An Apartment with a View of the Light City

by Daniela Lupo, May 6, 2015

Dear Georgi,

My heart is flooded with happiness after reading the last message of the Elohim on the successful Jennifer’s bilocation test with all that it entails. Step by step we are coming home, and that’s great for us (PAT), for ascending humanity and for Gaia.

The high quality of the messages and essays published on this website will be a reference point for all those who want to learn something about the process of Ascension and venture into this wonderful experience, and it is magnificent beyond doubt, despite the LBP, despite the hardships, physical pains and difficulties of any kind.

Personally for me, it has been a fairly strenuous time. On February 17 I moved from the apartment where I had lived for many years to a rented apartment. It was enormously tiring, given the large portals that we were going through, summed with the physical fatigue of having to get the apartment ready, to clean it both physically and energetically. It was a challenge to transform the low energetic situation and bring it to a higher level.

Due to the great stress and exertion, one of the symptoms that plagues me is a rash that has inflamed my face making it red, although not swollen, it seems as if the skin is burned and dried out by the sun.

I have used various cleansing and healing techniques (sacred flames, pulser, Braco’s gaze), it is a bit better and l will continue until the healing is complete.

To read your articles on the website, Georgi, the information about Sacred Flames and all the different contributions, has allowed me to put into practice these great tools for myself and transform this apartment from a neglected place, both by the owner and previous tenant, to such a wonderful and cozy place.

I chose this apartment for its exceptional views of the sea and it has now become “the home of the Light”. It’s on the second floor of an old building surrounded by greenery, the roof and the sky above me, from the terraces overlooking the whole town with an open view to the sea.

I dedicated this work to Heaven, and believe me it was truly an enormous job, which I did for my own good and for all those who have to deal with greedy and mean homeowners, with bureaucracy for documents of all kinds, with adequate but not very precise professionals, with a number of categories of people where cleansing and healing the distortions built by eons was needed. By so doing, everything flowed pretty easily, it was like laying the foundations for the wonderful houses of the 4D and 5D Worlds and for a life free of any scarcity, where Abundance,  Love and Peace manifest in every field of life.

All this took place with the help of Denise, her husband and another friend, a decisive help and far better, from all points of view, than the various professionals who have passed through this property.

As l read the messages on your website, they resonated perfectly with what I was doing and how I felt and allowed me to keep going even when I was tired or frustrated or overwhelmed by the emotions coming from humanity. I think that sharing, dialectical free, honest and true exchange is a blessing and help in difficult times, and this is one reason why this site is unique in the network.

I also realized that my HS led me to this city in order to clean it and create a suitable base to extend the city of light, which was already present on the Riviera, from Savona to the west.

Now the city of light is already visible to my eyes, the pillars have been deeply anchored in the sea and the hills surrounding the city, and I’m writing so as to share with all of you this joy.

With each new wave of light I saw rays coming down over the city, sometimes I saw the rays that literally ran through the houses and on the streets as one does with a broom on a dirty floor. The sky in the morning and at sunset light up with colours of the sacred flames and it continues even now.

On the 27/28 April, here there were two days of bad weather, wind, rain, cold (if not mistaken in those days you spoke of an ID move and that we are on another planet); Well right in the afternoon of April 28, there was this wonderful miracle and on the sea in front of me I saw the city of light lighting up and the clouds opened up and gave way to a beautiful colorful sunset. Attached is a poem I wrote about this event.

In the evening, around sunset, when I went for a walk with my little dog, in the surrounding gardens I heard a croaking of frogs (and there should not be any frogs there) and can confirm that during the last full moon (May 4) the chant was deafening. The singing and activity of birds has also increased considerably.

I feel I am living in a dream, sometimes I am here and also elsewhere, while I forget if I did something or how I did it, when I look at the clock, 2, 3 or 4 hours have passed in a breath, I have flashes of memories of these movements, but they are not fully conscious. I also hope that soon we not awaken any more in this reality as you say to Travis and leave it forever.

Finally, I wish to share with you a poem that I wrote as l was consciously dreaming/looking at the city of light.

Thanks to Ramona,  her song is beautiful, it’s open-eyed, conscious-dreaming. 

I hope you and Carla are well, with all my love for you and for all the PAT.


The City Of Light

It happens  so naturally,
The sky filled with dark clouds,
Swollen with rain.
It has already rained, a lot of water fell from the sky,
But still a storm prepares itself,
Thunder in the distance and then
the sky suddenly opens.

It’s clear again, now blue, dark clouds dissolve,
The sun is at sunset.
While the sky fires up with rose, purple, golden-yellow,
white, long, harmonious  clouds form on the horizon,
they move fast and go out to sea where everything stops.

The cobalt blue, turquoise, emerald-green sea sparkles,
It was lit by golden rays.
On it the clouds just seem to settle and
Pillars of light from the sky descend deep into the sea.
Wonderfully light, the city of light rests on the white clouds,
It seems to float on this enchanted sea.

It is a mirage? A vision? No, it’s real!
The city of light is there in front of me on the sea.
A few steps and I can go through the large golden door.
It Invites me, calling me, whispers … “come, come, now, the door is open.
We waited for so long! ”

It’s right before my eyes,
everything shines, everything sparkles.
I have already been to the city in my dreams, in my visions,
I know everything in the city, I know every person.
A golden road forms before my eyes,
out of the city, it moves on the sea toward me,

Meanwhile, from the terrace of my house a golden road
runs towards the sea to unite with the other side.
The road is complete, a heady scent envelops me,
and a celestial sound fills the air.

I walk slowly on the golden road, then faster and faster,
I’m slipping slightly, I’m flying on the golden road.
I’m already half-way, underneath me the road and the sparkling sea.
Now I slow down, I want to enjoy every step before entering the city,
I feel joy in my heart, peace and serenity in my whole being.

I want to savor these feelings to the end
When I see a person coming toward me.
I still cannot make out their face,
S/he has a long dress, it seems golden white, shining in the rays of the sun.
S/he approaches and seems to glide weightless on the road,
Suspended on the golden road, s/he is surrounded by a dazzling golden light.

I stop, my heart begins to pound with excitement,
S/he approaches, I can make out the long  black hair, she looks like a woman,
Her beautiful and young face, is smiling.
She has arms outstretched as if to embrace me from far away and
Finally she is in front of me, I look at her face, her beautiful smiling face,
A tear slips down my face as I watch myself smiling at me.


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