raetia. Please, observe that this is really the last time that these dark ones meet together as this year they will be ousted from power. Hence we observe now their last-ditch effort to escape their dire destiny by planning some very dark disastrous events.

The G7 finished and it was a non-event. The same will happen with the Bilderberger meeting as none of their heinous agenda will manifest in the coming days and months. The new energies of this uppermost mother planet and our presence here will prevent this.

Now back to my dream with this young journalist. The pouring of source energies continued throughout the whole night and was accompanied with severe gastric and gallbladder pain. During this time I contemplated on the meaning of this dream and came to the conclusion that we now beam the whole journalist community with these purest source energies to intensify their efforts and promote a real success in revealing the dark agenda of the cabal. Paul Joseph Watson embodies this new type of a journalist. Hence I expect some spectacular revelations to unfold in the coming days; they may as well come from us when we ascend later in the summer.

When I woke up, I was squiggling from abdominal pain. However, my physical condition improved somewhat, so that I could do my work on this website in the early morning. Then around 9.00 am a second very powerful wave hit me. This time it had a profound transforming effect on my body. This is what I wrote yesterday to Henry Clymer:

I am experienced the most shitty day since I came here to Vancouver. I had a huge download of source energy in the night that hit my 3d chakra and stomach, and in particular the gallbladder. I had pains, vertigo and was giddy the whole night. In the morning the abdominal pains increased, very much spasmodic as in a gallstone colic. I had to throw up. I got a new wave early in the morning on top of the nightly one that feels like flu with high temperature although I cannot get fever since 1999, with chills, exhaustion, muscle pain, giddiness, stomach pain and diarrhea. I can barely survive today but hope to be better tomorrow. There is a huge ID shift right now.

PS: I just measured my body temperature as Carla could not find the thermometer before that. I have fever above 100 Farenheit and this is the first time since Christmas 1999- 2000 that I have fever, when I started with the LBP and had high fever for a week. After that the left brain portal was opened and the high-pitched tone started in my ears.”

“Dear Georgi,

 I was horrified to hear that you had such LBP during the night which sounded like, as you said, gallstone colic; and then the flu-like symptoms afterward!  I started a prayer votive at 6:30 PM, which will last during the night.  If this is another huge ID shift, I hope that it leaves you and Carla in decent conditions, not looking like diphtheria cases from Africa! … Henry

“Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your support. The night before I dreamt that I can move immediately in another bigger empty house as the residents have left earlier. Initially I planned to make the move next week. It may be that I have started with the move to 5D1 already and it is very painful. ..”

And indeed later in the evening I got the confirmation from my HS that I have undergone a massive energetic transformation of my physical body in preparation for my move to 5D1 New Lemuria. The Hyperboreans warned us in advance that the whole energetic structure of our 18 bodies, and in particular our physical body, must be completely transformed before they can move to the 5th dimension as the energetic leap between upper 4D and lower 5D is huge. It is the most critical transition to accomplish within All-That-Is. Whereas the ascension from 5D to higher dimensions is much easier once we have arrived at 5D.

I am reporting about this dramatic energetic episode as I am sure that very soon you will make similar experiences while your bodies are transformed and move to New Lemuria. The process has commenced and it will be very tense and intensive. You should know that it will not be an easy ride, quite on the contrary and should not be discouraged when the pains come. This is indeed the final hurdle shortly before we reach the finish line. We are now like athletes who have entered an anaerobic state at the end of the competition when the muscles are fully acidified and extremely painful. The good news is that once this episode is over the recovery is very rapid. Today I feel much better though still very weak, but there is no pain and this is already a miracle.

Carla has just told me that she had a wonderful dream of moving to a new beautiful reality. She will write down this dream and I will publish it later on as it also confirms the beginning of our move to New Lemuria. Obviously the ascension events are now stipulating.

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