Why the PAT Is the Avantgarde of Humanity. How We Influence the People with Our Ideas

Georgi Stankov, May 9, 2015


It is one thing to sustain that we influence as Logos Gods significantly the collective consciousness of humanity in the End Time, quite a different thing to render the proofs for this undeniable transcendental fact in this reality. In this way we not only reinforce our faith in our assessments and conclusions concerning the Ascension scenario, but also strengthen our creationary potential. Every conscious creator needs a feedback from the results of his creation as to be able to gauge its adequacy and eventually improve his underlying creationary concepts.

Only two weeks ago, in a discussion with our PAT friend Henry Bizon I presented the surprising idea that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, will not experience a total crash of the Orion monetary system in the West, as this event will be substituted by a full jubilee of the gargantuan debt that the dark cabal in power and the Orion banksters have amassed since WW2 and in particular since the beginning of the last Greatest Depression in human history in 2008. This is what I suggested as the most likely scenario for this uppermost mother planet in opposition to my initial scenario for a global financial crash that has already occurred on numerous lower catastrophic timelines:

” Hence, how could a paradigm shift happen in the End Time by changing the financial and economic system in a most radical manner, while avoiding a sudden shutdown of the banks and a cash flow infarct of the western economies that will be experienced by the people as badly as a global nuclear war?

The simplest way is to recognize the fallacies and the inherent fraud of the Western monetary system and to immediately cancel all debt. This jubilee can be done with a decree overnight. Then all big banks will be closed as they are entirely based on debt and virtual, worthless derivatives and will be substituted with a simple system of payments on the Internet. Practically and technically this is already the case in all western countries.”

This revolutionary idea has now been forwarded by a critical group of successful Canadian investors who are competent insiders and assess the fraudulent Orion monetary system in the same negative manner as I have been doing this since 1997. The posting of this article below, two weeks after my plea for a global jubilee, where the authors put forward the same idea to resolve the massive debt of all Western governments and economies is anything but auspicious.

Before that I have never read such a radical proposal by any financial experts in the West. It is not a coincidence that this proposal for a global jubilee of all debts comes only a month after I personally contacted this group and made them aware of our website and the existence of the new Theory of the Universal Law as the spiritual foundation of any meaningful paradigm change of this crumbling Orion reality.

I have no proofs whether these people have read my website, but the fact that they have now come up with such a radical solution is not coincidental, as we know too well that we now function as the wayshowers of human progress and that all our ideas, inasmuch as they are in accordance with the highest good of All-That-Is, are immediately adopted by the rest of humanity and serve as the driving motor of all social, political, economic and financial change that is necessary to happen, so that the final Ascension leap of this uppermost mother planet can take place.


Bail-Ins and Bank-Runs: The Coming Threat



May 8, 2015

As the Greece crisis worsens, and “Grexit” (Greece’s exit from the EU) appears increasingly inevitable, the end result of this scenario could be a series of unintended consequences, which will (once again) come as an unpleasant surprise for the architect of this crisis – the One Bank. “Follow the bouncing ball” here, as the chain of events has now grown quite long.

We begin with Debt Slavery, the economic rape of Europe (and North America) by which the One Bank has buried all these nations under literal mountains of public and private debt, and then blood-sucks all the wealth out of these economies via (so-called) “interest payments”. With all these nations well past the point of insolvency; the corrupt, puppet governments of these nations have been colluding with the banksters, in theatrical sham-rescues.

Dubbed “bail-outs” by the deceitful Corporate media, politicians and bankers; with these so-called “bail-outs” in the EU, the ECB simply piles more debt onto nations which were already far past the point of insolvency. It is the precise, metaphorical equivalent of tossing an anchor to a person drowning in water. With these puppet governments now accomplices of the banksters in the rape of their own nations; none of them have been willing to denounce these cynical acts of economic self-destruction.

Then one of these nations finally elected a legitimate, independent government – Greece – and that government “called out” these liars with respect to this entire, corrupt farce. It has stated bluntly and unequivocally that it refuses to be a party to any further economic rape of its own population. It has insisted that the EU negotiate a real bail-out – i.e. a deal where the debt-load of this bankrupt nation goes down rather than up.

The corrupt Vampires of the EU have feigned ignorance and incomprehension, pretending they can’t understand why a bankrupt nation would want to reduce its debts. They have dubbed Greece’s bargaining position “unreasonable” (and thus refused to negotiate), and labeled Greece’s government “radical”.

This is simply more perversity, what we have all become accustomed to in the Wonderland Matrix. In reality, it is the Vampires who have been totally “unreasonable”, by refusing to engage in good-faith negotiations, and it is the Vampires who are “radical” (or corrupt, or simply evil) by insisting on piling more and more and more debt onto hopelessly insolvent nations, and thus onto the backs of the peoples of these nations.

The Vampires who control the currency of Greece’s nation (“Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws”) have resorted to starving-out Greece’s government, and the nation itself, as they continue to stonewall Greece at the bargaining table. It was a process which could have only one ending (the capitulation or destruction of Greece’s governments), until a “wild card” entered the picture: Russia.

Already a target of another one of the One Bank’s campaigns of economic terrorism; Russia (with the staunch assistance of China) has now declared that “the worst is over” with respect to the economic attack by these banksters against its own nation. Now it is reaching out to another of their targets: Greece. It has already fast-tracked negotiations for a natural gas pipeline to pump Russia’s vast stockpiles of natural gas to Europe. This would cut-out the new, (Western) puppet regime in Ukraine, thus ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

However, while Russia endeavours to put together this economic “pipeline” to Greece; the nation is being starved of the cash necessary to meet its day-to-day operating expenses. Most notably, this means pension-cheques to retirees and wages to public sector employees. With no other options; Greece’s government has succumbed to a different form of banker-fraud: the “bail-in”.

Here the banksters have simplified the process of pillaging the wealth of nations, by cutting-out the proverbial middle-man. With the “bail-in” these thieves manufacture debts/obligations (always owed to the Big Bank tentacles of the One Bank), then they point at any particularly juicy private, paper assets, and steal those assets to satisfy the “debt”.

But stealing peoples’ (paper) wealth, right out of their accounts, has consequences. For insight into these consequences; there can be no better place to start than with the views of the esteemed James Turk. Turk has been one of the true visionaries connected with the precious metals sector: extremely accurate with his economic forecasting, and generally ahead of his peers.

In a recent interview for The Daily Coin; Turk was asked for his insights into the Greece crisis. As he pointed to imminent “bail-ins”, an act of desperation by Greece’s government, he made the following observations:

As I understand it; money is still fleeing the banking system because people recognize that their money is at substantial risk if they keep it in Greek banks.  In other words; it’s likely the ECB will do a “bail-in” in Greece, like the ECB did a “bail-in” in Cyprus, because the ECB is not going to take a loss on its credit exposure to Greece.

This encapsulates the current scenario nicely. It also shows how these criminal “precedents” which the One Bank has gone out of its way to create (through its dictates to our political puppets) can create a back-lash: unintended consequences which (as usual) the banksters failed to anticipate, and thus were/are unprepared to address.

When these criminals established their “precedent” (in Cyprus), which supposedly “legalizes” this naked theft of financial assets; they also telegraphed their future intent – to anyone/everyone paying attention. Thus as we see the financial/economic crisis escalate in Greece, the ‘writing is on the wall’ for anyone with the least bit of comprehension: “bail-ins are coming to Greece”.

Even many of the Zombies in our populations still retain the shred of awareness necessary to take action (precautions) as the mass-theft of their dwindling wealth becomes a large, obvious risk. Having created a scenario where now even much of the Little Peoples’ money will flee the banking system, before it can be stolen; what do the banksters do with this self-created predicament?

One option is something which has previously been held out as a high probability: “one, big steal”. If paper assets are mass-looted, across the Western world, and with little-to-no-warning, then these criminals can likely perpetrate their mega-heist with all of these paper accounts still largely full/intact.

The down-side to this tactic is obvious. With the mass-heist having to occur simultaneously with the mass-crash that the banksters are clearly concocting; this means surprising the Zombies with not one, but twoincredibly enormous (unprecedented?) crashes at the same time: the complete collapse of our markets along with the complete crash of our economies. That spells riots in the streets, across the West’s corrupt regimes, and it is unclear if the banksters are ready/willing to trigger riots from this cause, given the likelihood of many more rioting-provoking outrages – as these fascist regimes move rapidly toward becoming police-states.

The only other alternative for the banksters is to endeavour to make it impossible for the Little People to extract their wealth from financial institutions, thus leaving their assets ripe-for-the-plucking via bail-ins, with no rush/imperative to do all their stealing in one, big gulp. How could these criminals create such a scenario? Buy “banning cash”, a movement now gaining steam across the corrupt West, primarily via the propaganda of the Corporate media.

By “banning cash”; storing one’s wealth under the proverbial mattress is not only a crime, in and of itself, but attempting to spend that cash (in the blackmarkets which would surely evolve) would be a second crime. This raises the obvious question: what percentage of the Zombies would be prepared to engage in civil disobedience, and simply ignore such fascist (and unconstitutional) laws?

Note that the blackmarkets which any cash-ban would instantly create are, themselves, an unintended and undesirable consequence – at least in the eyes of the banksters. Indeed, as noted in previous commentaries; this is almost certainly part of the reason why the One Bank reversed itself on India’s gold embargo, and allowed that government to resume normal/legal gold imports.

The gold-ban in India led to rampant gold-smuggling, which then inevitably resulted in a blackmarket to ‘launder’ some/most/all of this smuggled gold. Blackmarkets imply blackmarket prices for goods, prices which the banksters would be powerless to affect with their market manipulations. In turn, it requires little stretching of the imagination to see these “blackmarket prices” evolve into real-world prices for the various goods/assets in our societies.

Yet again; the evil (and grandiose) schemes of these financial Wile E. Coyotes are backing themselves into a corner, where their only options are (in their own eyes) bad and worse. Perpetrating mass “bail-ins” across the Western world would engorge the mountains of (largely illusory) paper wealth, which these psychopathic Oligarchs have amassed. But those mountains are already so large that the numbers have become meaningless, even to the members of this financial crime syndicate.

However, while any additional stealing of wealth is virtually meaningless to the One Bank; it is obviously highly significant to the Little People, our corrupt/bankrupt governments, and thus to the One Bank’s empire of financial crime. Simply put, any additional, significant plundering of Western wealth can only lead to the mass-implosion/mass-bankruptcy of these insolvent regimes – thus creating a Debt Jubilee.

Erasing our debts means removing the yoke of Debt Slavery which has been fastened around the throats of all of us by the One Bank. The loss of that yoke does more than diminish the capacity of this crime syndicate to steal from us; it also means a loss of control which the One Bank currently exerts over our debt-slave governments.

All roads lead to Debt Jubilee. All roads lead to the great diminishing (if not destruction) of this Old World Order crime syndicate, which has secretly ruled over us for at least the last century. And it is the banksters themselves who are pushing down hard on the accelerator, as we speed toward the End of the Road. (Even I could not have said it better. Note, George

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