Another Legitimate Way of Effective Spiritual Work

Rajneesh, April 27, 2015

I am not a scholar and I am not concerned with details. And my purpose here is not to inform you rightly; my purpose is not that of a professor. My purpose is not to inform you at all, but transform you. So it doesn’t matter. If it serves transformation, I can misquote. If it serves to hit you, your knowledge, your learnedness, I can do anything.

The purpose is to hammer, the purpose is to shock you.

See the purpose. I am not reading a scholarly, learned paper about Freud. Sometimes it may look different to you, if you are very learned and you have been reading books and Freudian psychology and you have been concerned with small details. It will look difficult for you, but that’s really the purpose. If you can drop your knowledge and be mad with a madman like me, then something is going to happen to you. Freud is irrelevant.


Dear Sir George,

I request you to kindly offer your views regarding various psychologists of this modern era and the good or bad outcomes since I wish to know how much they were influential in our lives. Half of them from the time of WW2 must be on the Illuminati payroll.. Did they do more harm than good? for e.g. Skinner and his operant conditioning and Albert Ellis his theory of REBT etc.  I have lost all interest and respect for these greats.., whenever I read them I always suspect that they all had an agenda of their own to find out more devious ways to control mankind.

Regards and love always to you and Carla mam,

Raji, India


Dear Raji,

there is no need to discuss these psychologists any more as they have not even understood the name of their science “psychology” which constitutes of two words:

“Psyche”  = Soul and “Logos” = Universal Law. 

You have already made up your mind about them and you are right in your rejection of these pseudo-scientists.

With love and light


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