Why This Website is Dedicated to a Free Discussion

by Sherina Malgorzata and Georgi Stankov, April 13, 2015

English translation by Georgi Stankov

Dear George,

I read “We are not children” and thought to myself, “No, how boring.”

Please understand me correctly. We are at a point where we no longer have time to turn around or looking back.

Personally, all and nothing matters to me anymore. What people say, write, think and feel. I have put everybody, really everybody aside and just listen to what my inner voice says, but that does not mean the others need to make the same.

That’s why I wonder about the above-mentioned  “topic”. It absolutely does not matter who, what has written and whether it is right or wrong.

It’s stupid to think about these things as long as you are not able alone to examine it and please how is that supposed to happen? I have grown up, thanks God, with parents, where there was no religion, so I’m not biased. For example, I do not care a damn if the story of Jesus has really happened that way. That is history and the truth is in the eye of the beholder.

But none of us can confirm it. Can one say with 100% certainty that it were so. Above all, we know that there are many levels, hence theoretically history have repeatedly occurred in a totally different way. I know nothing of Jesus, but that’s why I will not say that the others have no right to know what has happened. For me, anyone is right, if he thinks that he’s right and I’m not trying to dissuade him because just as one can not prove what is truth, I can also not prove that he is wrong, so that’s a waste of time for me and the time is so precious.

Also, about the “knowledge” of the people I do not care at all. It has been my experience that there are people who have no education, yet they possess a wisdom that really makes an impression. And I know very educated people who do not understand anything. Who do not know even who they are. They brag to me their acquired “knowledge” with clever words and no “swine” understands what they really mean. The universal truth is simple and understandable even for a two-year-old child.

For this I do not need to be a professor. I do not like to read. What should I read? Foreign thoughts, external knowledge, foreign stuff, what? It’s enough that I look around me, I observe the life and so I know what the situation is. Whether I accept it or reject it is just within my power. That is why I am surprised that at the threshold, at the door to a new existence, we are still talking about what others write, about what others think, what truths others have, while everything what we just need now exists in our being, .

It is so easy to listen to others and if it is not consistent, then to say that this person has been wrong! Instead to ask questions ourselves and wait for the answer to come. And the answer always comes, but then we are too busy to listen. Then we have so much to do, for instance to show whether the others are right or wrong. We listen to our answers, not because we have the idea, that he others are possibly wrong.

It absolutely does not matter if the others are wrong or right. Is there actually right or wrong? No, there is not.

With love


Dear Sherina,

everything you say is right and very wrong at the same time. Right, when you depart from thee, and that you have done almost exclusively in this letter. Very wrong, if you consider the fact that this discussion on the history of the Christian church will move into the focus of the slowly awakening humanity very soon.

What you completely disregard in your considerations, is that I am a scientist in the first place and have founded the General Theory of Sciences. This theory, as a written teaching, has yet to be properly introduced and can thrive only on the basis of such discussions. This includes especially the proper understanding of the origin of all religions and in particular that of Christianity. To this subject I have devoted several books.

If you go back and read your letter carefully one more time, you will realize that it is based on the position of a total rejection of all knowledge and thirst for knowledge, by saying that all you need to know already comes from within you. This may be true for you, but not for the large mass of humanity.

We are the teachers of mankind and the only thing we can leave to the people as a heritage, is our written works, so that they can judge us according to them and orientate themselves accordingly. At least, as long as they use written language and this will be the case for a long time, and even much later, when telepathy will be the universal means of communication, because our thoughts will not die out. And the more detailed and precise these written works are, and the more they seek the truth, the greater their effect will be among the coming generations.

If you read your letter again, you have to admit that it represents a philosophy of total rejection of all knowledge and the discussion of insights and this, I have to say honestly, is the absolutely wrong attitude now, and has always been. The history of mankind does not stop with the ascension, but it really starts with it. And our present discussion will be very soon a trend-setter, because there is nothing else that can replace it.

We must ask ourselves the question, for example, why there are so many channeled biographies of Jesus and no two are alike. I have personally read five such channeled biographies, of which Jahn’s is only one. And they are all very interesting and claim to reveal the only real truth about Jesus. But this is impossible if each one of them tells a different story. Incidentally, I have discussed this argument with Jahn in the past.

What do these sources want to tell us? And who is Sananda, considering the fact that four-five years ago there were about 20 channellers on the Internet, that channelled Sananda. Most were dark sources and they have long since ceased to channel. Some sources I have personally closed, after I had decreed this. Jahn has channeled some dark messages under the name “Sananda” too.

These are the facts which we are facing and which we need to explain now. And how? This seems not to be a topic of your argumentation. By recognizing the multidimensional nature of our thoughts, we namely realize that we can envision infinite permutations of a reality and that they always have a certain validity in the All-That-Is. Nothing more, nothing less.

But it’s also about the perception of our mission in the current End Time in the historical perspective, because the history of mankind exists in the Now and interacts with the present. When I write, that we (Carla and I) have cleansed and healed the timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis and have integrated them into the new blueprint of the new earth, I mean just that.

When we deal with the history of the Church, then we do exactly the same thing. Each call not to do this, is an urge to dumb down humanity and I hope you did not mean this with your letter, because that is exactly the tactic with which the dark archons have driven this humanity to its Fall from Grace.

So don’t get me wrong – this website is dedicated to finding the truth and that includes first and foremost a ruthlessly open and very honest discussion of all topics that seem pertinent. And the Jesus mission is very important for us, the PAT, because we are the true heirs of this mission and many of us have incarnated as Apollonius of Tyana and his students at that time and now we have done this again. If we do not know our roots and our mission and if we cannot properly interpret them in a clean way in this context, we are sold out. You do not want to achieve this with your call to drop such discussions.

What are the “light warriors of the first and the last hour” of which Jahn has reported in each of his messages in the two years when he was under my wing? These are the PAT members whose job it is to accomplish what Apollonius of Tyana (aka Jesus Christ) has started in his mission 2000 years ago, but then failed. And why, that’s the question we must ask ourselves now.

If Jahn no longer mentions these light warriors, this is just an admission that he does not belong to this illustrious circle or that he has turned his back away from it and has more or less betrayed his soul, whatever that may be. These are possible interpretations not for their own sake, but so that we learn from the mistakes that others make and avoid them. And that can only happen when we discuss these things openly and honestly, and I regret it deeply that Jahn has denied this discussion. I would have loved to publish his point of view on my website if he would be ready to take a stance on this issue, because only that is what matters now and not to channel the repetition of the repetition, just about to be able to publish something every day and let the business go on.

There is no other way, and I have committed myself to this pathway of relentless introspection, just as most PAT members (read please the extremely honest portraits of the Light Warriors which I have recently published), as long as I am here on earth. Because there is hardly anyone else, who is willing to go this way in such a self-denying manner to the very end, as the events around clearly confirm.

For if I should follow your advises, then I would have to immediately close this website, soon after you and Piotr have helped me graciously  to save it. I am sure you did not mean that.

With love


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