The Greatest Limitation: Linear Time

This a small, but very precise message that brilliantly confirms what the PAT does as the only group of ascended masters worldwide – consciously eliminating linear time by fully accepting the concept of multidimensionality and being able to move through many different timelines, thus eliminating the very edifice of 3D linear time. As the Dragon says, this is the only way to liberate from the shackles of linear time, which is in the core of all limitations in an incarnated state and ascend through full expansion of multidimensional awareness.




This is the dragon.

You exist in the illusion of linear time. Illusion. Illusion. Illusion. Say it three times so it sinks in. There is one and only one over-arching limitation that dominates all others and does the most to keep you in the reality you are experiencing. Almost all limitations are reduced to this:

(Linear) Time.

Think about it. Think of any limitation, and if you could increase how much time you had, you could probably overcome it. Pick perhaps some of the most challenging things – such as developing the ability of telekinesis. We can guarantee that with enough time, you would develop that ability even if you haven’t been able to. Anyone could.

Pretty much anything could be done with enough time. However, you are set up to have a limited amount of time. You may be thinking this is no revelation since you are immersed in the limitation.

But what is time?

Think of each moment as being a frame on an a film. You pick what makes each frame and piece it together to have an illusion of linearity. Where things seem to break down and the film comes off the reel, the communal consciousness corrects it.

Overcoming time first takes the will. Then teamwork helps (as the PAT members who share their common energetic experiences, note, George). As more people awaken, the hold time has will weaken. You will see strange things. Some of you may have seen it already. And the hold of linear time will break down.

The first step is usually an awareness of multiple versions of your experience, multiple timelines, and a feeling of responsibility to more than one version of your experience.

Once you get there, the rest tends to happen very quickly, and you break free from time’s hold.

Instead of piecing the reel together in a linear fashion, you jump around and do what you feel like. You realize that what you saw as linear time were just different states of being. Those states do not need to flow with continuity.

Be patient. Most of you will break free. It is natural for you to be outside of linear time.

With Love,
The Dragon

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