Energy Report of the PAT – May 28, 2015

The Reclamation of Lemuria

Dearest Carla and Georgi:

Thank you so much for solving the riddle of this last week’s puzzle and the Reclamation of Lemuria. That was grand and I’m honored to have been part of it.

I resonate with all of this profoundly. In fact, i have felt lured to Vancouver and Victoria for a long time and that’s why I was doubly saddened by my son’s change of plans. Now I wonder if my trip to Toronto involves more cleansing of Atlantean energies as the Eastern Coast represents more masculine principles. As you mentioned Georgi I truly hope we are done with that mission.

As part of my contribution during my trip to Cuernavaca, I had my own microcosmic cleansing of the Atlantean principle. As I mentioned to you, I decided to share Doug’s photography and wisdom with old friends in different groups and received lots of love and empathy from most people, who welcomed my visit and treated this as a gift. However, in one of these groups I became the trigger for an alchemical reaction to heal the collective. This particular group of expats in Cuernavaca, Canadian and American “Only Boys” type of group where Doug felt a brotherhood for many years, showed such indifference in our Remembrance Evening, that I got chills. They were not interested in the power point, nor mention his name once at any time. They kept drinking and discussing world politics as they always did on their weekly gatherings.

My reaction was extreme, as is always the case in these triggers, and I started crying. Two of the wives suggested we go out to the garden and they tried to console me: “That’s the way they are, ignore them. Men don’t know how to connect with their emotions”. And I answered: “But that’s why we have wars!”. They thought I flipped out and exchanged glances but then I kept talking and expressing my truth to the women and to one of the “boys” who dared to come outside to face a woman’s tears. Then I cried more and some more and never stopped.

I was crying for all the men who close their hearts, I was also crying for the women who keep justifying their men for being “like that”. Now I know I was crying for Atlantis and I was doing my own little reclamation of Lemuria.

With profound love and gratitude for both of you, Georgi and Carla.


Dear Bertha

what an excellent example how an alchemical reaction can be triggered at the individual level and then to unfold a global effect not only on this humanity but also on many other timelines, including past timelines. We have had this experience very often in the past and the only thing one should not forget by all this is that it is never personal but always on behalf of humanity. Although at this moment it must feel very personal as otherwise the alchemical reaction will have no power.

By the way the cleansing of Lemuria and other timelines goes on today unabated.

With love and light

Dear Georgi

I can certainly feel the cleansing going on, in my body and home. My eyes are strained and have still some nausea and headache. Last night there were huge moths hitting on my mosquito net, I couldn’t sleep feeling on alert all night, as if I were on guard, my cats are nervous and still hiding and the lady who came to feed them said they never went out of the house while I was away.

Georgi, It is true that my experience now feels very personal. However, Doug and I always knew we were working on some deep alchemy by being part of that group as “the boys” were all married to Mexican women, like ourselves. The women’s motto was: “We prefer North American faithful men, even if they are cold and without much heart, rather than macho Mexican men with too much passion.” So many cultural stereotypes to transcend !

Although we were both still working on balancing our own inner feminine/masculine principles, I must say that for living in such dense dimension we managed to accomplish quite a unique relationship.

With love and light

Dear Bertha,

and this is what counts at the end.

With love and light

Dear George,

Seems like you had fun time on the old continent of Lemuria.

I totally agree with your analysis of the events over the past week. I can confirm that those unexpected adjustments were known to us, at least at the subconsciousness level, long ahead of time.

Middle of April my wife was due to come back to Australia. All of a sudden I felt pain in the tooth that has been fixed with a new crown last time I was in Thailand. So I told my wife to wait for me there. I bought ticket to Phuket for May 15th.

For some reason I have to be at this island every time we are doing some monumental creations or adjustments. The best example was end of May 2013 when we created the first seven 4D earths.

When I arrived at Phuket, I was extremely tired. Much more than what would be normal after the international flight. When I went to the dentist it turned out to be only a gum infection, easy and inexpensive to treat. At that point I knew there is a big mission to be accomplished even if I had no idea what that would be.

Saturday night, May 23th I end up with a strong flu. Being totally exhausted, I went to dinner with some friends only to realize what morons they are. Almost  all of them suffer a terrible disease called “I phone”. Even waitresses spent more time on their phones than attending their customers.

If technology, like mobile phones, represents the technologically advanced Atlantis, than I am glad that we left this timeline behind, for another 26,000 year-cycle as those morons need this time to learn what it mean to be a civilized human.

I still remember the old days in Slovenia when mobile phones didn’t exist yet. So I had developed a telepathic connection with my girlfriend. When I like to talk with her I sent out a mental message and she always called me back home from the first phone box, she could find. She was also able to foresee future events.

It has been a major shift here in Phuket, also part of Lemuria, since May 23rd. Now we have a lot of tropical rain in the afternoons, what make it very pleasant, cleansing the atmosphere, and of course enough household water, since lots of houses are not connected to public water supply.

It feels like a different sun will arise when the cleansing session is finally over. What will happen next is everybody’s question.

With love and light,
Boyd, Phuket, Thailand

Dear Boyd,

thank you very much for your energy update from Phuket that also confirms the light work we did on behalf of Lemuria. I can imagine that this part of Thailand is also a remnant of the land of Mu, at least from what I have seen on pictures.

Indeed, the current digital technology is the worst waste product of the Atlantean tradition of preoccupation with all kinds of material devices that shut down the human mind and transform it into a bio-robot. This is not the path we have chosen and that is why we need not safe also Atlantis. The very idea would have killed me.

This latest cleansing was a masterpiece of collective effort of the PAT and the Elohim were in awe at what we have achieved. Obviously we now have the destiny of Gaia firmly in our grip and nothing unwanted can happen anymore.

In regard to politics I see no impulses and no power whatsoever from both sides. The US is completely cornered and the Russians have achieved what they needed – to be more respected and have no ambitions beyond that. Europe has slided into full insignificance. Hence we have a total stalemate that will end up with implosion of the cabal power at some point in time. But I do not see any major conflict to happen beyond what we already have. Even the escalation between China and the USA over the South Sea is a tempest in a cup of tea. There is simply no power behind all politics at present and this is a very good sign that the matrix is crumbling now from the top.

With love and light

Dear G&C:

About the time you arrived at the portal, I “dreamt” I saw you and Carla walking about a rocky, garden-like location. Suddenly a very “heavenly” music began to waft through the air and George announced that he was going to walk off in a certain direction and find the source of the music.

Later, I would hear this music again all around me but completely independent of any devices. The pressure on the zeal point chakra became so intense and painful that I finally resorted to a big ice pack on the spot twice a day and the pain subsided as the music manifested. Fascinating.

Symptoms have been relentless but are now becoming manageable, just in time for historic flooding. Am receiving emails from people in the midst of it.  Heartbreaking but they now are taking the phenomena of Mother Earth and re-balancing much more seriously. It is a type of recruitment event that will eventually help move things forward but the immediate impact is devastating.

Hope you really did hear the beautiful music.


Dear G & C,

Whatever you two got up to during your weekend journey, it also activated this encounter with clouds. Time was around 6PM Central Time Zone on Saturday May 23. Sun was still prominent in western sky and huge white puffy clouds floated freely against brilliant patches of blue. Suddenly, sections of the clouds exploded in vibrant colors I have never seen before.  Pinks, Buttercup Yellows, Aquamarine Turquoise. The colors would remain in place for about one minute and then begin to fade.  Quite amazing and fun to experience.  I accepted it as the gift it was. Definitely a FIRST for me.


Dear Malechite,

this is an incredible phenomenon with the rainbow flames of the Source. Thank you for sharing it with us.

With love and light

Hi George,

A funny thing happened on my way home from work Friday – I had just read the Red Dragon’s words “time is an illusion, time is an illusion, time is an illusion” before leaving and as soon as I hopped on the highway I was thinking those words, and guess what immediately came on the radio – “Does anyone really know what time it is?” by Chicago!  Had to laugh at that one!

Also great news from The Elohim – I felt truly awful last weekend as well, and my dreams have changed a bit since – I still don’t really remember them, but whereas I used to go to these places – whether a beach or a street or a public space – it always seemed to be almost dark out, as if the sun had already set some time ago, and the people were stressed and unhappy and the atmosphere was just plain dark.  Well the past few nights the places (which are familiar to me but not, if you know what I mean) are now much brighter and there was more of a celebratory tone to the dreams as if the people there were relieved. I just know I was all over the place last few nights like there were numerous timelines I was on and I felt happy in my dreamstate like, hey I’m really getting the hang of this, it’s working! I woke up feeling better and lighter myself the past 2 days. I think we must be close!  All my best to you and Carla and the PAT!


Dear Katy,

thank you very much for your energy update from the last few days. We are now moving very high and the new timelines are much more light-filled and harmonious. But there is still work to be done. Today is another cleansing day for me with borderline cc-wave and a moderate headache, but better than last week.

We are approaching the finish line but it seems an interminable marathon at times.

Keep up the good spirits!

With love and light

Hello George

I have to say THANK-YOU!

The riddle. The first time I heard the word Lemuria. This struck a cord with me. Didn’t know why? Of course I received no information. Only knew It sank below the Pacific ocean, long time ago. Moving to California, over forty years ago. I had read that Lemuria, was part of California.

With me moving to Arkansas, Knowing that some of the Crystals from Atlantis where buried here. I don’t have a clear understanding why? Maybe the energies from these crystals, somehow am using, and not knowing it. Am raising Gaia up, and with the help of the PAT.

Your explanation, explained why I am  living out in the country, being close to nature, this  explained why I and most of the PAT have to live where we do. As it has to do with the harmonious feelings, from the feminine. Lemuria. I can’t stand going to the city.

That explains why, when the first time I wrote to you. I said,” Feels like an old friend.” We did know  one another in Lemuria.

These were questions, I have wanted to ask you, and never did.  with your report. This has helped me and I am sure this has helped the team.

I just wanted to give you and Carla my appreciation for being here for us.

Thank-you again!!!

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

thank you very much for your good wishes. Indeed our past explains a lot what we experience in this incarnation.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

The energies have been intense these last few days and definitely more difficult to physically process. Some of my ascension symptoms are what I would call the “usual’, such as headaches, solar plexus pain, back pain, vertigo, heartburn, blurry vision etc., but some of the symptoms have been different and more extreme. The pain I feel in my bones, joints, and vertebrate is stronger and seems to be happening at a much deeper cellular level. My throat at times seems to be closing up and feels kind of like I have a chicken bone stuck in it. The strangest one has been the vibrations I feel passing through my body. My root chakra, and my connection to mother earth, seems to be activated and I have strong waves of energy pass through me. They have been so strong at times, that I’ve had to sit down so I wouldn’t collapse. I suspect these energy surges are connected to all the magnitude 6+ earthquakes we have been having around the globe.

I was very excited to read your latest update on your trip to Vancouver Island and your visitation from the Elohim. You mentioned that this rigorous cleaning would probably continue for a few more days until May 27th. Only a few more days of suffering is good news in itself, but this date ties in with a prediction made in a video I discovered earlier today. There are several important planetary alignments occurring around 4 pm PDT on May 28th, and the maker of this video believes they indicate a major earthquake is about to happen on the west coast of North America. I’m not sure if his interpretation is correct, but that many alignments sure indicate something really big is about to happen!

Best wishes to you and Carla,

Dear Marjorie,

thank you very much for your energy report that confirms our common experiences and also for the link. Whatever happens will be better than the current stalemate.

With love and light


The (Butchart) gardens look similar to the ones in my dreams, a beautiful painting in ” living ” color; just lovely. Saturday through today has been the roughest symptoms so far. I feel like I have been run over by a train, several times.


Dear Sheryl,

reality is catching up with our dreams. I knew it would be hard, the moment St Germain came to us and announced this unexpected event. It has always been like that in the past.


Thank you so much for everything you do & have done. Your updates are most helpful & supportive. The comfort, insight, knowledge, & reassurance you offer means a lot to me, & in turn those surrounding me.

I Love,

Erin Feltmeyer
Austin, TX  USA

Dear Erin,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of our articles on ascension. I am happy to hear that this information helps you on your spiritual path.

With love and light

Wow!  How Awesome to receive your reply!

Below is a pastel drawing I recently made end of March for my beloved who inspired me. I just wanted to share this… If ever an instance, Feel free to share without discretion. My creative expression is one of everyone’s.

Thank you again,
– Erin


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