Energy Report of the PAT – April 17, 2015

Dear Georgi,

After enjoying reading the ascension dreams you published lately, I like to tell you the following dreams and vision I had during the last weeks. Normally I do not have such vivid and clear dreams so this is special to me.

Also I like to tell you (if you don’t know already) that oracle report,, is talking about the coming new moon on Saturday next, which is at the same time the end of this astrological year and about the activities of Sun sweeping away all that is old, making place for a huge shift in consciousness. So this fits well in what you are writing about.

So here are my  dreams:

Dream 5/6 April 2015

In the middle of the night I woke up because I heard in my left brain/ ear high tones getting louder and louder, unlike the normal singing and I felt towards my right side a powerful, intense wind coming. When I woke up I heard it was quiet in the room, so then I realised it was a dream.

Dream 14/15 April 2015

During this night I had the following dream:

I watched from a fairly high altitude dark cave (my third eye?) at a helicopter. Immediately after I stood on the ground and looked at it. The helicopter was attached to a thick iron wire with four hooks locked to the four sides of an old and old-fashioned Volkswagen van. The van was fixed for three quarters in a thick, gray, sucking mud plain, only the very top part was visible. As far as I could see there were no people in but it felt like the bus was full. The helicopter was trying to pull the van out of the mud. The helicopter pilot was (a woman / myself). He pulled and pulled and there was a precarious moment when either the helicopter would be pulled down by the cable, or the cable would break, or the cable should be disconnected. But suddenly it succeeded! The van came off from the mud with a huge sucking sound. The helicopter gained height and put the van on the side. Then the pilot went out and sat down with her colleagues, a relatively small group that sat on the side. They greeted their colleague not in a special way, no, they and the pilot herself acted like it was the most normal thing in the world and that these were their normal activities. I went to her and told her how much I admired her for her courage and perseverance. I asked if she could have disconnected the cable. She replied, “Yes, but that was not necessary.”

15 April 2015 early morning.

During my meditations I gave space to the images that I saw. I saw myself standing on a large rock right on the edge of a huge waterfall. Along the rock poured huge amounts of muddy water swirling into the depths. I wondered how solid the rock was, if it could come off and drag me down. I felt the answer: the rock could not come off because the rock was the (whole) earth. On either side of the river was thick forest. I looked down and then flew towards the sun. Directly afterwards I wrote this poem:

I am the rock on which I stand.
I am the one who stands on it.
I am the water that flows past
and the mud inside it.
I am the sun that shines on it and
the wind that blows past them.
I am the trees along the river
and the animals in the forest.
I am the Love between people
And the God who lives in them.

And once again thank you so much for what you all are doing and writing, it is of great help and comfort.

With love,
Nel Verburgt

Dear Nel,

thank you for sending me your dreams which are very clear and self-explanatory. We, the PAT are now pulling humanity out of the mug and we are successful because we are the earth – the creators of the new earths.

I also expect that the coming new moon will be powerful – it is already as since three days I am hit by another massive transformation wave with flu-like symptoms, sour throat and now severe broncho-pneumonitis and coughing, also a lot of headaches due to cc-waves. In my case it always begins a few days before the portal arrives.

With love and light

Hi George and Carla,

I was not put on earth to “pull anyone’s peepee” (famous cdn folklore J)), but I must comment on your dialogue with the student Sabine regarding Open Contact to the Source.

George, your writing style has expanded to such a point, that we must be at some pinnacle point in time/space. Is it me, or did you just cumulate a ton on Gnostic knowledge in that precision piece?

Every word, sentence and paragraph was perfection. Hyperlinks, references and subtle bolding are just what folks need to “walk down the garden path” with Ascension. I see the garden path lined with tall violets and white Orchids….

Thanks again George and Carla for my Confirmation.

I have a bit of a library of the “I AM Discourses”, some 20 files, most volumes are 300 – 400 pages and about 3 – 4 MB. Have you had a chance to review : St.Germain on Alchemy – Science of Self Transformation.pdf ? The last few pages review: Saint Germain’s Nine Steps to Precipitation.

If anyone has the mental capacity, focus and strength to adhere to St Germain’s lessons, it would be Carla and Yourself George.

If you would like I can send the files, one per email, if you would like to forward to Carla or others interested?

Much Love

Dear Ncholas,

thank you very much for your appreciation. In fact I was channelled by St. Germain or by my HS very much when I answered this young lady from England, from whom I have not heard back anything so far . Probably she is overwhelmed and needs time to chew all the information (see below).

Actually I am in a terrible physical state since three days – constant cc-waves with a headache, leading to a massive transformation wave with flu-like symptoms, fever feeling without temperature, phlegm, coughing, sour throat and today severe broncho-pneumonitis. I thought I had finished with these unpleasant episodes but they come again and again. This one must be in preparation for the new moon portal on Saturday and until April 20th. I have no idea what is in the making but it is huge.

Of course both Carla and I will be very happy to have these books from St. Germain. Carla has just received a new iPad for free as promotion and can now read them on it. You can send me the links and I can then publish some of them in the energy reports for the PAT to read.

With love and light

Hi George,

Like any great Ascended Master, you afford the kind consideration to your HS or Source, very humble of you my dear friend. Your responses as of late have been flawless!

I can well understand your current state, George. Just last week, I was finally able to have the root canal on my rear molar and that relieved the nerve pain, and I stopped early the pain meds and antibiotics as they were negatively effecting my condition. I fail to understand why so many CDN folks live daily with pharmaceuticals? I have great difficulty popping Advil or Tylenol, but pain is pain. The dentist was sniffling last week and I thought I caught a head cold. WOW, talk about sinus drain, I drenched 3 boxes of tissues. I ended up using hand towel as hankie. I can kick any cold in 24 hrs, but this is a doozie. I have had all week an extreme pressure differential in my sinus and enormous phlegm, it actually hurt to blow my nose due to pressure and drainage and causes a headache behind the eye socket which is not as bad as the root canal nerve dying. If I pay attention, I can see my right eye twitching with each heartbeat, very subtly. I hear ya ‘brother’!

In addition, I also have my faithful brother (dog) slowly passing on due to tumour on throat area, causing him unable to eat and difficult to even breath. I took him to Vet yesterday after I had the final portion of root canal done and as I assumed or was told by my HS that nothing can be done other than redundant tests and Kevorkian methods. I chose to bring him home and to pass with respect and peace. My HS also suggested that after passing he may choose to incarnate in the new 4D as he has most certainly passed all his tests as a loving companion and Man’s Best Friend to evolve to this new level. I think that may be Hindu Veda kinda of theorem, but who cares. This was a driving cause for me to treat one of Sources creations with Love and support, so he may evolve as many Light Warriors are charged with assisting mankind in a similar support of evolution.


Dear Nicholas,

first I confirm that I received the first attachment with St Germain’s book and would like to ask you if there is also an Internet link so that I can publish it. I started reading the text and then realized that it is channeled by Mark Prophet from the Summit academy. I was in contact with a lady Alice Davidson, whom you may know from the Energy Reports that worked for this academy for many years and wrote to me the following email in July 2013, which I kept confidential so far.

The problem is that the last email I received from Alice was from July 2014 shortly before I went to Germany for tumour operation. After that she stopped writing to me and recently we sent her an email to ask how she is, but we did not get any response which is unusual for her as she was very correct in answering. Hence we have every reason to suspect that she may no longer live as she was an old lady.

Anyway, this is how the circle is closed. I have started to read this first book and I must admit that I could not find any substance so far, but I will read it to the end and then will give you my final assessment.

Now to your dog. I also lost my dog – a German shepherd with a Labrador mixture, a lovely dog who died from inner infection rather young. This happened shortly before I came here to Canada in November 2013. When he died I experienced a huge shift to higher dimensions. Carla received a message from the Elohim confirming that it was so and that this was planned. As you may know, dogs are collective ascended masters from Sirius who incarnate on earth and help humans by adopting personality fragments from their masters and thus help them evolve. My soul fragment which my dog had adopted ascended when he died and this also lifted my fields and body at that time significantly. I am telling you this as your dog will leave this earth at the right moment to help you lift your fields and frequencies or even ascend.

With love and light


Addendum – 12.00 local time

Morning George,

My dog (Caesar) passed on early this morning at the foot of my bed in peace, he received numerous kisses and LOVE over the past few weeks. I would agree that this is all planned in the HR, but I must apologize for my grandeous (ego) thinking that I was assisting my dog to ascend when clearly Caesar was assisting me to ascend and evolve. I fed him, but he kept me grounded and he most certainly did adopt personality fragments from my demeanour and character. Caesar was the Alpha dog for this mountain on the lake and treated all with respect and love but a stern determination. Thanks George for pointing out the obvious to the oblivious…




Things seem pretty volatile today. I’m thinking another timeline collapse maybe?

The past week has been brutal with LBP, a cold with a cough that is kicking up all the dross in my life, and it is taking a week to go away. Right there below the throat but above my lungs. The most annoying spot for a flu to occur.

Eric Paradis

Dear Eric,

I am also in a terrible physical state since three days – constant cc-waves with a headache, leading to a massive transformation wave with flu-like symptoms, fever feeling without temperature, phlegm, coughing, sour throat and today severe broncho-pneumotitis. I thought I had finished with these unpleasant episodes but they come again and again. This one must be in preparation for the new moon portal on Saturday and until April 20th. I have no idea what is in the making but it is huge.


Hi Georgi,

Please tell me, how do you know that psychedelics becomes deleterious in the final phase of LBP. I know that you didn’t try it, but anyway will give a good explanation of this. From your article I know that they speed up a progress initially. How does it look like afterwards?

All the Best,

Dear Mariusz,

a good question. First of all I am against the administration of any chemical substances in the body as they interfere with the optimal regulation of the body by the ethereal software program of the soul also known as “body elemental”. That being said, I pledge for limited use of these drugs in people who do not believe in the existence of the soul and are entirely externally orientated, so that they can gain a new perspective. I am actually advocating the use of psychedelics only a few times at the beginning of this exploratory journey.

During the LBP, the whole body system and in particular the nervous system are already opened to these energies and psychedelics have no positive effect anymore, but may have negative effects because they cause an even bigger deviation from the optimal regulation under the LBP, which is different from the normal regulation in people with closed chakras and body systems.

In addition comes the fact that the synaptic structure of our brains is completely altered due to the energy waves that now freely flow through the left brain portal. As I have reported in the past, there are frequent interventions of our souls that change with rapid punctual energetic injections the neuronal pathways of our brains in a very precise manner. I have experienced myself such cerebral injections for many years, sometimes 10-15 in a row within a few minutes mainly in the night but awake as these injections are rather invasive and always awake you.

After such a precise alteration of the synaptic pathways in the brain, it is not advisable to use psychedelic drugs anymore as you do not know which structures they will affect now and whether this will be deleterious to the brain and the LBP as a whole. These substances have been proven to open neuronal pathways that are blocked and thus enhance transcendental perceptions in the average human brain that has many blockages. But in our case? Hardly!

I have made personally the experience that my body has become so sensitive that even a glass of beer or a good wine, which I used to enjoy in the past with the meals is now devastating to my body. I get immediately a headache, giddiness, and all kinds of acute reactions of intoxication. Our bodies can no longer cope with any external drugs or chemical substances and even with most foods that do not possess a high degree of purity and vibrations. Beef and pork meat are low frequent and should be avoided. Seafood, fish and poultry is better, and so on. Of course we cannot fully avoid these foods, but the reactions of my body to such foods tells me unequivocally that they are deleterious to my body. And how much more harmful are artificial chemical substances taken as psychedelic drugs?

And finally the most valid argument against psychedelics is that people essentially take them to overcome their scepticism that the soul exists and nothing else. There is no way that one can gain a better knowledge or insight through the consumption of psychedelic drugs if one is already in the LBP. If you firmly believe that you are living from the “I Am Presence” of your soul then what is the purpose of taking psychedelic drugs? The intake of psychedelics will be in breach with this conviction and you will only lower your frequencies as you resort to external factors for whatever reasons, but definitely not to booster your LBP as it is entirely regulated by your soul from within and any external, especially chemical intervention at the 3D level will only harm.

Of course there are some more arguments on behalf of not using psychedelics in the LBP, but I think that these are sufficient for now.

With love and light

Dear George,

Tracy says: “There is a feeling of very deep sorrow at Knowing this is the End, and with an emotional tide of the long list of what I didn’t get to do. It has been rather oppressive and sad and at first I was quite confused…until I meditated and my HS made it quite clear that these are not my regrets…. but to those members of humanity who must sense/understand the end of this go-round on earth and those who will be doing it all over again.

This is exactly the reason why I, or rather my pdoc, set this whole ‘ambulant team’ support in motion. There was a fast growing anguish about the lives I have not lived, or tried and failed to and the urge, which I wouldn’t call desire or eagerness, but rather fear of the void behind and ahead of me, days to pass and fill in a meaningful and pleasurable way. This is still the case, I am a person, I want some fulfilment but the surging and coinciding of this abrupt and acute personal need with the subconscious awareness of the majority that it will be over soon and they either start all over or graduate tells me there’s once again a community between my and the collective’s experience.  I have become very cautious about making such estimates, but this one is way too obvious. Just a short note from the trenches. Additionally, I feel like I will have to read your material again; I noticed how much I either forgot or totally missed out on the first time around in e.g. the 3 parts disquisition on the monetary and economic system.

Much Love To you and Carla,

Dear Dominique,

I fully agree with you that this is the most difficult time to live as we know that this reality is coming to an end and still we have the inner desire to experience more and enjoy life and we simply cannot do it under these circumstances. I think that we must simply be patient and live through these turbulent and unyielding times stoically and without any expectations whatsoever,  knowing that this reality is coming to an end very soon.

With love and light

Dear Mr Stankov,

Excuse my delayed response, I’ve been rather busy the last couple of days.

I’m truly humbled as to the depth and detail of your response! This is all very weighty and new for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your knowledge and wisdom in this topic – which I feel I have only just scraped the surface of and will need a lot more research and experience on my behalf to fully comprehend what you discuss. I’ve read over it a few times already and only more questions arise, those of which range from the most simple to the quite complex – all of which I will not burden you with as it requires more work on my behalf – you have also been kind enough so far with your time, in which I am very grateful.

I’m thrilled to be apart of the discussion on the website, I didn’t expect that I asked a worthy question just by default, so I’m happy to help for sure. I also intend to frequent the website in order to learn more about what you all propose, truly intriguing and exciting.

I thank you again very much for your time and patience, you have offered me a point of view which I didn’t know existed before, other than in new age jargon of course. I might just be coming back to you for some more insight in the future, who knows. Either way it was a pleasure, so thank you and all the best, of course.

Kind regards and warm wishes,
Sabine Wieczorek

Dear Sabine,

you are welcome and it was a pleasure for me to discuss these issues with you. I often use this form of direct communication to put forward some basic ideas with which I deal at this particular moment.

If you want to delve deeper into the complex matter of ascension, I would recommend you to read my first German gnostic book as ebook which is translated in English except for the last chapter, which is only partially translated:

In order to better evaluate the New Age read my recent overview

With love and light

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