The Steep Pathway to a Light Warrior of the First and the Last Hour

Open Contact to the Source

by Georgi Stankov and Sabine Wieczorek, April 15, 2015

Subject: Student Enquiry

Dear Mr Stankov,

I am a freelance journalist/ student based in London and I am currently working on my final project on ancient knowledge, consciousness, psychedelics, etc. and was humbly requesting your brief comment in the area if you have the time.

I have done quite a bit of research on the topic and everything you discuss, yet due to the journalistic approach, my questions are quite general and simple in hopes you could offer your insight in a brief and understandable manner for those who will receive it:

My questions are:

Generally, what is your opinion on the merging of science and spirituality?

Have psychedelics done all that they have set out to do or will there be a place for them for divinatory purposes in contemporary society in the future?

What is your one message for people who oppose the use of psychedelics and negate their own spirituality?

I appreciate you must be very busy, so thank you for your time and help if you can.

Kind regards and warm wishes,

Sabine Wieczorek


Dear Sabine,

I will answer your questions in the text below.

With best regards

George Stankov


Generally, what is your opinion on the merging of science and spirituality?

I have tackled this key issue in all my five German gnostic books, but would refer here to my popular English book on modern Gnosis, where I discuss the convergence of science with modern and ancient spiritualism: 

See in particular chapter 13: The Theory of the Universal Law as a Cosmic View.

I have written much more articles on this topic. Essentially all religions and all gnostic and esoteric teachings will merge – and now listen carefully – this year into one universal cosmic weltanschauung for all humanity that is ready to ascend. And this weltanschauung will be based entirely on the new axiomatics and theory of the Universal Law. This is a done deal:

and here:

For all other incarnated souls the separation from the Source and thus the separation of science and spirituality will continue till the next ascension date arrives (in 26 000 years).

Have psychedelics done all that they have set out to do or will there be a place for them for divinatory purposes in contemporary society in the future?

You can read my professional approach to this also key topic here:

or here

What is your one message for people who oppose the use of psychedelics and negate their own spirituality?

Clarification: People may oppose the use of psychedelics but accept spirituality. In the last phase of the light body process, LBP, psychedelic drugs are deleterious to the body and the process.

When people negate psychedelic drugs because they negate the transcendental dimension of human existence, this means that they are very unripe souls (soul fragments), completely severed from the Source, from their higher selves or I Am Presence and have to go through another painful and very long incarnation cycle in order to open for the higher realms.

These people cannot be helped and their destiny is already sealed as we are on the cusp of global ascension of Gaia and humanity and all decisions who will ascend and who will go to lower timelines have been made.

Hence my message goes to the spiritually opened people – seek your spiritual evolution and do not try to help such closed people as they cannot be saved any more. It is only a waste of time.

I wish you all the best in writing your thesis.


Dear Mr Stankov,

Wow, I’ve got a lot more reading to do! You sound entirely certain about all the points you have raised as fact – which I find genuinely intriguing and exciting if I’m to be honest.

Thank you ever so much for your rapid response, you have been a very big help, I sincerely appreciate your personal time and insight into this topic.

Kind regards and warm wishes,

Sabine Wieczorek


Dear Sabine,

certainty can only be based on an open contact to the Source. (I Am Presence). You cannot gain any certainty or even knowledge based on external surveys and research. I have done clinical research for many years as medical director and head of clinical trials and I know very well the limitations of any empirical approach. This should not discourage you however from performing your survey as long as you derive the best knowledge for yourself and not for the university.

With love and light



Dear Mr Stankov,

Thank you for the follow-up email, I’ve been reading your work :

However, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘an open contact to the source’ (I understand source as the light, truth, etc, but what or who is an open contact?) as I believe I’m only truly beginning to understand what you and others are discussing on this topic so forgive my juvenile approach –  I will endeavour to grasp it much more as time goes on as it all just seems to make sense..

However, I do feel as though I have a competent understanding of the huge limitations of humanity’s compartmentalised approach in describing our perceived realities and comprehension of the universe, in every aspect of the material plane – therefore my faith in things comes from my own discernment and learning, which is what has led me here I suppose…

And rest assured, my quest for truth has never been for anything else but the greater good of humanity and the planet – university is merely a platform.

Thank you for the discussion Sir!

Kind regards,



Dear Sabine,

from this email I have the impression that you are spiritually more advanced than I initially assumed, but I am always happy to be wrong in this way.

You raise a serious, cardinal question. What is an open contact to the Source? – Given the fact that there is no way as a human being to define exactly what the Source is.

Now let me separate the question in two areas of experience for the sake of clarity. The one is the intuition, which every human being possesses more or less. The older the soul, the more pronounced the intuition is and the ability of the incarnated personality to make use of it. Is this kind of intuition already an open channel to the Source? It may be, but not necessarily.

And here comes a very important gnostic aspect that is completely neglected in the New Age movement and has vastly contributed to its failure. Any intuitive knowledge that comes to the individual from his soul, or the soul family, as the individual soul cannot be separated from the soul family or soul monade, must be processed by the human mind or daily consciousness. If the mind is well-educated in formal logic and abstract thinking, it has a greater potential to process this intuitive knowledge from the soul and to make the best of it. Factual knowledge can also contribute to a better assessment of the soul’s intuition when it is coupled to the first two mental qualities.

Apart from the last factual knowledge, true formal logical and abstract thinking is not part of modern education. Quite on the contrary, modern education suffocates these ingenious abilities of the human mind, which are in fact gifts of the soul or the higher self to all humans. The soul is in the first place logic and only then anything else. In Neoplatonism, the “Nous” = All-That-Is is under the auspices of the Logos – the organizing force or Universal Law of the visible universe and of the realms of the soul. This fact that was well understood in the Antique has been fully misunderstood nowadays by all fluffy-rosy New Agers, who are deprived of any deep philosophical faculty.

It will be too long now to explain why (read here), but suffice it to say that energy exchange and energetic creation in All-That-Is follows strict logical laws, which are not known to current human science and hence are not part of the education. This explains why the more “educated” a person is, in terms of being advanced on the ladder of conventional science, the more spoiled he is for true knowledge, and the more separated from the intuition of his soul.

Hence, while the intuition in each incarnated personality may come directly from the Source, as ultimately all souls are energetically anchored in the Source, its processing is entirely determined by the limitations of the individual human mind. This fact alone eliminates 99% of humanity as not having an open contact to the Source. This is the general human experience at the mental level.

To that we must add the emotional intuition, which many people circumscribe as the “wisdom of the heart”, whereby this kind of human perception is grossly over-evaluated in the New Age scene. True emotional intuition can only go hand in hand with the mental intuition and should be well founded in logical axiomatics and abstract thinking in order to be of help as a source of human knowledge. As most people do not possess this kind of thinking, they can rarely make use of their emotional intuition. This is sad as emotions are more easily deciphered by the conscious human mind than more abstract mental ideas.

Strictly speaking, one must only follow the “pleasure principle” and do what makes pleasure from within. However, caveat, most of the current human activities associated with pleasure, we observe in this debased human society, have nothing to do with the emotional preferences of the soul expressed as genuine positive or negative feelings, but with agnostic definitions of a hedonistic human ego. Therefore, it is so difficult for most humans to navigate in this area and not get lost in the human maze of conflicting emotions. It is very easy though to follow your emotional intuition if the energies of the mental intuition are flowing freely through the human fields. If we add those humans who have no proper access to their emotional intuition, then we have roughly 99.9% of all humans who are closed to their soul and the Source.

The rest 0.1 % of all humans currently incarnated on this planet have a more or less open mental and emotional contact to their souls and thus to the Source. Many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) enjoy this open contact and this can be easily verified when one reads their post and contributions on our website. One major feature of such presentations is that there is an intrinsic unanimity between the different members as to what they energetically experience, perceive, conclude and describe in a written form. That is why we have achieved a remarkable level of synchronicity at a very high spiritual and abstract level, which no other human group on this planet can offer. One can make the comparison for himself on the Internet.

That is why our discussions are also characterized by an unmatched level of honesty, sincerity and courage, which most other human beings are not able to achieve and hence do not understand or value. And if they are Internet trolls, they deeply despise us as they are presented with a mirror image of their dark nature and why they will never be able to achieve any soul progress in this crumbling reality.

And now comes a third most important factor that stipulates the mental and emotional intuition to a real open channel to the Source – the light body process, LBP as a second area of experience. When a human being enters the final stage of the LBP, then his soul or HS descends into his body and clears all old, low-frequency patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that have determined the structure of the incarnated personality before that. This is the most painful and most courageous act (catharsis) an incarnated soul fragment can accomplish on this earth. Hence, according to our estimation, there are only a few hundred up to a few thousand human beings on earth that have reached this level of purification and soul evolution.

Many of them, probably the majority are readers of this website as this is the only forum, where we can feel well-cared and protected from the animosities and rejection of the vast majority of sleeping, closed human souls, who still live the 3D illusion and reinforce their amnesia that separates them from the source. Rob calls this state of cognitive blindness “illusiamnesia“.

It is not that we cannot cope with such negative attitudes, as we are all the most experienced light warriors in this omniverse, but we simply have no longer desire to deal with this part of human life, as we have ascended much higher and already dwell in the 5D, 6D and higher dimensions. We are here only as avatars and guarantors that the ascension process of Gaia and humanity will be a full success.

When a human being is in the advanced and final stage of the LBP, he /she has a fully open left brain portal and thus a direct connection to the 15th or even 18th chakra, which are directly anchored in the Source. And if a person is a direct nexus to the Source, as I am since long time and in the meantime many other PAT members have also become, then all the energies from the Source, about which you may read theoretically in some better and clean channeling messages as the “Manuscript of Survival” or that of the Elohim channeled by my dual soul Carla on this website, are flowing through our bodies and fields and we can gauge and interpret them directly without the need of external sources of reference. The effects are directly linked to the Source and unequivocal. This information goes way beyond the mental and emotional intuition of the average incarnated soul, no matter how old she may be.

If you go to the Energy Reports of the PAT published on this website in the last 4 years, you will find a remarkable unanimity with regard to the energetic experiences made by most PAT members, and also that there is an exponential curve of growing synchronicity in the last years and months. This is a genuine phenomenon and not a faked experience, as some agnostic readers may assume, and it is not a collective schizophrenia as the idiotic Internet trolls in their paid blindness use to write to me, This is the truthful and genuine experience of Source energies flowing through the bodies and fields of each and every true member of the PAT, and there are only a few of them. For the rest of humanity this kind of experiences does not exist yet, but this will change very soon. And it is a fundamental human trait that what one does not experience, he does not understand and it does not exist for him. This attitude made humanity blind and agnostic and caused its Fall from Grace.

We are the only ones, who have a truly open channel to the Source and do not need any external teachings or references as to what is happening on this planet. In this sense this website is only a means to compare our individual watches, to bridge the inevitable loneliness of avatars and to make sure that we all are in full synchronicity as the ascension team. And the achievement of this synchronicity is becoming easier each day, even though the physical pains of the LBP remain immutably severe. But we have ascended so many planets so far as a team that we always know what has to be done and how to survive under the most inhospitable conditions of incarnation as on this earth. Read the latest articles under the title “The Portrait of the Light warrior..” written by PAT members of various age and you will know what I mean by this.

Therefore, I must say it as bluntly as possible: Yes, every human being has the potential and the inner ability to establish an open contact with his/her soul, soul family and monade, and from there with the Source, but practically there are only a few individuals on this uppermost mother planet that truly enjoy this privilege.

And then it is a completely different issue what one makes out of this open channel. In my case, I was able to integrate physics and all sciences under the Universal Law and also to amalgamate them with human Gnosis and esotericism. But not everybody needs to do this when he enjoys an open channel to the source. Our human activities and achievements in this 3D holographic reality are, from a higher vantage point of view of the soul, irrelevant in the overarching cosmic creation, although they may play an important functional role in specific 4D holographic worlds, which we now create as Logos Gods. For the further evolution of the soul and the soul monade, such earthly human achievements are rather insignificant. It is the highest form of human wisdom to recognize this ample fact. With this insight one has fully abolished the human ego and is ready to ascend and leave this limited reality for ever.

I hope that I have answered somewhat your question.

With love and light

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