Living in the Void

Georgi Stankov, May 8, 2015

This is an attempt to describe the indescribable. And the chances are high that it may not be successful.

Where do we stand now? We have crossed several very powerful portals since the beginning of this year and we have achieved some remarkable results that can be only perceived within the inner space and time of our multidimensional fields. Among them the beginning of conscious bilocations looms high and this new development has the potential to trigger the long-awaited paradigm shift on this uppermost mother planet.

These new developments concern only the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the true PAT, as we now consciously operate with the seven sacred flames and the appropriate invocations, whereas it must be said that oral statements and invocations per se are highly diluted spiritual energy and can have any effect only in the context of our fully enhanced light bodies and multidimensional fields in an already accomplished LBP.

All other esoteric efforts and intents that disregard the basic tenets of any effective light work – advanced LBP and the deliberate implementation of the seven sacred flames – are doomed to failure or will yield insignificant results.

This last observation is made in regard to the many gurus in the esoteric community who continue miring their followers with obsolete esoteric rules and advises, while carefully omitting the basic goal of such exercises: any spiritual effort in the current End Times has only one aim – to develop the light body of the incarnated personality so that it can be able to encompass in a global manner the entire multidmensionality of Gaia in order to cleanse all her timelines and raise their frequencies to 4D and 5D.

It is all about ascension and nothing else. But ascension can only come for those that have finished with their LBP and have already ascended in frequencies and spirit. There are very few of us who have achieved this and most of the self-proclaimed gurus of the New Age do not belong to this exclusive group of Logos Gods.

I am making these observations after a conversation yesterday evening with Paul Armitage, the ingenious composer from Vancouver, who knows excellently the New Age scene in Canada and the USA and has decided to distance himself from most of these groups due to their inherent insincerity and to follow only his inner quest for truth and sincerity. This is the only way to create great music or art – impeccable honesty towards oneself and the others is the only way to achieve great and eternal pieces of creation – be it in music, arts or science.

And that is why none of the self-proclaimed gurus in the esoteric scene will ever achieve this greatness, no matter how much their inflated guru-ego pushes them to misuse lofty words as to preserve their diminishing influence on their followers, the few left who are still driven by an unreflected consumption of empty esoteric slogans in a state of perennial, insatiable addiction to external authorities in the absence of any personal, sovereign, critical thinking.

And here we have reached the proverbial Void – the void that the last remnants of the New Age currently emanate, the social and political void in which the vast majority of human empty shells now dwell, the energetic void of all lofty slogans to finally attack and destroy all darkness on this planet and awaken humanity by self-proclaimed gurus that love to present themselves as apocalyptic riders, but whose rhetoric has never escaped the traps of rigid Christian dualism, dividing humanity into sinners and saints, whereby the gurus are always the saints and all the others – sinners who have to follow their divine messages to the end of this world even if this means their own perdition …

Void, void, everywhere. I skipped every day over a few selected websites, which I used to read in the past and am not able to concentrate on a single article as they no longer make any sense to me. Saker, Global Research, RT, ZeroHedge, name it, they only exude the Big Void that now engulfs this reality. Even the Internet trolls are gone with their fecal language that reminded me of the last remnants of this waning human stench.

Of course we know that we are constantly rising in frequencies and merging with the new 4D worlds. We are now able to see with our third eye, and even with our physical eyes, the new higher dimensional realities – be they cities of light, space ships of the GF or the constant presence of the Agarthans in our fields.

But with the expansion of our senses, the frustration with our still very limited awareness grows exponentially. Because we now know intimately what we are capable of as ascended masters and how limited we still are in our physical vessels. Some enlightened sources tell us that this is the last challenge of an ascended master before he leaves for ever the path of physical incarnations  – to drink this poisonous chalice to the bottom as to remember for ever how disempowering it is to know that you are an unlimited Creator God and to not be able to realize this pristine potential at the ego-mind level, which embodies the utmost separation of a sentient being from the Source, even though we have given up our ego long time ago when we entered the most intensive phase of the LBP. No longer any ego, no longer any derailed human emotions, no longer any meaningful human goals to follow – the Pure Void, the Essence of Non-Being.

The last challenge before we, the new ascended masters, cross this final frontier is to live in the Void – in the twilight between total destruction of the old matrix and the emergence of sparkling new realities – and not to lose the ground under our feet. The only foothold we have now is however not this earth, but the inner ethereal space of our souls, where anything can happen and does indeed happen and where the external Void is being dissolved into the incommensurable vastness of the infinite creationary possibilities of All-That-Is.

When the old dies and the Void reigns, this is the most clear sign that the new world has arrived. Hence let us not complain about the void, even when it is very difficult to bear and rejoice at the new realities that will emerge from this void.

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