We Are not Children!

Georgi Stankov and Heidrun Döring, April 12, 2015

translated by Georgi Stankov

I have decided to also translate this article, so that all my readers can better understand the chronic discussion with respect to Jahn, whom I coached very closely for two years and whose messages I regularly published.

Dear George,

I visited on 10/04. Michael Naumann and he liberated me from all my attachments, for which I am eternally grateful.

I also told him that I have received from the Kryon school my vibration name “MARA”. He says we do not need it. (P.S. I forgot one more thing you should know. My GF is “Yeshua”. I am a light bearer. This info I got from Michael.)

From your articles I’ve concluded that Kryon is a dark entity. I have discussed it with Michael and he showed me how it feels when Kryon or Archangel Michael is in the room. That much as Michael I cannot perceive yet.

Now Jahn wrote books about Jesus’ biography I and II and also the Light I and II. And after I read these books I had a high personal frequency. In the books to the biography of Jesus the vibration name of Jesus “Sananda” is mentioned. This vibration name brings our multidimensional reality to the light. It is the personal signature, through which we express our full potential! You have supported Jahn at the beginning.

When I am reading the books again, the good feeling comes back. This contradicts with Michael’s opinion. As you can see behind the scene, what is consistent? Can it be that Michael is sad what happened to Jahn? I like Jahn as much as you and he has helped me in the beginning with his literature. I trust Michael, but I have a feeling that he is not entirely happy. I ask for your advice.

All The Best

Dear Heidrun,

I honestly do not understand exactly what I am supposed to comment. I do not know Michael personally, but I can confirm that his Pulser and his contributions are accurate and very effective, since I use his Pulser myself regularly. I therefore believe that he is a very good healer and sees the things clearly, which is essential nowadays.

Now to Jahn. Jahn has delivered good channelings and information in the past, especially in the time he received information from me every day privately about the actual energetic situation. He attuned to it and the messages he received addressed these energetic processes and were of value.

Then it became too much for him, since he is not in the LBP and had to admit that he himself was not directly involved  in all these processes. Here his high esteem came in the way and he could no longer endure the contact with me. At that time he also began occasionally to channel dark sources. When I made him several times aware of this, he could not stand it and stopped the contact with me. Since I no longer support him energetically, he has lowered the frequencies of his messages noticeably and now he reiterates constantly the same topics, whereby his fears clearly soak his texts, as one can easily perceive when reading them.

His books of Jesus are not bad, but they are a possible interpretation, a variation, a probability alternative of what happened then and contradict my knowledge and what I have written about this topic. I have also taken a stance in the past to this subject in response to questions from my readers.

The fundamental problem of Jahn is that he does not have in-depth knowledge, not even on church history, where he was supposed to be strong, because he has studied theology for a while before he gave up the study. That is why his books about Sananda seem to emanate a certain naivety and are not correlated to this reality and to what we experience here and now. Or do you believe that Jesus as a human being was something more than we all are at this time? He was perhaps much less, since that time also did not allow it. And it is a historical fact that Jesus Christ of Christianity (and another person does not exist) is a fictional composite personality and the template was given by Apollonius of Tyana.


I told that Jahn even a few times, but he pushed it aside simply because in this case his books would have been devalued a little. Read here and there are some more articles of mine on this topic:







The problem with such semi-educated people like Jahn is that as soon as they have collected some knowledge, they stick to it frantically for fear to eventually lose what little they posses and thus they obstruct their pathway to further knowledge. This is a general human problem and not a specific problem of Jahn. That is why Jahn has rejected, excluded everything, which I have written on the Jesus’ subject and presented in a very academic and gnostic manner. With such people one cannot lead an enlightened, intellectual conversation, alas!

Hence if you resonate with Jahn’s books, that’s fine, but you can also read in the archives of my website about Apollonius of Tyana and above all read the channeled book “Antiquity Unveiled”, which Jon has introduced to us. This book was written by his great-grandfather.


And if you are interested more in the Jesus’ saga, read my book on Neoplatonism and Christianity, where I explain the Gnostic aspects and origin of Christianity from a philosophical and historical point of view. This is a clear academic disquisition, which you cannot find on Jahn’s  blog.


In other words, we have to “leave the church in the village” ( A German saying, meaning that we must see the reality as it is and accept the facts as they are; note George).

With love


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