The New Peak of Synchronicities

by Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2015

We have reached another unprecedented peak of synchronicities where everything happens almost immediately in this still sluggish, but rapidly dissolving linear time. Only two days ago I flooded a hockey rink where a human drama of professional (paid) sports is unfolding that needed a quick and massive healing. I flooded the hockey rink with the seven sacred flames and Carla could see how the whole ice and the rink began to sway. Even the hockey players noticed this and it was materialized in a sound victory of our team, which was though not part of my intention. Then on the next day the revelations commenced with full force. I will not reveal any details here, but the scandal has now reached the highest levels of the Canadian Hockey Association and the repercussions will be felt very soon. What I want to refer with this brand new story, is that we are now in the eye of the hurricane and transform this world from the calmness of our higher selves. Do not underestimate your creationary potential based on your limited experiences in human bodies. You are much more than you can even imagine and your influence is of cosmic proportions.

Charlotte’s article today on “Racism, DNA and Cosmic Law“, written at the same time and independently of my article “Clearing Human Semantics” is a remarkable example of this new type of synchronicities that are now beginning to shape our reality in a sweeping manner. We think the same things and discuss the same topics and we change this reality with the combined power of our thoughts as incumbent Logos Gods. This is the only truth in these last days and this truth will now become quickly acknowledged by the rest of humanity. Which means that you must be prepared to enter the main stream of human evolution and become a renowned wayshower and a beacon of light for everybody to see.

It is not that we have not fulfilled this mission before, but now the time has come when we must enter visibly the central stage and become the main protagonists for everybody to see. This new role affords a lot of courage and faith, but I am sure that you have had enough time and challenges to forge these virtues in your character.

In my personal report as of Feb 24th I mentioned that we have entered a new phase of a major breakthrough. I received this information from my HS with respect to the incoming propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law. During the shutdown of this website I realized that I have neglected somewhat the new Theory and have descended too low into the abysses of the current crumbling political reality. I made an U-turn ( I am very flexible and good at that) and started addressing again major gnostic and cognitive topics of universal validity that will show to humanity the way how to exit this crumbling 3D cesspool.

Everything that has happened since this key decision has been made has confirmed its correctness and timeliness. Today, after I published Charlotte’s article, I read the latest missive of survival and was one more time confirmed in a resounding manner  in my assessment that we have entered the most decisive phase in human history, where major revelations and breakthroughs will sweep mankind, like a crest sweeps a surfer, on top of its most dramatic transformation. You must be prepared for this moment in time and put aside all your past hesitations. Dear PAT, It is time to enter the world stage.


A short update on the energies

Aisha North, March 7, 2015

Once more the anticipation will seem to be rising alongside with the incoming flux of energetic missives coming your way, and rightly so. For once more you stand on the cusp of a momentous occasion, one where you will all feel elevated in the very best sense of the word as these projections of light continue to enlighten the very rock upon which you stand. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal sense beside the more esoteric one, for in this, no one nor no thing will go untouched. For once again, you will all be painted with that same brush, the one that delves out broad strokes of shimmering light that again will serve to unfasten quite a few of the old skeptics along the way. You see, there are still those clinging steadfastly to the old ideas within, and so, for every new stroke of light that comes along, they can choose to take it as a stroke of luck, or for what it truly is, a statement of the fact that you have already entered the New in every way.

And what is it that we are once again trying to convey with this rather flowery choice of words? Simply the fact that from now on, so much will fall into place in such perfect syncopations of synchronicity, you would be hard pressed not to find a grand idea behind it all. In other words, the roll-out of the next stage of this journey has finally begun, and with it comes a whole host of ideas, actions and occurrences that will begin to manifest on all sides, both within and without. For now, you are no longer at that stage where you ever so painstakingly will be processing whatever it was that had been stuck with you for eons, nor will you be called to stand back to allow the foundation stones to fall into their assigned place. For now, perfect alignment has already occurred on so many levels, and as such, you can look upon this next phase as the inauguration of the New.

For you have finally entered that stage where you will be called upon to take center stage in every sense of the word, and where you will be asked to show off your skills in front of a wider audience. For now, it will be time for you all to enter the mainstream of life again, in a way that will differ not only from the way you used to experience it before, but which will also differ from that position you used to hold.

For now, it will no longer be about holding space for others while slogging through layer after layer of dense mud that cling to your feet and drag you down. No, now you will be floating freely on those currents of fresh air that are already circulating freely in this world. And as we have already told you, no matter where you go now, you will find yourself buoyed and supported by that reservoir of light that you have all been so helpful in amassing in this virtual space. For you have created your own reality, one where nothing of the old can penetrate through those shimmering walls of light that will protect you from now on. And so, wherever you go, you can breathe freely knowing that whatever foul substance those around you may still choose to drag into their bodies, minds and souls, it cannot pollute you. For you have elevated your entire being out of that old miasma, and as such you can now travel freely wherever it is you want to go (hopefully through bilocation, note George).

For as usual, your heart will show you the way, and you will know which way to turn no matter how complex a crossroads you might arrive at at any given time. For remember, your task is to lead by example, not by jumping ship to land yourself back in that old drainage of dismal light that used to be your old abode. For you are not here to drag others out of that old and dense soup of self loathing, despair and despondence. No, you are here to elevate ALL by allowing your wings to lift you ever higher. Not to look down upon others, but to help them to lift their eyes and their hearts from that downcast outlook on life they have had up until now. And how will you do this? Well, the answer to this is as variegated as you are, for you are all uniquely outfitted with your own inherent traits, traits that will allow you to shine like no other the moment you allow that inner trait to come to the fore in your own life.

And remember, we are not talking about turning into a miracle worker from one day to the next, where you will be expected to literally walk on water for all to see, for then to fall at your feet in admiration. No, that is not what this is about. This is about living your life in full, through everyday actions, ideas and occurrences that on the outside may not look like much, but which will have a magnificent effect once the ripples from your freedom of movement start to register on those around you. And never forget, you are so much more than what you appear as to the casual onlooker, for not only do you carry the light of an enlightened human, you also carry the light from All of creation within you, and now, you have made that connection so true that it will stand out for all to see.

Once again we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey to you, is that you are already changing this world with every step you make and with every breath you take, and if you think this sounds like an unimpressive way to make this huge turnaround come about, we can only say think again.

For know that what you see when you go out into your daily life is merely the effect this will have on others at a very superficial level. What you do not see, but will be able to get a better idea of if you truly connect deeply to those already teeming layers of energetic connections that have been set into motion by your willingness for them to be so, will be an entirely different picture indeed. Indeed, it will be an entirely different world altogether. For then, you will know what it is we are referring to when we say just how freely you will float through the ethers, for then, you will know that your presence on this planet carries so much more energetic weight than what it may seem like if you only judge this from the presence of your human container.

For the presence of you in this world is also a testament to the presence of God in this world, in the form of living, breathing human beings walking around carrying with them for the very first time the live spark of God in everything they do and everywhere they go. And as such, your actions could not be more impressive, for your actions carry an importance that far outweighs the seemingly mundane tasks you will be carrying out. For all the while you are in fact sending out that light from your own God spark so that it in turn can ignite the ones that have been lying dormant in all of your fellow men for such a long time.

So once again we say go out into this world with your head held high, and go out into this world carrying with you the knowledge that you act as a torchbearer for All. One that will lift the spirits of those around you by allowing yourself to fly ever higher, by allowing yourself to do the things that literally make your heart sing. For you will be like the birds in spring, soaring high in the sky, singing jubilantly to signal that now, the winter of discontent is over, the light has returned, and it is time for all to truly start to LIVE again, after lifetimes of merely existing.


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