Connecting to the Devas and the Unity Field – My Spiritual Journey

by Donna, May 29, 2015


I submit this personal journey to you and Carla. After reviewing the information in its entirety I trust your discerning eye and keen instinct to know if it will be useful to the Planetary Ascension Team.



Dear Donna,

I read the three parts of your remarkable spiritual journey and very much enjoyed it. I will start preparing it today for publication but it will take some time to edit it completely. I must admit that I have some difficulties to understand how you have arrived at some of your latest perceptions and conclusions as they differ from mine and that of most of the PAT. But I fully accept that each spiritual pathway is absolutely unique and that there is no such thing as an objective standard. It is very stimulating to read how you have perceived these same major energetic events, such as 12.21.12 and later on from your individual point of view and I think that the PAT will profit from this personal presentation.

With love and light



Short Background

As a child of 5 years old growing up in the 1950’s I was aware that I was here to ascend. I would have dreams of helping people ‘lighten up’. I would have recurring dreams of the end times and being able to read energy.

I really didn’t hear any people talk of ascension until the late 80’s around the time of the Harmonic Convergence.

In the early 1990’s a local shop opened up close to my home that sold crystals and began selling books and offering classes on metaphysical and ascension topics. I signed up for a class on Geomancy. After class I asked the instructor if I could tag along on the next adventure. I was given a time, date and place to show up. I ended up tagging along rain or shine a couple of days a week for over a year.

I don’t know why but I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to discover something and I had to do it on my own. I began going to any place I could find that had a few trees, a stream, waterfall, cave, rock formations, fields, pond, lake, or beach.

I would look for a spot that looked inviting in the differing areas and if I found such a place I would just sit there, quiet my thoughts, be present, and look around for a short amount of time. Often I would be naturally drawn to an object such as an interesting rock, shimmering water, a flower, an unusual tree, or a general feeling of the area. I started noticing that when I placed my attention on the subject, appreciating its beauty or uniqueness the energy shifted. It opened a space of new relationship with not only the subject but my surroundings as well.

A deeper respect for the natural world and Nature began to develop. When approaching a natural area, I began greeting the area respectfully as saying hello to a friend. I was getting a response back. For example, a hawk would fly close by, the wind would swirl around me, I would start to hear deep undertones in the stream, a ray of sunshine would burst through the clouds, or a butterfly would land right next to me.

I was present in the moment and Nature responded enthusiastically. I also had no expectations or preconceived ideas. There were times while sitting in a spot, my thoughts would sometimes wander muddling over personal issues. Amazingly I would feel compelled to look in a certain direction at something that would somehow sooth or offer example to my dilemma.

Finding My Spot

Then one day I discovered the most amazing little place in Nature close to my home. I concentrated my visits there for several months discovering and interacting with all the different spots on the small diamond-shaped island.

I particularly enjoyed the top bedrock point of the diamond-shaped part of the island where the waters parted to the right or the left. Just watching the constantly shifting part was mesmerizing, knowing the choice to the right was very fast paced while the left was meandering. There were long shale striations just south of the top point and after thunderstorms you could feel a beat up through your feet as the water would chop over the shale.

There was an area of lush dense greenery. I got a kick out of singing by the small waterfall; “doo wop” with the deep “glub-glub” under tones. There was a bridge to the island over rapidly rushing water. I learn not to sit there too long, very draining. Another spot had deeply twisted tree roots. It was very sandy at the pointed base. Once I fell asleep there and was awakened by a snake. Note to self: pay more attention to what appears to be a floating stick! But that snake was there for a reason as the light body process was beginning and kundalini energy became active.

One day I noticed a spot that I hadn’t visited. There was a pyramid-shaped boulder in the middle of an oxbow in a stream. I waded out to the boulder, sat down and closed my eyes. I have no idea how long I sat there before opening them. All I could see was light particles, folds and waves in such a chaotic fashion that I was going to be sick to my stomach. I focused my attention on the particles and they took on more order and structure allowing me to become more comfortable. Absolutely everything was composed of these light particles that seemed to be responding to me.

My vision then shifted as I looked at my hands. They were luminous. I had light beams coming out of my fingertips and palms. I lifted my arm and pointed outward at the sky. The light shot out and through the universe impacting everything.

I looked down at my body and saw my abdomen had huge bands of light fibers emanating outward connecting with each tree, rock, and plant. Everything was absolutely connected. I managed to say, “Wow” and watched a wave come from my words. Instantly everything had access to it along with the intent implied but not spoken. I saw that thought roll like a wave out of my head.

Meeting the Deva

My vision shifted again and I noticed auric fields around everything individually. Within the fields I could discern a unique liquid-ish light field closely surrounding each living thing. Along with the light there was intelligence, effervescence that interfaced with genetic instructions and DNA codes.

I heard a voice say, “That is the Life Vitality”. I looked to the sky searching for the owner of the voice and saw the most amazing looking being beaming love and compassion. It looked unlike anything I have ever seen. My brain was struggling with a context for this and just as I heard the word “Deva” and not knowing what that meant, I slipped out of the altered state and back into the reality of sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream.

Much Needed Validation

Regaining composure and so freaking excited about what had just happened, I wanted to talk it over with a trusted friend. After all I was wondering if this was teetering on the side of sane or crazy. Finding her home I relayed the events and insisted she come to the place and meet the being. She had just received a gift (a deck of Medicine Cards and the book that goes with them) from one of our friends and she scooped them up and brought them with her. On the way I was trying to describe the Deva as an angelic/human white Bat-like being that was huge with white wings out stretched above the area, just so she would know what to look for.

We greeted nature, crossed the bridge and headed to the stream. She saw a grouping of trees on a rocky precipice on the edge of the stream and wanted to explore there. She tucked her medicine cards and book into a crevice and we started toning together.

We were there for about a half an hour and it was getting late so we were getting ready to leave. I climbed down first, turned and heard her exclaiming that her new book jumped in the water and she was going after it because it was floating toward the waterfall. Then I saw her socks and shoes fly in the air and heard her jump in.

Every common sense instinct I had told me to run along the bank downstream and try to get to the book. Then clearly and calmly I saw and heard the Deva. The Deva instructed me to go upstream. This did not make sense to me. I hesitated. The Deva calmly repeated, “Go upstream”.

I trusted and went upstream to a little mossy area right on the stream bank. From that spot I could see my friend wading waist deep in water reaching for her book as it appeared to get pushed just out of her reach. Then the book stopped and started to twirl on the surface of the water. It glided along the surface upstream against the current right to where I am standing. I effortlessly reach down and pull it out of the water.

The look on our faces was priceless. She got out of the water and I retrieved her socks and shoes. I handed her the book. She noticed that not all of the pages were wet. The book opened on the page that separated the wet and dry pages. The animal on that page of the Medicine Card book was The Bat.

First Lesson: The Breathing Process of Earth and the Evolutionary Cycle


My first encounter with this Deva was during the summer. The wings were outstretched across the area. Just before the autumn equinox I was asked by the Deva to be at the spot at the exact change over time. I arrived early. While getting to the spot I noticed a deep stillness around me. On spot I sat, tuned in and waited.  I was very surprised to see the Deva change stance. Those life-vitality/information light particles began pouring toward Earth from the cosmos. The Deva was performing sweeping and gathering motions collecting and circulating the light vitality. Not a word was said. I just observed. On a side note, throughout the fall season these movements were constantly occurring.


Being asked again to be in my spot on the winter solstice was a bit challenging but I arrived about ten minutes early. I sat, tuned in and observed. Again a deep, deep stillness was all around. Again the Deva’s stance changed. The deva embraced the particular energies and plunged her wings along with the particles deep into the Earth and held the posture. This posture continued throughout the winter season.


I was excited to get to my spot just before the spring equinox. Again arriving a few minutes early the deep stillness was present. With the Deva’s wings still deep within the earth holding the vital essence they suddenly bust outward and to the surface releasing the energies to intermingle and circulate vitalizing and exchanging information. I also saw the vitality information codes streaming way beyond Earth and into the cosmic ethers. This continued throughout the spring season.


Summer solstice arrived while I was instructed to be on my spot. As in the usual manner, just prior to there was a deep stillness. The deva’s wings outstretched holding light vitality/information particles as they flourished and exchanged information with the cosmos.

At that point finally the Deva spoke to me about what I had witnessed over this year-long observation. The explanation was how the Earth breathes with relationship to the evolutionary process.

The Visual

Picture the Earth as observing it from a distance. Spring in the northern hemisphere would be releasing what was held, incubated, and infused (winter) within the Earth into the atmosphere and cosmos. It would be held, incubated and infused (summer) within the cosmos. Then the cosmos releases the life vitality/information to the Earth in the autumn.

All the while the spring season in the northern hemisphere is releasing, the autumn season in the southern hemisphere is receiving. While the winter season in the northern hemisphere is holding in, the summer season in the southern hemisphere has emptied out to the cosmos.


About 10 years after the Deva had shown me this incredible cycle I had moved to another area. I had been searching for concurring information for some time. I found a book by Rudolf Steiner in a local library. I was so excited to read his description of this process although the Deva realm’s participation was not mentioned.

The seasons and years passed. My connection with that realm became instant and I no longer was required to be in my spot. I met many different over lighting Devas in locations as I traveled. The Devas would always teach that humans were meant to be the ones who co-created with nature. They likened themselves to the middle men holding that space and providing that service until we could take on the role.

December 2012

In early December 2012 the Devas stances and behaviors changed radically. They became extremely animated and were all performing their own unique maneuvers demonstrating ‘cover, duck and roll’. As December 21, 2012 approached I observed there was celebration among them that at the last moments the energies would support the shift. The Devas stances changed to ‘duck, roll, and jump up triumphant’.

I really had no idea what that actually meant other than I had never seen this kind of change in their stances. It must be something extremely significant and they were excited about it. On the winter solstice they ducked and rolled right out of this reality along with their buffering life-support role. I felt such a huge loss of their presence.

January 2013

Constantly searching for that particular Deva realm and coming up with nothing was very unsettling for me. I hadn’t actually realized how much a part of me had enmeshed.  Knowing the support they provided, I could not understand how we as humanity and a collective could actually accommodate this monumental change. Humanity must be ready to co-create? We must be ready, the Devas were so excited about this transition and I know how they were devoted and the eons of loving service they provided.

I closed my eyes and asked to be connected to any supporting planetary energy. I saw a white plasma type of field. This put my mind somewhat at ease as well as desire to connect and investigate.

In Retrospect

A very new journey was beginning and it didn’t take long to realize this was going to be new territory with the loss of the previous ‘buffer’ to our life support system. We started experiencing increasing CMEs, upgrades – then the body adjustments and cleansing to the core. We have been integrating dimension and time anomalies, along with profound feelings of connection, awakenings, and total transparency. The intensity continues and our bodies continue to adjust. The pain has been stifling at times and the accomplishment is magnificent as we seat into our roles as co-creators.

The following is a description of the timing of the New Earth framework as I individually experienced it.


Out of habit and looking for some kind of balance of harmony of the old system, I tuned into the spring equinox. Instead I saw myself floating on a golden lotus with a golden etheric light body. I was told “We (humanity) are the ones” who are to co-create the new earth. I saw a stabilization arch implemented to correct a warble from May 19-31st (the time when the first seven 4D earths were created; note, George). I saw how humanities’ enlightened grids can join together to lift dimensional grids.

The summer solstice message was “steady Resolve”.

The fall equinox a new energy system has come online. “The mission is a ‘go’”.

November some are ready to graduate and start working with the creational fields (November 28th, 2013 Carla and I ascended to become Logos Gods within the Unity Field; note, George). A super elastic bubble filtering material is being put into place around our individual fields to act like a biofeedback/ boomerang. The Field will protect its integrity while we learn to co-create.

December 12th A HUGE Field upgrade today releasing the gates. Our individual net fields are able to now dissolve into the greater field once our frequency matches.

(On Dec 12th the Council of Twelve of the Agarthans visited us in Germany to announce the postponement of our ascension and the change in the ascension scenario. The next day the Elohim told us: “You and your dual soul currently prepare the Ascension path through stabilization and constructive reinforcement of the ascension gateways/ portals… As you are already Ascended Masters, you both carry the necessary coding within your fields to lay the groundwork for the arrival of those light warriors of the first and last hour. Without the preparatory work, the others cannot follow. Indeed, the path is complete, and it is only the reinforcement that now takes place. It is as though you are building a train track for the train to follow – the rails are down and now the ties are applied for strengthening and ensuring the successful passage of the train. You two are the only incarnates who carry these energetic encodements, and the skill to engage them. Note, George)

December 21st the testing goes live today.

(On December 17, we created Gaia 5 through the unification of surface earth with Agartha, Shamballa and all past civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. The Elohim told us:

“It is the time of the great arrival of the Christ Consciousness… A complete severing of the lifeline/ umbilical cord has taken place, which fed all discompassionate motives still lingering here, now… As full energetic disconnection has occurred and your dual soul (George) has set barriers in place to prevent any new connections/ re-connections, you are now asked to release the new energies of the Christ consciousness that have been present also during the period of deconstruction. 

Now, dear ones, flood the supra-planet with the love of the Christ consciousness, the sparkling gold and diamond-like light particles through your body vessels. It is a most powerful creation.  Send it all about your supra-planet and into the time-space element surrounding its path for All time.

Spread it with loving intention to every expression of life beginning with the Devic Kingdom, the elemental kingdom, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, to all humanity as well as all expressions of life within Mother Earth, namely Telos, Shamballa and all civilizations and natural life within, as these are also part and parcel of this “Supra-Planet”. The angels and archangels are with you for this celebration, this sacred ceremony of the dissemination of the Christ consciousness, through the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, to All that the Supra-Planet represents as a wholly complete unified fifth dimensional living Being within All-That-Is! Spread it with joy! and love! and acceptance for All life!

This Unified Life, called “Supra Gaia” (upon and within) is a whole new creation within All-That-Is and is called “Gaia-Five“. It is ripe for the sowing, in this moment.


January 1st there is a deep sense of missing something promised. Tuning into The Field I saw an opalescence shield with a blue tinge come down to hold us back. Wait, it is not time. I felt so disappointed.

Plan B

February ‘We have gone quantum’ is the message I continue to get. I was warned health related issues are triggering for many now as result of trouble with integration of the new multidimensional field.

(Gaia 5 was created by us in December 2013 but its actual birthing took place on February 12, 2014 as the Elohim confirmed to us after my arrival in Vancouver, Canada:

“We are the Elohim and we greet you in great joy and enthusiasm for the record breaking changes your Souls held fast to (created) within this great and final change of time for mankind… This moment, Now, represents the final expression, the final culmination of all triggers, of all experiences, of all representations that now build and release Gaia 5 into perfection through this ascension window. This massive portal creates a fully aligned corridor within the time-space matrix, connecting Gaia 5 with an infinitesimal multi-dimensional matrix, that is now over-riding all previous energetic organizations within this reality. The old world is gone forever, replaced by this new Earth, Gaia 5, where new thought forms based on truth, love, presence and clarity of purpose shall flourish and forever reign over the ancient ways, that are no more. This moment reflects a new way of life from this day onward! Great alignments replace old allegiance! New perspective shines all around! Embrace this new Earth, Gaia 5, and the new way of life, for it is here to stay!” 

March and April began the integration process of the physical body into multidimensionality. It was hard on the physical body.

May energy amplification propelled many to initiate a ‘back to the future review’ process in order to clear deep emotional and physical body issues (To compare Donna’s experiences check also the seamless chronicle of our energetic experiences on this website, which I will not mention in the following as notes. George).

June we continue to become clearer deepening our commitment as co-creators. At the solstice I asked to tune into the over lighting deva of my area and I tuned into me. That got a humble, really?-Chuckle.

July I was granted permission to touch The Field. It is multidimensional. I started getting an excruciating left temple headache with extreme restless. I pulled out.

August I began experiencing anomalies in time. A few examples:

August 5th at 3:45 pm while sitting at my desk I had a flash of massive upheaval. A dust cloud was in motion on an earth like place. It was like a domino effect and in motion across the planet headed right for me I didn’t know what to do but I wasn’t afraid. Precisely I lifted above it jumping to another timeline just before the total annihilation.

August 13th while driving I saw a piece of wood fly at my windshield. I ducked then realized it was only a vision. On my way home a truck in front of me flung a piece of wood at my car and I was able to swerve to miss the object.

September 3rd I was allowed full etheric body access into the field.

September 19th I was shown a different reality bubble structure off in the distance. I could see many spotlights. I was far enough away to see the lights as particles brightest closer to the source and more dispersed the farther in distance. The beams formed (I heard a specific word) ‘gradients’ from bright to dim. The gradient beams were moving. When beams intersected a holograph occurred.  I just observed the spotlights watching the multi holographic interactions. I tried to get closer but it was apparent I was not to be part of it. I was being shown a separation was about to occur.

September 21st 1 am I was awakened to observe the same reality bubble. The spot lights were now colored dull purple gradients fading to black and dimming out. It was alarming to me. This triggered a remembrance of all the many changes and choices that have gone through. I felt positive that I was where I was supposed to be during this split transition.

September 22nd I received confirmation to participate as co-creator in the change overs.

October 8th I woke this morning with a vision of a huge painting of rose-colored roses. The emptiness and emptying cleansing persist. There is a feeling of separating from everyone.

October 12th I feel so far away from everything like I have moved to a different level. There is a detached feeling as well. The field looks hazy and gauze like. It is misting codes that resemble snowflakes.

November 3rd and 4th odd days, I felt unable to focus on time. It seemed to disappear, stand still, and leap suddenly. When I closed my eyes and I was running from crumbling immense cloud of destruction. It felt like I was practicing techniques to jump to timelines. Every time throughout the day I paused and closed my eyes it happened. By evening I was ethereally practicing levitation and bilocation.

November 11th I’m experiencing a massive angelic descent into my body.

December 12th I saw a diamond grid encircling the planet with shimmering multi-facets. It was good to see return of the color silver.

December 23rd It has begun. The new luminous silver diamond grid has begun reflecting multidimensional mirroring calling for complete transparency.


Starting right off there was an honoring for our service by our star system brethren. There was a divine compensation of healing and protection and a heart activation stepping up our creational abilities.

Feb intense emotional review and assessment

March promptings to revisit aspects of nature that were significant to me.

April was a month of continuous clearing.

May slammed hard with body adjustments. There is a relentless overwhelming desire to clean house.

I was alerted on May 19th of vibrations coming up from the physical earth. It does not feel comfortable to predict what it may mean. We will experience it in our own unique way.

The actual physical Earth is the ground for our physical body. Earth’s spirit body Gaia is our partner on the spiritual ascent. With a new awareness of the new development seeking balance, I feel compelled to connect deeply to the natural world offering deep appreciation and love.

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